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Tame Your Braino- Healing for The Mind & Heart

A Fathers Blessing: By John Paul Jackson

A Father’s blessing is the most powerful thing to inserting us into our destinies. It’s the actual foundation piece that we stand on to even begin to walk forward into it.
When that piece is missing the heart that hasn’t gotten to hear these words will flounder their entire lifetime searching for someone/ANYONE to impart to them so they can even enter in.

BE BLESSED my friends.

Patricia Kings Prophetic WORD AGAINST ISIS

Prophets Speak
Get ready to have Shifts in your life!
Nuggets to share prophetically- to show you what was going on in different seasons,
Break through will be given – TONIGHT is your night of shift
The past is past- we are in a new season
Insights and strategies:
Levitation spirit- twist communication- a lot of people getting hit in our workplace, families, etc.
Major thing=- it twists communication- brings chaos/confusion –to turn people against each other
This demon knows when we are in union with each other Gods presence WILL be there.
2 areas:
IF we have obtain territory we are walking in – we need to put the devil in his place
When we are getting ready to take new territory
The reason why God allowed this is that God wanted to make them victors

Many of you are taking over new realms of authority in the spirit – new ground, so we are noticing hits, resistance
When there is warfare it’s a sign that God is bringing us into the new thing
IS 27:1
God punishing Leviathan- God will KILL this dragon
So we get to hide inside of Jesus, and we just go to battle with Him to execute what’s been accomplished
GOD ALWAYS leads us in victory –
Job 41- Leviathan is a king- HIGH level demon- gets his strength through pride- hides in our humanness
When we get caught up in our humanity we feel justified in our wrong behaviors
If you are in Christ YOU are a king/PRIEST for Christ!
Leviathan wants that authority!

You carry a type of kingly anointing ….YOU NEED a good prayer shield around you…..
This thing will try to attack you to take your kingly anointing
There are people where people are rising up against you twist words against you
5 keys for overcoming this spirit:
1) Humility- when we go low- it takes this spirit OUT – humble yourself so you can connect to the Lord
This spirit gets stirred up even more when we curse others- THIS can cause more havoc
DIE to self- commit to kingdom values- Being a servant- GOSSIP is one of the manifestations of pride
People will get offended over nothing – this spirit will causing the twisting of perceptions of what people are “thinking” they are hearing
2) Love believes the best in others
The love war and love in return to this spirit it will FORCE this spirit OUT
Love keeps no record of wrongs- BUT ONLY WE Have the power in LOVE- it’s when we hold on the wrongs that WE are tormented.
LOVE TESTS: Happen when we are mistreated
How do you respond to that maltreatment- don’t be soft and non-confrontational
3) James 1:19- we are to be SLOW to speak and QUICK to hear
When we are in conversation- we aren’t Hearing- we are already thinking about how we are going to have to be good listeners
ASK PEOPLE: This is what I hear you saying is this what you’re meaning: IT COMPLETELY diffuses the situation immediately!
4) The decree of the WORD OF GOD! Sword of the spirit- WE can weld it to exact vengeance on the enemy!
When we weld the word we can cut off the head of the enemy between people!!! SEEK the word of the Lord over others….BLESS ONE ANOTHER!
DECREE OF THE WORD OF GOD! Decree a thing and it will be established!
When we start to worshipping God we invite the King of Glory into the situations- THE GREATEST WEAPON you have IS PRAISE! GOD WILL SHOW UP!
When we praise Jesus we ARE NOT thinking about the devil WE ARE FOCUSED ON JESUS! This releases light which expels the darkness! This releases the opening for us to escape!
EXPECT OVERCOMING! We know that this spirit is trying to take territory – there has been assaults against your life/territory (relationships, workplace, school, family) this swirl chaos confusion is a principality.
TAKE BACK WHAT EHE ENEMY is trying to steal from you.
God is the God of the turnaround! THE TIME IS NOW! God is restoring EVERYTHING that LEVETHIAN HAS TAKEN!
God is restoring EVERYTHING BACK (LOST FORTUNES) LOST OPPORTUNTIES, anything that you look at, anything in your generations and be strengthened knowing that GOD IS RESTORING EVEYTHING that the enemy has stolen from you.

New season – a NEW Level of ALL of God’s promises
Replenishment- Replenishing what you are giving out: There are going to be awesome miracles on your behalf.
Loaves and fishes: Don’t look at what you don’t have LOOK AT WHAT YOU DO HAVE!
DO NOT CURSE your provision- curse words give the enemy a landing strip to where the miracle realm cannot open up. As soon as you give out it will be replenished!
You then hit a tipping point you start to increase and multiply….
When you finish you will have more than you started with. – With Kingdom mindsets you can reach the whole world.
The word of the Lord to you is replenishment – God will keep replenishing as you keep giving – God is going to give YOU insight the body of Christ is coming into provisional blessing unlike any other time in your life! Step out to feed the multitudes….as you step out it will be replenished!
Enrichment strategy- as we embrace God’s opportunities God wants to bring it through us!
Four Winds blowing in 2015
4 Winds
Double for your trouble
Double honor
Double blessing

What God has to say about ISIS/TERRORISM?
What is God saying?
God is giving us invitation to come into a whole new level of Kingdom authority in the spirit realm.
We are given dominion authority in ALL THE EARTH!
ISIS- looks like a pretty big issue, Backdrop/ in Israel- there was a tumult/political tension
American military were in the ocean- major tension, in the natural everything looked as if it were escalating. Because of decreeing – within 72 hours this thing dissipated!
God wants to mentor each of us to know how big we are IN HIM! WE are a heavenly being living in the EARTH! IF we don’t do this who will?
Less than 3 weeks ago the Lord said that ISIS IS COMING DOWN THEY WILL BE CONQUORED! There will be a coalition of militaries from more than 1 nation to take it out!
Not sure of the timing but IT WILL COME DOWN and ITS ADVANCWMENT WILL STOP! God is also going o rescue people from ISIS. Watch for the 6 o’clock news and the will expose it for what it really is. ISIS is live a prison, they entrap people with pure hell, THE CORE of ISIS is going to be exposed.
SO STAR T DECREEING: ISIS IS DONE! THEY ARE FINISHED AND PEOPLE ARE GETTING SAVED OUT OF SISI! There will be other terrorist groups popping up – they aren’t just in the Middle East, DECREE that they will be DESTROYED IN EVERY NATION! WHEREVER THEY EXIST!
There is a LEVITHAN spirit within ISIS- by hitting heads of nations against each other. Especially regarding ISRAEL- When Israel SHOULD be protected, loved and that nations will be quick to hear and slow to speak.
Tonight there is a SHIFT in the spirit coming for you and you’re going to think on a bigger level- God is asking you to think differently

Love ISN’T Like 50 Shades of Grey: Its Passionately RED By Missy Hood

Hands loving

There was a time in my life where I lived, I loved and I loved being me. It was until my mid 20’s when I realized I had lost a part of myself being in a relationship with a man, the wrong man, that I realized that I really didn’t know “love.” I thought I did, because although immature, and we all know what love is when we are 20 right, but I didn’t understand “how” to love.

I broke that relationship off and commenced to learn by “serial dating” to the point that I lost myself even further. SO! God put a stop to that by halting everything, and everyone (male only) who dared to cross my path. He will do that to you know if your stuck in unhealthy behavioral patterns/mindsets that hurt yourself and others. He’ll just shut that puppy down and there you will be standing all by your lonesome thinking (and this can go on for years too) but you’ll be thinking “what in the hell is going on with my life????!!!!”

Your mind will drift back to your romeo days when “you” thought “can’t nobody love you like me,.NO …….can’t nobody (that’s a soul train song if you remember back far enough) love ya like me!” Then God lets all your walls of deceit fall down around you/your heart to teach you HOW to love correctly.

I went through SO many relationships (it was like don’t drink the water bad) until I (and yes I was going to church or otherwise how would I have known this was God talking to me???) but God really had me start to see patterns in the things I was doing wrongfully to others. OR patterns in the things I was allowing others to wrongfully do to me. IT was a two-fold test.
He was opening up my eyes alright and He was having me delve into II Corinthians 13 (the LOVE chapter) to read about love, then He’d talk to me about Himself (God is love remember) and how HE wanted me to start treating others.

You see, the world doesn’t have a clue about love, oh- they think they do when they try to adapt the “50 Shades of Crap” Mindsets by living through false fantasy about their “perceptions” of what love is. Problem is that fantasy isn’t real life.
That’s why Pornography is such a problem- its all based on fantasy and nobody that we meet on earth can top our fantasy person. OR the concept “we’ve” made up in our minds about how real life relating works. Its a load of hogwash.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but (speaking of 50 Shades of Grey fantasy) if I can’t do something in front of God and not be embarrassed what makes anyone think I’m going to do it in front them? OR with them? Now that makes me blush even thinking about that and I’m genuinely talking about the marriage relationship when I refer to that.
Love is a tough thing though because love is not ALL about sex and NEVER is it about fantasy. Love is being able to wait on people (or to want to please them) to the point that it gives you great joy to see your “significant other” (boyfriend, girl friend or spouse) happy.
It gives me no greater pleasure to think of the person I’m in love with (right now that’s God) and to get a phone call from them and then I spend the rest of the day looking forward to seeing that person.
Or to dress up for them, put on a really nice cologne that I know would make them want to be near me.
But its all about them NOT ME! Love is ALWAYS “others oriented.” Do you know that I get the biggest charge out of going out with my boyfriend and making them laugh (in an appropriate setting of course). This occurs because when Love is present (God is love- and I’m talking TRUE LOVE) that person is totally “into you!.” They love your laugh, they love your style, your quirks, ticks, the way your eyes light up when they surprise you. They hold you close when your hurting, they cover you and protect you from those might want to cause harm but at the end of the day They “get you.”
There is no mind games going on or any frustration from having to try to figure out what the heck they meant when they said ‘Such and such.” They just “get you.” They know you by the spirit and if they know Christ and understand His way of loving THEY KNOW YOUR HEART.

So many folks out there today are dying to be loved. Literally dying inside and we see this through alcohol abuse, drug abuse, relationship abuse, physical or emotional abuse you name it. People just want to be loved. However, how can heart express love without knowing the true lover of their soul? That’s kind of sad don’t you think?
I see so many couples, and unhappy couples, unhappy marriages where folks got married based on what was on the outside instead of the matters of the heart and who they were on the inside. You see where the spirit is there is freedom! There is liberty – I’m free to be ME in front of You and I don’t have to be afraid of being rejected. Jesus wants all of His children to come to know Him and each other like this.
He’s here to heal us, to deliver us from the things that so easily beset us. I believe today too He wants our hearts to genuinely love again. To love like He loves but especially to love each other like He loves. He’s such a passionate romantic! He loves us PASSIONATELY (ever read the book Song of songs- My gosh that’s a 50 Shades of Grey chapter- excluding the fantasy of course)!

So are you struggling this Valentines Day? Still single? I understand but you know its not the end of the world! There are worse things in life than being alone…….and I can honestly say singleness is not always that bad when it comes to my happiness long term. God loves us enough to make us wait until EVEYTHING is aligned, perfectly in heaven and on earth so that we can truly LOVE like Him.
And walk out heaven here on earth in front of everyone so that they can see the way Love TRULY behaves.

I don’t know about you but I’m excited about it and He’s never given me junk when I asked for a particular gift- Its ALWAYS been hand crafted, tailor made, custom fitted JUST FOR ME and my heart! (BIG HUGE SMILE INSIDE and out!)

Ok enough of my rambling! Lets pray! Happy Pre-Valentines Day btw!
Father – how are you today! Thank you for treating me to coffee by having the woman in the car in front treat me to free coffee this morning! It made me think of You because IMMEDIATELY I knew it was YOU showing me love! Thank you for starting my day off like that Lord!
Father- thank you for teaching me about love, even though the process has seemed to talk longer than I expected. Thank you for bringing me back to Your heart/Re-centered back in Your presence passionately loving again JUST LIKE YOU!
Take care of us all this weekend! We love you!
Love to you guys!

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Dogging the Devil! Get Your Warrior Boots ON!

Photo of Mackie and Harper

You know, I don’t even know what I am going to write about as I sit down to write this. I am going to be gut level honest in that I am in deep pain over past family issues. My life couldn’t be more bitter sweet currently in that my first book is being re-released August 4th, 2015 while my relationships seem to be in utter chaos. SO I guess I will just start writing……maybe about my dogs…..
Yes….this feels right- so we’ll move ahead with this topic- although I still don’t have a title yet.
So my immediate family consists of 2 little dauschunds with one being full grown (big – named Mackie) while the other is a mini dauschund (named Harper) . The bigger one thinks that the little one is her baby because she is permanently so small.
My mom has this little chiwawah which we found on the side of the road and has ended up being the “dog from hell.” In that this dog perpetually seems to attack my gentle dogs. I do not hurt animals but this dog from hell is enough to make any human become aggressive towards it because she is just so dang mean.
My bigger daushund always protects the little one, matter of fact the dog from hell attacked and almost killed my smaller dauschund when she was a baby by attacking it with a bite into her fragile head cracking her skull. The vet even said that this dog (Crazy) needed to be put down but my mother refused out of love for “crazy” (that’s my name for this dammed dog as I have grown to hate this animal).
Last night that dog was going to attack my smaller dog and my bigger dog jumped in between to protect her and I had blood all over me. I was so scared for Mackie because she is such a gentle heart and I fear that she doesn’t know her size when she comes up against some predators.
It took me a good minute to make that dog let go of Mackie’s throat and at that point I slapped the crud out of that dog to let her know “you touch my babies and that could get you killed!” Especially because of this particular dogs mean spiritedness in times past.
Our dogs are like members of our families and they depend upon us to look out for them because they can’t always look out for themselves.
And my dogs are my children (baby girls) and they always greet me with such love. They wait on me all day long until I get home and then just want to be near when I’m home resting at night /weekends.
The reason I tell you this is because I can relate with my little animals in that predators can also be around us within people that we relate with.
Last night was just hindsight into the way that family/church/some relationships (around me) have conducted themselves (through the devil on them) towards me for years. They do this by attacking the innocent or those that they deemed as weak/unworthy (you name it). Last night was the first time that I realized that I need to leave and establish my own identity apart from these people.
Last night was also the devils way of reminding me that he would stop at nothing to keep trying to attack the things that I loved or those who loved me for that matter. I have separated myself from those around me (whether that be family, unhealthy church people, or people stuck on the “crazy train”) who have been destructive/abusive (towards me) over the years. The choices of separation that I speak of are choices that only we can make because we are the ones in control over who we allow into our spheres of relating.
The reminder of all the dysfunction thatI have chosen to step out of with regard to people who choose NOT to change or who “think they know God” when in reality all they know how to do is wear a mask.
Jesus is love and I’ve always tried to emulate Him because He made me to walk in truth. The choices some relationships have made towards me have lent to years of abuse (verbally, emotionally, sometimes physically, and even sexually) when I was younger. These are obstacles God had me overcome so that I could become the standard bearer He meant for me to be. Your calling might be different but my guess would be that we each shared the same heartache. We also share the same Jesus who heals and walks us into all truth.
Sometimes though, we have to make ourselves walk forward out of chaotic atmospheres that seek to destroy us. God might let some of us go back if those hearts “chose” to change while others of us never see those folks again. The pain has been too deep and there were no apologies or acknowledgements (which display the understanding to both perpetrator and victim) of wrongdoing.
When TRUE repentance comes forgiveness follows as its automatic. Sometimes though, when a perpetrator is so screwed up they think they are ok and so we have to move on to allow God to heal our hearts of all the devastation. Then eventually He (Jesus) brings us to inner forgiveness to where we just pity those poor souls. We pity them because of how God is fixing to deal with them in that every one of us reap what we sow. Woe be the heart!
I’m sure that stupid dog (Crazy) that hurt my own dog (Mackie) will never apologize for what she “tried” to do. In the end though, my dog ended up beating/biting the crap out of that dog (which drew more blood on her0 to let her know WHO was “Alpha” in our home.
This is my stance as well against the devil – I AM ALPHA- OR I STAND in the ALPHA AND THE OMEGA- He’s the first and the last- and HE will always be the finisher of MY FAITH AND of every FIGHT the devil tries to engage me into.
And I’m here to tell the devil today- I’m STILL STANDING! And so are my precious little babies as Daushunds are warrior dogs in England- they hunted badgers- I hunt demons and allow God to use my vessel to send them to a firey hell! Where they belong!
Wanna pray?
Lord- the devil seems to be trying to hammer me on every front this past 2 weeks. Its taken everything that I have to regain my composure and to get myself BACK into position. I’m trusting You Father to keep me in the way that I should walk, even when dismayed, confused and let down. I understand this is just all a part of testing. Please Lord help me to pass this test and to come up to the higher dimensions of the spirit/place of blessing that You have for this heart. I love you Lord,…..Love to you guys! Amen

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Choices: What Direction Do I Take?

Making Choices Pic

Have you ever come to a crossroads, NOT KNOWING inside that the choice you make might change the rest of your life?

Will that choice be good?  Will it be bad?  So standing in uncertainty we turn our eyes towards heaven.  There is a path that leads to life while others lead to death and if we are listening to the Holy Spirit He will ALWAYS guide us into life.

So choices are key in this hour- its important who you align yourself with, are they full of life or death?  Will they hold you to your past, keep you stuck or will they be used by God to propel you into your heavenly future?

And taking no action is a choice just as much as taking an action towards something.  When we decide “not to decide” then we’ve made a choice.

And God sees all of it and takes our choices into account.

So what do we do when we are faced with hard choices in our life?

My advice:  (sincerely) be prepared to wait it out while praying your way through each day UNTIL you get a confirmation for direction.  This way you will still be moving forward while trying to honestly do you’re very best in moving towards life/Christ’s plan for your life.

And you will need to throw out the “Fast Food I want it NOW” mentality because the things of the kingdom don’t work that way.

When I set my face like flint towards a certain direction in the spirit/natural (because this is how MY faith works) I know that I’ve ALREADY started moving towards that goal spiritually.  I might not know how long it will take to get me there, or how hard it will be “going thru”, but once I get moving in prayer “it’s all over and Fat Lady sang.”

The process is the same for all (whether you understand that or not) because every decision/choice/goal will involve preparation.  Time and preparation for the Lord to start to ready your heart to receive that which He has promised you.

Gen 28:15 states:

15 I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.”

However, the promises cannot be confirmed until you state with your mouth “ok God, I’m scared to death of this choice because I don’t know whether or not it’s a good choice or a bad choice, but none the less I’m going to walk forward in it and trust YOU that you will take care of me.”

Father I RELEASE this thing to You knowing that you work ALL things for my good – according to Your will in Christ Jesus, and I’m not going to take it back, I’m just going to trust You because You only give good/perfect gifts to Your children.  Help my heart NOT to be disappointed with WHATEVER YOU DECIDE in this situation- but I’m coming forward in it none the less trusting that You have MY best interest at heart.

THEN the process starts!  THIS is where you find out God’s will in specific situations but you have to “GIVE VOICE TO THE CHOICE!”  And then trust the Lord in it! Keep praying until you hit that place of rest when you know you’ve done ALL you know to do in prayer.

You see, with kingdom things (things that are eternal- meaning- they can’t be touched by the devil in the natural OR by the spirit) but with kingdom things- they last forever!

Also, in prayer- there are some things that God will have a prayer warrior to pray through so that they can see His signs, wonders and miracles. This is to heighten their faith, to bolster them up so that they can continue on in their journey.

But then when we’ve completely exhausted ourselves as warriors having done all we know to do we MUST put our armor down, sometimes crying, feeling disillusioned…..sometimes thinking we missed the mark or failed…….


When you hit the place of rest (which is beyond war) there are just some places in the spirit that God will FORCE your hand OFF of that thing your praying for in prayer, because its in the place of rest, that He takes over.

Christ takes over because we’ve done our best, NOW HE is going to do THE REST in YOUR RESTING.

Because there are just some things that can only be done By His hand because He would never let you think as a Son/Daughter that you EVER did anything to have to earn that particular blessing!  The place of “Rest” is the place of blessing…..and letting Him work it ALL OUT for ALL the WORLD TO SEE that HIS HAND IS UPON YOUR LIFE and that YOU are a BLESSED CHILD OF THE KING!


PRAISE GOD- I’m getting hit with the anointing while writing this!  Hallelujah!  PRAISE GOD! PRAISE YOU FATHER! Love to you guys!



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The Lie Behind Loneliness: There Are Worse Things in Life

Statement about Loneliness
TRUTH about Aloneness

How many of you out there are struggling with being alone? You can be married and feel alone, you can be single, widowed, you can have friends and feel alone but are you really?
I am going to be 50 this year and all my life my life long goal (at first) was to get married, have 4 kids and settle down. The problem was that plan didn’t fit into God’s plan that He had for my life. I REALLY got hit with the “whats wrong with me fear” in my 20’s when I would see all of my other friends getting married, having kids, and doing the thing that I always thought I’d get to do. When it didn’t happen that way, I grew angry at God, I even thew my bible across the room telling Him of my “disdain” for Him. It got so bad at one point in my anger I told Him to “go to hell” and hang out with the devil because I must have been being punished for something I didn’t even know I had done. I went through these rants/raves through my 20s, 30s, and somewhere in my 40’s did I start to see things from a different perspective. I don’t know if I had attained wisdom but I was starting to see the “Why’s of it all AND of their potential in my life through the accomplishments singlehood provided.”
By this time I was traveling a lot, seeing the world, speaking, teaching, preaching, training up prayer teams all across the nation, going to school, and doing something more worthy of my time. Did I still serve Him, sure, still do, but in this season I am coming to see the positives of what God was sparing me from early on. He has a funny way of showing us the truth about our true motives if those motives are based in unhealthy emotions from our hurts. The Truth: My true desires had STILL NOT been realized and Christ was trying to show me what they were…..INTRESTING.
I used to have this friend named David and one night, after going to church, I called him in tears and concerned he demanded to know where I was at. He always looked out after me and he got scared because he could hear the desperation in my voice. He told me to come over so that we could talk and so I did.
We sat on his couch in silence for a while (about 30 min), he knew I had been crying and David always had this wonderful way of sensing what was going on in my heart. So he asked me “Ok, spill the beans, tell me what’s going on?” So I started (through my tears – genuine tears and a very hurting heart) started telling him of my inability to cope with being “lonely” anymore. I didn’t understand why others around me had someone in their lives to love them but I just COULDN’T understand WHY GOD WOULD NOT allow someone to find me, and LOVE ME! Just love me flaws and all! WHY NOT ME!!!!??????? (GOD I was frustrated beyond measure!)
Another 15 minutes went by and then God had David (in his Texas cowboy southern draw – with a lowww baritone voice) tell me something SO profound. So profound that it would change my perspective about singleness forever. He simply told me this: “You know Missy, whether your single or married you will have problems. It’s just that when you’re married you have a different set of problems. So if you can’t cope with the current issues your dealing with being single what makes you think that marriage will change anything?”
THAT STATEMENT SHIFTED MY FOCUS INTO IMMEDIATE JOY FOR LIFE! Because it was the TRUTH! AND IT WAS GOD’S TRUTH! David and I had always liked each other, we even tried dating but it never seemed to work out. Want to know why? Because we WERE NOT GOD’S best for each other and THAT protection/or weird feeling we’d get when we’d try to “force it” was God’s hand saying “no, no no, I have something much much better in mind for you My daughter.” David’s uncanny way of saying things (like he always did) was very loving as he told me God’s truth to keep me on track with God’s plan. I wasn’t being left out I was being PROTECTED for GOD’s BEST! I’ve never been able to tell him “thank you” either because life took him somewhere and I haven’t heard/seen him for years since but what a blessing he was.
Time, though, has this strange way of putting things into God’s perspective for us. WE THINK “Oh I just have to do what others are doing (like getting married, having the successful career, or having babies, you label it) but what IF you’re not ready? I’m a late bloomer (always have been) and in between my ranting/raving fits of singleness God was teaching me about responsibility, including others, serving, teaching, preaching, writing books/my blog, etc. He was healing my heart over the monstrosities of my past……HE WAS MAKING ME WHOLE because God doesn’t bring 2 half people together HE brings 2 WHOLE people together so that you can walk out heaven here in the earth!
And me and my “McDonalds Drive through” mentality was always trying to speed things up….like I knew better than He (God). We do this when we feel loss in our lives, we DEMAND answers as though God owed us any.
When had we walked a little further down the path (as we always do) the answers come and we find ourselves THANKING JESUS for NOT bringing those things we “thought” we could handle.
You see, God REALLY does know what He is doing in His plans for our lives. AND I’ve BEEN SO LUCKY/BLESSED to be able to FINALLY say HE IS ENOUGH- because if we can’t get to that place of Christ being “enough” and He allows us to fill that gap in our hearts with something else- we will NEVER be satisfied. THAT is how WISE GOD IS. He is wise enough to DEMAND that our hearts ALLOW HIM TO BE THE KING OF KINGS/LORD OF LORDS on the thrones of our hearts FIRST. Always FIRST so that we can REALLY start to enjoy our lives!
Remember “Thou shalt have no other Gods before Me” scripture- remember that commandment? So while we are throwing our tantrums, using the “silent treatment” on Jesus, all the while He’s saying:
“Come and let us reason together. Come over here and sit with Me just a while so that I soothe the burdens that you try to make yourself carry….”
Finally, in the middle of all, out of desperate tears, in the middle of loneliness, we feel that gentle hand on our shoulder telling us “In just a little while……..just sup with Me awhile….so that all might be well with your soul…..”
Its going to be ok….because there REALLY are worse things in life than being lonely.
I was in a relationship for 5 years (almost married the man) until one day I realized I never really loved him like he deserved to be loved. That was because I hadn’t learned how to love like Jesus yet so I always felt alone in the relationship. Matter of fact- neither of us knew how to love each other like Jesus and so there was no “giving/taking” of love- there was just emptiness because how can 2 people give what they don’t have?
SO THIS ATTRIBUTE/ THIS QUALITY is what GOD was preparing me for ALL THIS TIME. TEACHING ME WHAT TRUE LOVE WAS, how it behaved under pressure, could it endure, and would I make it my life long quest?????? BECAUSE when we allow Jesus to become the “love of our life” He’s in it for the long haul….and that’s the quality He’s trying to burn into our hearts in our relationships with Him AND OTHERS! THIS IS WHAT TRUE LOVE IS!

Wanna pray?
MY GOSH Lord this was really a cool path You took me down today! AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how you surprise me like this! LOVE IT! You know what Lord- I thank you SO MUCH for looking out for me when I was too young, or too stupid to be able to make sound decisions. THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME SO!
Your my best friend FATHER and I wouldn’t trade your love for the world!
Love you guys!

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The Cost of Refusal: Refusing to Repent/ Prophetic Word – By Missy Hood

Stubborn Faced

You know, the Lord has been talking to me about the “Cost of Refusal” this past week. The place where a lot of folks step into when they REFUSE to do things God’s way. Christ’s way.

God used the analogy of Jacob’s interactions with a relative (Laban) when he cheated him, lied about him, betrayed him, over and over again for years until Jacob finally got “fed up” and decided to leave. Jacob told his wives (he had 2 Rachel/Leah) and he took his family and left. He had done right by Laban through working very hard for him over the years and yet still he was treated with malignance.

To add insult to injury Laban then had the GALL to chase after him still falsely accusing him, harassing him until God stepped in and told him “YOU’D BETTER LEAVE HIM ALONE AND NOW!”

Laban acknowledges the truth/message that God spoke to him to Jacob and then STILL tries to harass some more by accusing him of stealing his idols although Jacob had no part in the theft of those idols like his wife Rachel had done. She was the actual culprit. Still, the “wrong” had AGAIN NOTHING to do with him, it was just another avenue for the harassment to continue!

Jacob at this point had had ENOUGH! Jacob DEMANDED that Laban sit before EVERY family member and tell his side, while Jacob told his side of the events that had transpired over the years. To allow the family members to judge for themselves who was right and WHO was REALLY wrong. Jacob poured out his heart and told them EVERYTHING that Laban had unnecessarily put him through and “just because he thought he could.” In Laban’s mind, “why not- there was no accountability present- no father, no elders, so he could behave any way he wanted” and so he did.

HOWEVER- GOD had been watching for accountability purposes and had seen ALL The abuse against Jacob, and God blessed Jacob for all his hard work!
Bottom line: Laban was a piece of crap! His lack of character had exposed him and there he was left sitting in the bed he himself had made! Tisk tisk!
Jacob had been hassled/harassed by everyone all of his life because of their wrongly self imposed labels and all because he had received the favor of a parent and of His God- even from birth. Kinda of like Joseph. He was dishonest when younger until God got a hold of him and changed his heart during the middle of a wrestling match which rendered Jacob with a permanent reminder of God’s touch in the power that God welded. He was left with a limp.

SO today: The Spirit of the Lord says to tell you this!
Everything in your past, where you have been ridiculed, harassed, harangued unjustly by those in relationship – everything that has been hidden is being revealed around you!
Because God knows! God Cares and God loves you! Jesus came to separate the truth from a lie in the lives of His children so that ALL might live in the truth!
People who receive you as prophet will receive a prophet’s reward and sometimes, as a prophet “supposed” Christians will even question Christ on your life or if your really walking with Me, But what Explanation do I owe them, says the Lord???????/ I AM GOD- AND THEY ARE NOT! So you are NOT to explain yourself in these situations as well, as I am the revealer and I will reveal ALL that needs to be known to hearts truly seeking after Me!

Its been a VERY long wait for you David (Man/woman after My Own heart) and there is a time for vindication. I hear you begging me to show up, rescue you, and defeat your enemies. From all the people who have set up your demise and then gloated over the things that THEY have done to you!
The consequences have already been set in motion as we live by a season of SEED + TIME = HARVEST! Every seed has its season and there will be justice on Your behalf! And the consequences of this harvest will last a lifetime- a lesson never to be forgotten!

Be still and know that I AM GOD- maintain your heart’s stance that I am still good! And continue to search for wisdom as wisdom is a delightful path that will guide you in all of your ways!


Love to you!
Missy Hood

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood to the present ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

2015 Prophetic Word by Kenneth Copeland


The Goodness of The Lord, Tender Loving Kindness

Pure Goodness Picture
Have you ever found it hard to be a good person in a bad world? TO feel significant or important because you feel like you’ve just started to blend in? To be able to express the “goodness” of the Lord the way He made you to be? To show tender, loving kindness because those around you don’t know what to do with it or don’t trust that its genuine?
I have, everywhere I go now. People seem shocked and VERY mistrusting whenever anyone good or anything good is done for them. They take a step back at first, not sure if your actions are pure, genuine wondering how long it’s going to be before your true self shows up with the same wickedness that others around them have displayed.
Then, over time, as you walk out your relationships those people start to observe your heart, it’s consistency (hopefully) in its ability to show them the pathway to the Lord in your life. Are you this person?
I try to be but not everyone allows me to be because it’s a very difficult thing to walk in a world with such turmoil and such lack of goodness anymore. Everywhere you go it’s become common day thing for people to shout obscenities over a parking place, or to behave with road rage over seemingly nothing at all. Common place for others to be selfish instead of putting others before themselves or to get caught up in their own emotional garbage. The garbage that allows the evil to be portrayed instead of the good without activating the that once held discipline that gave them peace and presence. The presence of the Lord.
How do you step out of that wicked place of heart and back into the heart of the Lord? How do you break off old patterns of behavior that seem common place where once they were utterly “uncommon?”
What must one do (a Carrier of the Presence) to ensure that His Presence on your vessel/life is always safe guarded so that YOU can continue to walk out God’s love?
First step: Learn to keep your mouth shut when angry.
That’s right- learn to “shut up” and LISTEN to your heart/HIS HEART instead of thinking of your need to give someone a piece of your mind all the time. It’s not YOUR mind they need but instead the “Mind of Christ” within you. THAT’S where true WISDOM comes from. It’s also what keeps you in His Presence or walking in the spirit of the Living God.
I know- we all HATE that word but its patience that will move us beyond our angry place and down the road to sanity to where we can see things/situations the way God does. When you move BEYOND angry things become more clear, less full of the devil and his vision to where you start to have clarity and Jesus’s vision in the way He sees/does things.
Third Step: GET AWAY FROM ANGRY PEOPLE- because you become WHO you hang around!
You want to be loving- non manipulative, able to tell others what your REAL needs are in those hard moments, then get away from people who operate in manipulation/control/and anger. Controlling people are usually bitter/angry people and THAT’S NOT YOU!
Transparent people are folks who are HONEST (with others/and themselves) about where they are in the hard places and where they desire to be. They are also able to convey this truth to others and tell them what THEY NEED in order to get there AND MAINTAIN!
FOURTHLY- LEARN TO PRAY YOUR WAY THROUGH the hard situations of life. When anger erupts, shut up, walk away if need be and pray immediately for Christ to intervene. The other person will thank you later for the mercy and love that was shown in that moment.
Sometimes too, SILENCE SPEAKS WAY LOUDER than words EVER COULD. And silence brings conviction over the matters of a wrong heart. Or a heart that is displaced/or OUT OF GOD’s ORDER.

Is this you today?
Struggling in an angry world trying to maintain your love levels?
Then here- LET’S MAINTAIN TOGETHER! Don’t get me wrong- I’m right there with ya! I struggle too and it takes GREAT DISAPLINE to stay quiet and allow God to change those difficult/stubborn hearts around me but you know what? I’m not God and I’m not even going to pretend that I am by opening my mouth in those moments. I’m CHOOSING to rely SOLEY upon Him!
Father God- Man what a test you’ve put us in. Day in, day out, within our dealings with others. It is just a constant barrage of daily testing upon our discipline. Build up this trait in me Lord to where I can soar through the testing’s You bring my way day in and day out to where it becomes 2nd nature!
Love you Father!

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood to the present ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

GET THIS BOOK: “FIFTEEN” By Pastor Bill Jenkins

Fifteen book cover

For more about this year I would like to recommend a book by Pastor Bill Jenkins! Pastor Jenkins is a pastor, conference speaker, life coach, and author of several books. He preaches in Indianapolis Indiana at the “Church of Acts” church.
Church of Acts logo

I have been listening to Chuck Pierce’s “Starting the Year off Right” for 2015 and I have to say every prophetic thing that I have read so far in Pastor Jenkin’s book coincide with almost every prophetic word given during the conference.

I’m excited about this book as I feel that many in the body of Christ will find it exciting and informative about the number 15 AND about this next year with what we can expect! If you have questions or are wanting copies of his prophetic word/book about 2015 you can purchase it on Amazon.com or at Barnes and Noble OR feel free to contact Pastor Jenkins to attain a copy at:

Bill Jenkins
3740 South Dearborn
Indianapolis In 46237
bacts@netscape.com / http://www.churchofacts.org

THIS IS THE YEAR FOLKS! Lets jump into this year with such vigor that the devil won’t know what hit him!
Praise God!
Missy Hood

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