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Navigating the Courts of Heaven- by Robert Henderson

Prophetic Word: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: Can’t handle the Fire of Truth- Get Out of the Kitchen! By Missy Hood

The Spirit of the Lord says to tell you this:

“THIS IS Where you have come out of and have been fighting through the past 20 years”

2 Kings 8-9:13

Remember the time when Elisha told the woman to move to a different area/land because times were fixing to get hard (Spiritually, causing problems in the natural)?  This was Christ telling YOU it was time to get moving by the spirit because times were fixing to get hard.   So she did and was gone for 7 years.  Our time span will last throughout our lifetime.

Elisha (represents the TRUE Five Fold ministers now) and he was a TRUE prophet of God  within the church and started speaking against leaders (old leaders, old churches, old bodies of believers).   He once  ministered to those bodies and so they started being reminded by the Lord of his exploits (after he had moved on- this represents old leadership where we once served because THEY are NOW (AFTER 20 YEARS starting to wake up- a little late but better late than never!) God is showing them  how He moved through Elisha’s vessel when he was in their presence. AND these leaders KNOW that it TRULY was Christ flowing….they are FINALLY coming out of denial!

So the woman moved, was gone for 7 years, she comes back and approaches the king in that region (People who are sent back to old bodies of believers to minister to them for the Lord- BUT ONLY IF HE SENDS YOU) that she wanted her stuff (her character, their confidence in the way God moved through her  and RESPECT!) back! And now.  The king (leaders in the body of Christ that are listening to the Lord still) obeyed.   This was only because the Lord touched them to force them to obey in that moment.  Normally they did what they wanted to (fleshly).

Moving forward: Represents leaders joining forces with other ungodly leaders to plunder the flock

They are wolves in sheeps clothing.

A young man marries Ahab’s daughter- this creates a whole slew of wicked kings (leaders….for generations/years/in the body of Christ/over churches) they preach traditions of men, doctrines of demons.

They teach THEIR WAY of doing things NOT GODS, but  the enemies way as well as preaching the devil’s cold hearted mindset.  This is taught by the spirit of religion flowing through vessels because these vessels are wounded and easily manipulated by the devil  so its easy for the darkness to flow through.

Fast Forward:  Acts 16:16-40

Paul/Silas imprisoned (TRUE PROPHETS/FIVE FOLD MINISTERS of the Gospel).  They came into the church and started kicking out the spirit of religion and demons of divination out of the body for heckling the Lord on their lives.  This created a prison spiritually for all of those who TRULY wanted to serve Christ  in their atmospheres.  So that spirit had to shut them down.

This is what has happened in churches even today when true prophets come into a body that is not ready to hear the truth of Christ and get re-aligned.

Fast Forward:  Psalm 143:1-12

David (TRUE GODLY people after God’s own heart) cry out to the Lord asking Him to save them from the spiritual darkness that is starting to surround them. They can’t stand it!

Proverbs 17:26

It is wrong to punish the godly for being good     or to flog leaders for being honest.

So Saith the Lord

I do not know why these words are so big- the application will not let me change them!  But I guess God wants them that way!
Love in Christ

Missy Hood

Prophetic Word: The Army is Advancing! Why God has Been SO Quiet……By Missy Hood

Army at a Stand still

What is God saying and WHY is He so Quiet?

What was Going on Spiritually/Even Today?

Floating Ax Head- Represents  where the disciples went with Elisha (to the new place to worship- A MUCH LARGER PLACE)  to seek the Lord.

NOTE:   Ax heads are heavy,  ax head (thing that cuts) fell into the water (living word)  where Elisha was (in his spiritual atmosphere).  Elisha had a double portion mantle so he was assisting these  disciples (New leaders climbing their mountains)   to climb to the new place to EXPAND!  He was teaching them HOW.  (Expand in Christ within and without) BUT – there were obstacles around them!

Obstacles in their Way Then/at Present:

King of Aram (Old Leaders afraid to trust Christ with the New Move of Christ) – was insecure about his power, position etc.  And Elisha heard his thoughts even when the King was in his bed room.  STILL- Elisha helped the King (immature leaders).   THEN when the Elisha told the King what God had shown him (heavenly directives) the King got offended (fearful- that Elisha knew more than he)  So the King gave instructions to kill Elisha- HOWEVER, the King didn’t know just how much power Elisha welded in the Lord.

Meaning:  YOU NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER- want to come against an anointing….of ANY kind, because you have NO idea how much authority the vessel welds in the spirit!

Background in that Day and Today:

People in Samaria were going through a great famine.  (Isn’t the Body of Christ going through one now in their ability to “hear” unless they’ve come up in the spirit?)  They were so desperate and hungry that they were eating/selling dove dung .  Symbolized that they were willing to lower themselves to the lowest point humanly (in behaviors)  possible before turning to Christ for prophetic direction.  The prophets are the eyes of Jesus and He could have given immediate assistance!  The Prophetic is the ONLY way to enter into the newer dimensions of Christ. Without this gift or following the prophets YOU WILL NOT GET THERE!

New Information on the Scene (for today as well):

There were Lepers (people (new leaders being raised up) in the body who the rest of the body considered unclean- or those they thought couldn’t be used by Christ) because of their condition. AHA! (the last laugh is on those holding these leaders back!) These lepers realized that the enemies army had fled so they went to where their camp was set up and started looking around. God had scared them off.  So they plundered the camp and went back (They had a pioneering spirit/Apostles) to the other Israelites and told them, were accused of lying, until everyone went and saw with their own eyes.

Fast Forward to Today/ There are 2 types groups of Believers/Types:

2 Sets of Believers today:

Paul/Barnabus part ways- Paul- represents the religious right- or those who refuse to come out of the religion, but trying

Barnabus_- the Prophetic Encouragers WHO CHOOSE to come forward because they JUST BELIEVE JESUS RIGHT NOW!

These 1st pair are used in the church to help the body get UP in the spirit.

Pauls and Timothy- sorta religious people (still getting free) but are the ones who can minister to those in the market place (like the Lydia’s) they EQUIP them and bring them on into Christ!

They took persecution like David did because of their faith, They were made fun of for their faith, UNTIL God put them (like David) into an anointed position. Then who was laughing?

Bottom line for us to remember:

During all of this TRUE believers keep their hearts/eyes onto Jesus/His wisdom NO MATTER WHAT!  They keep plugging away not looking to the left/right setting their faces like flint on the task ahead!

But unbelievers, get led astray and bring much grief to their families/family name- and will always find themselves wandering aimlessly without direction.



So Saith the Lord!

Love Missy 


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