Broken People, Broken Hearts by Missy Hood

Broken People Broken Hearts

You know the last couple of days the running “theme” within my walk is FREEDOM.  Sounds like a generic can of green beans but when we find out WHO we are in Christ, and WHO’S we are….there is FREEDOM!

“Free to be!  Free to be me! Flaws and all!”

I have been finding that a lot of the church really doesn’t know or understand this concept very well yet they keep giving credence to the ideology of “Oh we accept you, we love you, JUST LIKE YOU ARE?”

Really?  My last experience, well, multiple experiences in the “so called church” have been ones of watching hypocritical leaders cast out their “peer” leaders after having confessed past sins (i.e. pornography) , or  the body shunning other members of the sheep for speaking of a divorce, sexual abuse or making them feel like an outcast.

I thought the church was supposed to be a “safe haven?”  Yet the body NOR LEADERSHIP (some not all) haven’t a clue as to how to integrate and help these folks get set free?  It’s like they are COMPLETELY clueless as to how to train up the body to take other members through deliverance ministry or deep inner healing.

Or no here’s one with their “Oh- we don’t talk about things like that in our church settings because we aren’t sure how people will respond.”   Some of you leaders might not want to know whats going on in my head right now (it’s a few expletives  in my thoughts about you if you do this)  because let me ask you this one question as a leader to a leader:

IF YOUR SHEEP CAN’T COME AND FEEL SAFE IN YOUR CHURCH OR COME TO  YOUR ALTER THEN THAT MEANS YOU MIGHT BE AN INEFFECTIVE LEADER!!!!  IS THIS YOU? This means that YOU care more about what people think about YOU then you do about YOUR SHEEP!  And about the body coming up into higher dimensions of the spirit !

Also- this isn’t meant to be a “Chew out” session but I am coming at the spirit of Religion hard and very up front.  This is how Religious people treat others.  And its wrong!

The typical response that statement from leaders is this: “Oh well, we have home groups, or special ministries for things like that!”

My response:  What in heaven’s name did you think Jesus did when He went into the streets or the SYNAGOGUES and delivered people RIGHT THERE!  He was “Johnny on the spot!”

SO!  If you lead like this then this also tells me that you behave like this in your personal relationships as well.  Meaning: there are not a whole lot of issues that you really deal with SO how can you lead others when you refuse to deal with your own heart??????!!!!

OR your marriage, or secret sins, maybe the way your treating a family member?  Let’s get down on it folks because a lot of what I am seeing in the church these days makes me want to vomit.

I know this is a VERY hard word but it’s the truth and if we are ever going to get free to love one another then we need to get free ourselves!  AND THEN learn to allow others as they come into our churches and we just LOVE ON THEM.  WE LOVE THEM INTO HEALING!

JUST LIKE THEY ARE, RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE FLAWS AND ALL!  Where did this type of love go to?  THIS is the type of love I have always witnessed my mom/dad operate in.

It’s the type of love that my grandparents operated in.  SO THIS type of unconditional love is what I KNOW LOVE TO BE!

It’s not about “keeping up an image” so that I don’t look bad, hell, we’d probably draw more people to ourselves if we would just learn to LOVE AGAIN!

Also- don’t ANY of you dare write to me and tell me “oh she’s just angry or has had someone reject her in the church (which I have had happen btw because of “retards” in the church who behave like this) I’m speaking to those people who want others to dismiss their bad behaviors and use me as a conduit because I confronted it!

BUT THIS MENTALITY HAS GOT TO GO if we are to become a Spirit led, LOVING, body of believers for the world again.

Some of you might even go so far as to say “well I am loving, yet you abuse others with your words/actions behind closed doors.  “Wow” is all I can say to that.  You come into the church saying “praise the Lord”, yet you go home cussing out family members OR for those controlling types that operate in Jezabel/Ahab you treat your family members like crap unless OR until they comply or stand up to your cowardly behaviors.

Do you want to know why these behaviors are cowardly?  Because  YOUR refusal to deal with your issues (OR HIDDEN SIN) are probably making more than just you miserable in your world.

My guess is that your refusal to deal with your need to control/manipulate through (rage, silent treatment, withholding love,  through demonizing those that you say YOU LOVE to your friends) and all in the name of Jesus.  Just so you don’t have to look at yourself.  Well folks, time is of the essence now and WE ARE in the “end times” so it looks like you might want to “get a move on” with that action!

Do you know how this makes God feel about you?  When we brush our sins under the carpet, OR let get this one: just think that we can pray for those confronting us and that will make it all go away.  (sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep – until Jesus jerks the rug out from underneath your deceived rear)  This type of behaving is SO prevalent in the world and now the church is behaving just like them so do you want to know how it makes Him feel?  Probably like He wants to spew you out of His mouth!  THIS IS NOT LOVE or even remotely  loving behaviors and if this is your “brand” of love then I would suggest you go ahead and  keep it!

Haven’t we had enough? I’m being VERY REAL  today in hopes that some people might get a “heads up” or this might force the eyes of their hearts open because judgment kicks in!  I’m serious because the place where we are getting ready to walk, many of us already are there, but is a very holy  place.  And its imperative that our hearts, minds, wills and emotions are all on the same spiritual page……..TOGETHER!  IN the WARM UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF JESUS- HIS TRUE LOVE while we learn to accept ourselves and others flaws and all.

I say this because if leadership can learn to lead through transparency then you will draw sheep by the droves because they wont’ feel like they have to perfect to operate in your world or theirs.

Here let’s pray:

Father- thank you for loving me, for loving me despite myself, despite the ways I behave or conduct myself when I think Your not looking.  I’m so sorry Lord, please forgive me when I fall short but PLEASE DELIVER ME, HEAL MY HEART, MIND, WILL AND EMOTIONS (ALL MY GATES) in Jesus name.  I submit myself to Your healing power, and DELIVERANCE ANOINTING so that I might walk in the company of angels!  In the company of the Lord of the Angel Armies!


Love to you guys!




WAKE UP WARRIORS and DON’T let yourself become deluded or “trumped” by this spirit operating on folks around you!  BE ALERT!

The enemy comes in as an angel of light to try to trick us into going down the wrong path!  This spirit (Divination- i.e. Jezabel or so I thought) has been coming at me for 2 mos through some vessels but in the end found it was PYTHON- which squeezes the life out of God’s warriors, their ministry callings and destinies………GET THESE PEOPLE AWAY FROM YOU ASAP!

In Christ,

Missy Hood

P.S.  This is lengthy read but a good one!


Let me begin by saying that the spirit of fear and anger are fairly easy to recognize, but this is not true for the Python spirit. Except for when it is manifesting as necromancer and a few times as a familiar spirit, Python has done very well covering its identity. It can manifest in many ways, such as necromancer by having to be conjured up as a “front” to cover what is really happening. I will give witness in this writing of God telling me that the Python is rampant in His church. The reason it is so rampant among people who love God is because we haven’t recognized who it is, mainly because we have been unaware of its characteristics, its purpose, and its mechanics.

Satan was depicted as a serpent, a snake, in the Garden of Eden. The Python is a large snake that smothers and crushes its victim, but this really doesn’t reveal its mechanics. You will see more clearly the subtleness and sneakiness of the Python as the Holy Spirit paints the following picture.

Necromancer was responsible for splitting a church here. I have seen splits caused by warlock (witchcraft) and haughty (religious) spirits in more than one case. A haughty spirit has been the main player in spoiling many churches that could have become a real force for God. But even more tragic than the demise of churches is the involvement of the Python in the personal lives of God’s people and the people of the world in general. It is not my intent to give you all the answers because I don’t have them all. It is my intent to shed some light on the Python spirit through scripture, my personal testimony of encounters, and what God has shown me by His Spirit on this subject. Remember to view all of this as a picture, with absolutes in that picture.

On Tuesday, October 17, 2000 the Lord revealed through this “thing of the Spirit” that He was going to illuminate the workings (the mechanics) of the Python spirit in His church.

From my record:

I was on a boat deck or dock with some people. They were struggling with a 50′ – 100′ long snake. It was a foot to a foot and a half in diameter, a Python. There were some people in the water around the tail of the snake that was still moving. They were trying to do something with it or were somehow connected to it. Anyway, some people were standing with me at the head of the python and I said, “Let me show you how to do this.” I took the head by the skull, in the eye sockets, and cracked the huge snake like a whip. The tail snapped like a whip and the people out in the water were suddenly released – they got away. I tried to show the people again but I couldn’t get it to crack. It wasn’t necessary, as the purpose of the first crack of the whip had done what it was supposed to do.

Then the scene changed and we were all on land in an area that was very distinctively a level plane, meaning: making it plain and understandable. The snake was laid out straight with its head elevated and we could see into the empty skull. I had something white, emitting light, in my right hand. I walked up and deliberately, with a little fear, jammed the light through the right eye socket of the snake, depositing the light inside the skull. I withdrew my hand and immense light was now emitting from inside the skull.

The people with me were excited over the victory and seemed to be starting to take on the glory of the snake being dead. Knowing this, I said, “Praise be to God, He has given us victory,” and started to sing, ” We’ve got the victory … heaven’s on our side.” End of scene.

You and I cannot take any glory for the revelations the Lord has given so the Python can be defeated in the church. The Lord has instigated the revelations. I didn’t know there was a problem. In my original record I didn’t know if I were on a boat or a dock. If it were a boat, the boat symbolically represents the church and the lake water was dark, not clear, representing the logos Word of God. Because of what God has taught me I now understand that the snake was taking the people in the water for a ride and they were enjoying it. They were actively trying to climb up on the snake to take a ride. They had no clue as to the danger. You see, in the scene I knew it was dangerous for them to even be around the snake and that is why I cracked the whip.

I have heard tapes and read about how the Python is a constrictor and squeezes the life out of churches. This is most certainly true, but more importantly to understand is that it squeezes the life out of what God is doing; just like the serpent squeezed the life out of what God said in the Garden of Eden. But where and how does the Python function in the church? What are its mechanics? God has shown me through experiences and “things of the Spirit” that we, people who love the Lord, can have the Python spirit operating through us (anyone – big names, etc.) on a daily basis and not be aware of it. The Bible reveals this to be true.

Matthew 16: 21,22
From that time forth began Jesus to shew unto his disciples, how that he must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day. 22 Then Peter took him, and began to rebuke him, saying, Be it far from thee, Lord: this shall not be unto thee. But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

Peter loved the Lord but he allowed the enemy to come through him to attack the truth the Lord just revealed. Jesus knew what the source was and rebuked it. Peter didn’t know the plan (government plan) of God and Jesus said, “…thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.” The Python plays on the will of the flesh and the ignorance of men, leading people away from the plan of God. It plants a seed, hoping it will grow.

The Python attacks the plan of God. If Jesus had not rebuked what Peter said, you know that the other disciples would have joined in with Peter trying to convince Jesus not to let this happen. Put yourself in the place of the disciples, not understanding the plan of God, what would you have done? Would you have been like Peter? Probably so!

Peter had not conjured up any spirit and he had been following the Lord for some time. He loved the Lord, yet a spirit was able to instantly enter and function through him. There is no doubt as to this being true, as Jesus said, “Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me:…”

For us to follow the “things of the spirit” (Romans 8: 1 & 5), we must have control of our thoughts. We must know what God is doing, His plan (from a corporate Flow Chart). We must understand this simple maneuver of the enemy that he will use to keep us out of the position God intended for us. We must have the presence of mind to keep the things of the spirit in the forefront of our lives. The Lord’s bride without spot or wrinkle will not be controlled and beat around by the enemy. Therefore, we must understand the mechanics of the Python and its involvement in church activities. There was a reason for God revealing to me on April 8, 2005, that He wanted me to bring things that I know about the Python together in a writing for His people. The reason He gave was: “So the Python cannot enter in!” God wants His people to be able to recognize the characteristics of the Python so we won’t let him enter in to spoil our lives and the plan of God.

When you read the following information concerning the Python spirit you will see some of its characteristics and its simple involvement in the daily lives of people, affecting what they believe. The Python spirit is the main influence in causing all the different religions of the world and even separate denominations! So you see, I am not just talking about people who unknowingly prophesy or work divination under the influence of this spirit. I am talking about the Python’s involvement in our thoughts, and therefore our lives, on a daily basis. Its purpose is to cause us to miss what God has said and, therefore, miss what He is doing. The serpent (snake) did this in the Garden of Eden.

Let’s look at some scripture and information before I get into some experiences and “things of the Spirit” that will shed light on the activities of the Python in people’s lives today. Starting with divination, look at its definition from the American College Dictionary.

1. the discovering of what is obscure or the foretelling of future events, as by supernatural means. 2. augury; a prophecy. 3. instinctive prevision.

To establish that divination is the Python spirit, look at a portion of scripture. The King James Version translates the Greek word as a spirit of divination.

Acts 16:16 KJV
“And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us…”

The Interlinear Bible, a literal translation of the Bible, uses the word Python.

Acts 16:16 ILB
“And it happened, as we went into a place of prayer, a certain slave girl having a Pythonic spirit met us… ”

Python Contains Divination

1 Samuel 15:23 ILB
For the sin of divination is rebellion; insolence is both iniquity and idolatry. Because you have
rejected the word of Jehovah, so He has rejected you from being king.

Divination is a sin. There are people in the church who unknowingly are operating in this spirit of Python (divination). Doing it ignorantly will not cost them their salvation from hell, But it will cost them something in the soul realm and in the Kingdom of God. In the soul/mind realm you will have mind/thought problems; you will be kept from the pure truth, unknown to you. You will experience periods when you are out of control of your actions, and there will be areas where your mind is clouded. The enemy can feed freely into your soul/mind the thoughts he desires. If a person has a Python spirit they can even be tormented through their soul/mind in the night.

God warns us not to seek or have anything to do with any type of divination. Some will say they have never done anything like that. Understand that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children. If any of your ancestors dabbled in this type of thing, you could have this soul problem and not be aware of it. And most simply, remember, Peter being rebuked by Jesus reveals a spirit had entered in.


Isaiah 47:13,14 ILB
You are exhausted by your many plans; let those dividing the heavens stand up now and save you, the gazers into the stars, making known what is coming on you into the new moons. Behold, they are as stubble; the fire burns them; they shall not save their soul from the flame’s hand; there is no coal to warm them; nor fire, to sit before it.

This scripture indicates that your soul will not escape, and those who have indulged in divination or the familiar spirits have had their souls messed with, so to speak. Only God can change what has been done to their souls.

When we do things that open up our soul or do things that have an effect on our soul, we are unaware of it in our souls. The Lord wants us to understand this.

Proverbs 6:32 KJV
But whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul.

The Lord is saying that you don’t understand or recognize what you are doing to your soul when you sin. Christians think everything is all right after they have repented and asked forgiveness. But what has happened to the soul/mind must be mended, or it will unknowingly hamper the soul/mind of the person the rest of their life. People who experience these things will tell you that it didn’t hurt and they felt nothing in their minds. When you disobey God with sin, the enemy has an opening to attack you or hold you at his will. It is not something God has done, but something that you have allowed.

Proverbs 5:21,22 KJV
For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and he pondereth all his goings. His own iniquities shall take the wicked himself, and he shall be holden with the cords of his sins.

Have you ever done something, wish you hadn’t, and then wondered why you were so compelled to do it? Is there something holding you back, something you can’t quite grasp, and you can’t seem to get the victory?

II Timothy 2:26 KJV
And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.

Once the devil has an opening, a cord (door) established to the soul, he and/or his spirits can operate at their will, controlling if need be. We must distinguish between when the spirit of Python is operating and when the Holy Spirit is operating. How do we learn the difference?

God’s formula

GOD + SOUL (mind) = Revelation (understanding)


The Bible establishes what I have just said.

I Corinthians 2:12&13, ILB
Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.

How does the Holy Spirit teach? Teaching or being taught indicates the use of the mind. Comparing one thing with another also indicates the use of the mind.

In Acts 10:10, Peter had a vision, and he had to use his mind to figure out what God was revealing. He saw vessels coming down from heaven. This was his first spiritual “thing,” a vision he did not understand. In verse nineteen the scripture says Peter thought upon the vision; he was meditating. Peter did not have the second spiritual “thing” to consider until after Cornelius had finished telling Peter what had happened. Then by comparing spiritual happenings with spiritual happenings, in his mind, Peter put two things together and got a revelation. (Remember the formula!) As soon as he got the revelation he spoke:

Acts 10:34 KJV
Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:

What was Peter’s revelation? Cornelius was not a Jew and the Holy Ghost just taught Peter (by comparing spiritual things with spiritual) that anyone could become saved. But Peter had to use his mind to get the revelation.

The basic foundational thought is this: God is for your soul, and the enemy is against it. God encourages the use of it. The enemy wants to stop the correct use of it. There is a certain way the Holy Ghost teaches and gives revelation, which involves using your mind. Yes, God is for your soul.

Other principles that enter into our education about the things of God are: who is establishing, who is giving, and at whose will. In Jeremiah 27: 9-10, 14-15, God talks about the fact that these were established by you; your prophets, your fortune tellers, your dreamers, your conjurers, your sorcerers. In other words, you established these prophets, not God. We must understand that God establishes prophets, not the church. God raises up the five-fold ministries, not the church. The gifts are given at the will of the Holy Spirit, not at our will. In divination, the connection into the spirit world is made illegally, at the will of the person or the spirit (if the spirit has legal right). If God gives you a dream, it is given at His will and is not one you conjured up, or daydreamed, or because of something you ate.

The Holy Spirit establishes the connection to the soul at His will and then releases that connection so your soul can function freely as it was created to do. God gives, with no strings (cords) attached, freely He gives. God is so supreme that everything He does is a form of giving.

Python Contains “Familiar Spirit”

From the American College Dictionary we see this definition.

Familiar Spirit: A supernatural spirit or demon supposed to attend on or serve a person.

Some people use crystal balls and others conjure by various methods. They simply have a spirit serving them, usually to make money or to benefit them in some way. We can see this activity in the world today.

In the book of Acts, Paul had to deal with such a person.

Acts 16:16 – 18 ILB
And it happened, as we went into a place of prayer, a certain slave girl having a Pythonic spirit met us, whose divining brought much gain to her lords. Following after Paul and us, she cried out, saying, These men are slaves to the Most High God, who are announcing to us the way of salvation! And she did this over many days. But being distressed, and turning to the demonic spirit, Paul said, In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out from her! And it came out in the same hour.

It is evident from these scriptures that the woman had a Python spirit serving her and her masters were making money because of it. This agrees with the dictionary definition of a familiar spirit.

One basic way of identifying a familiar spirit is by asking a simple question. Will the person gain in some way from having the spirit operate? Even prophets in the church, who operate under this influence, gain from having this spirit.

Looking at this set of scriptures, the first noticeable thing we need to realize is …as we went into a place of prayer…. the Python likes a spiritual atmosphere since it functions best there. Second, this was not a one time deal. …And she did this over many days. The third thing to notice is …she cried out, saying, These men are slaves to the Most High God, who are announcing to us the way of salvation! Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? Paul was announcing the way of salvation. This was a true statement! It appears to be a good thing for the cause of Christ to have this woman bring attention to Paul and the Gospel. Paul suddenly had a loud speaker and a portable billboard, so-to-speak. It appears on the surface that Paul and those with him could have gained from this situation.

But you see, the familiar spirit (Python) was operating when “she cried out.” How do I know that? It’s because of a personal experience. Read on.

7. What! A Religious Spirit?

Shipwrecked Part 7 – by Ron Carpenter


Shipwrecked Part 7    by Ron Carpenter


About speaking to the hurts that most people carry

The emotional instability come from mismanaged relationships

When you love someone/begin to trust/bonded/crossed lines or given people access to the things inside of you you become vulnerable…

SO people need to be qualified to be in relationship

So we need to become trustworthy-

The assignment on your life will attract people with right/wrong motives to try help/hinder you.

There are people THAT DON’T WANT TO DO WHAT YOU DID TO GET YOUR BLESSING BUT THEY WANT TO LIVE IN YOUR BLESSING WITH YOU even though YOU paid the price and they were NOT willing to.

You’re blessed because you obeyed and they want to live like hell but still want to live in your blessing.

What do you do if the relationship has been broken?  Harmed?  What is God’s expectation of me if I did somebody wrong or the one done wrong?

Luke 17:1   New International Version (NIV)

Sin, Faith, Duty

17 Jesus said to his disciples: “Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come.

It is impossible that no offenses should come.  Offended- living life offended.  When somebody has been offended nobody else in their life can do anything right.

Offended people will keep the folks around them in performance mode and keep YOU trying to overcome their offense.

It’s hard to love offended people as they are tougher than a walled city.

A brother/sister offended is hard to win then here comes Jesus. But ALL THINGS are possible to him that believes.

None of us go through life without people offending us.

SOMEBODY will offend you.   Not being disappointed is NOT going to happen.

But WOE to whom they come through.  You don’t want a “WOE.”

Matt 15:18-20

18 But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them. 19 For out of the heart come evil thoughts—murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander. 20 These are what defile a person; but eating with unwashed hands does not defile them.”

But if someone sins against you GO TELL THEM, NOT your life group, prayer partners, or best friend GO TO THE ONE THAT hurt you and talk it out with them.

Keep the matter between the two of you, anything else is GOSSIP!

Don’t demonize other people when you’ve been offended/hurt to elevate yourself in the eyes of others or when YOU’VE been the OFFENDER don’t demonize people that challenge your offense because YOU refuse to acknowledge it!


If somebody has wronged you go to them OR don’t go to anybody- let it be between you/he/she alone.

If they won’t hear- bring somebody into it that can be objective- to bring you to common ground.

If they still refuse to hear- TAKE IT TO THE CHURCH and IF they STILL REFUSE to hear treat them like a heathen and get them away from you!

But don’t spend your life trying to get somebody to love you!

There is a time where you’ve done everything you can where God releases you from a situation whether they ever get on board with you OR NOT.

AMEN!  (from Missy)

Assuredly whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven………..

WHY did He put that there- as it sounds like a random statement….

Why am I going through all of this in trying to get me/and so and so on the same page?

Because if 2 of you agree- if you can fix this THERE IS POWER!

Because where 2/3 or gathered in My name  (GOD) I’m in the midst of them!


Because at the end of the day there is POWER in agreement and GOD SHOWS UP!

If I can fix this thing?  Or Could it be that there is a lack of power/presence because nobody cares about each other?

Because of simple truths we refuse to follow, we would rather walk around bitter, angry and unforgiving than having heaven move on our behalf?!!!

Love is the most powerful force in the universe!  Nobody can resist love.  Its hard for people to resist love.

Love is the driving force that that makes a mother gives birth, or a father work from dawn until dusk for his family, LOVE is just that powerful IF it is present.

This will cause people to love each other for life even when weaknesses arise it’s something bigger than all of that that hold them together.

Sometimes we don’t understand the difference in loving a person and loving a characteristic.

We’ve got to be careful because what we’ve gone through in our life, many times our hurts and difficulties from childhood/past magnify traits that are attracted to us.  If we’ve grown up around a harsh background, abusive, unloving household, draw us to the characteristics in others, because of the difficulty of your past. It’s not that you really love the person, you LOVE the characteristic about that person.

i.e.- say you grew up in a poverty household where your entire life was always unstable and you moved from eviction notice to eviction notice and then you see someone who is financially stable/well off and so THIS CHARACTERISTIC is very attractive to you.

You REALLY like THAT about them!

The reason I’m trying to distinguish this in your minds is because REAL LOVE does not look at the great characteristics.

REAL LOVE anticipates weaknesses!  So I look past all the shiny stuff and I understand that there are going to be characteristics about you to that will be magnified that are attractive.

BUT I HAVE SENSE ENOUGH TO KNOW that there are things in you that ain’t all good!

I’m not all that!

There are imperfections in everyone and REAL LOVE says “I love you” Anticipating the flaw to show up very soon.

So if you’re going to try to portray yourself as one of those people that says “I have no imperfections” I’m going to be scared of you because I’m  not going to trust you because you know that if I saw it that it would be a “Deal Breaker”!

Tweet that that was good!

Having said that:

Jesus did not start loving you when you got saved- but its almost laughable to me that don’t think God can use them because of their past.  But God loved you BEFORE YOU CHOSE HIM through salvation!

Jesus came into the relationship knowing that Ron Carpenter was going to mess up!

So if we establish that love anticipates weaknesses what do we do when the weaknesses show up?

How do I respond to it?  Don’t try to live life free of it because that doesn’t exist.

Several kinds of offense:

1) Direct offense- when someone directly/straight line hurts you- their actions/words hurt/lack of action hurt you (what they didn’t do/the betrayal/the breaking of trust hurt you) They had access to your soul, they wounded you mentally/emotionally and now you’ve got to fight through stuff in your head/feelings that before them YOU DID NOT HAVE THAT BATTLE.  Now because of you I have a battle I didn’t ask for.

Come on this is REAL LIFE.

So I can let this embitter me or harden me and there is nothing worse than a bitter old person.

2) Indirect Offense – it didn’t happen to you but it happened to someone you love.  So you’ve picked up an offense and I can’t deal with it because it didn’t happen to me. (I hate this one)  You can’t ever deal with a person isolated you then have to deal with everyone connected to that problem!

AND the bible CLEARLY states that we ARE NOT to pick up the offenses of others!  MAKE THEM GO TO THAT PERSON 1 on 1 IF THEY CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIAN!  That’s righteous!

But there are people that will try to skirt their the offense they cause!  Because of accountability involved!

If you can’t do this God’s way then SHUT UP ABOUT IT!

This type of offense of the wheat/tares….is the parable – tares wrap their roots around the roots of the wheat- so good people get caught up in bad stuff or stuff they never had any business being a part of! SO YOU let what happened to somebody else DRIVE YOU AWAY FROM YOUR BLESSING!

OFFENSE STOPS BLESSINGS! There is a blessing when there is unity in a house!

I want to be in a blessed house because there God’s commands His blessings!

I Peter 2:4-5

The Living Stone and a Chosen People

As you come to him, the living Stone—rejected by humans but chosen by God and precious to him— you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house[a] to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

You are a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, so the living stone is building up a group of stones…..or people….

So Jesus is the chief cornerstone, and when Gods people are disobedient to His word they become offended and Jesus becomes that offense to them because they refuse to obey and do what He tells them to.

3) Kind of Offense that brings change – Jesus is NOT offensive to the areas where you are lined up.  But the sermon that made you the maddest……we just found it!

(i.e. Tithing)

So when the  blessing shows up on my life don’t YOU get mad when I was willing to obey and YOU WEREN’T!


To the disobedient Jesus becomes the rock of offense.

This book gets all in our stuff to course correct us into the right direction!

Do you want to get lined up with heaven?!  Do you want the blessings from heaven to rain down on your life?

So yes the message of pride, rebellion, tithing will bother you!

Until you align!

If you are the one hurt and bring your gift to the alter and remember your brother has something against you, LEAVE your gift and go reconcile with your brother and be reconciled with your brother.

BUT if they won’t reconcile God’s way LET IT GO!   I will NOT allow you to keep me locked up until you show up to say you’re sorry BUT I WILL LET YOU GO to keep the dysfunction away from my heart.

So if you live life so recklessly that you care about nobodies feelings….do you want to know how God looks at you.  The heavens are SHUT over you!!

This is a BIG deal to God!  And then if you refuse to acknowledge your recklessness/selfishness?

It’s even a BIGGER deal to God and YOU NOW have HIS FULL ON attention….usually with fire!

So if you don’t care about the way you wound folk, don’t raise your hands in praise, or lift your prayers up to a holy God when in your heart your heart isn’t for the things of God!  Where your heart is where your treasure is…..

If you know there is something you can fix and you’re not fixing it His way put your “good deeds” down- and GO TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!

FIRST THINGS FIRST! So everyone can be blessed!

LOVE NEVER ENDS…..Check out this guys music!



Incredible Prophetic Window By Chuck Pierce

Incredible Prophetic Window on Sunday!
Shatece McLeod and Robert Heidler Speaking on Wednesday!
10 Days to Press Into Rest!
The Gate of Trauma and Sorrow will Become the New Gate of Laughter!

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This past Sunday was amazing! I saw that the Body is being sorely TESTED! Where testing is a hard dynamic, our faith builds and increases as we submit to the Lord when circumstances seem to be overtaking us! Here are the words that came forth when the prophetic window opened above us!

In Counting the Omer.10 Days to Press for Rest and Peace! Shalom! Let Wholeness Come!!
Chuck D. Pierce, James Vincent, Robyn Vincent, Shatece McLeod, Anne Tate, Keith Pierce, Acijam Otaxa, Barbara Wentroble, and Sylvia Sizemore
The Lord says: “There are some of you whose bones are being fortified at this moment! You are being healed. Where your bones have been very weak, all of a sudden there’s a strengthening occurring that is causing you to arise! Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit. Let Me touch you now! Healing power is coming through! Grace to deliver is coming through! Joy everlasting is coming through! Let the gates swing wide, for the joy of the Lord will be, the joy of the Lord will be, the joy of the Lord will be your strength. So let the gates swing wide! Let the gates swing wide! Let the gates swing wide! Let the gates swing wide.

New Song: He comes in power, and healing, and joy, and grace,
He comes in power, and healing, and joy and grace,
He comes in power and healing and joy and grace,
He’s coming in power and healing, and joy and grace.

Look at the doors that need to swing open, look at the gates where you have the keys! These are doors that need to be unlocked! Look at the walls that need to be broken down! Let the gates swing wide. I Am coming in power! I AM coming in surety! I AM coming to strengthen your feet! I AM coming to strengthen your bones! I will open up every door for you! You open up the gate! Break the locks! Knock down the walls!

Locks like Panama Canal!
All locks are breaking right now! Let them break! This looks like the Panama Canal! The locks are shifting. You’re rising! The water’s rising! This is the type of lock where you couldn’t get through to the next level, without the lock shifting and the water rising! The lock is shifting. The water’s rising! You’re just going to float in!

The Next Ten Days!
In the next 10 days there will be a supernatural rest coming from the trauma that we’ve been under. In that rest, you will begin to gain a clarity of vision for the future. Let the “gate of rest” swing wide!

I AM blowing open some gates that have never been opened on this earth before. You don’t know where they are, but suddenly you’re going to be standing in a place, and you’ll feel the wind and you’ll see this gate open in front of you! The gate will then swing wide. Be bold to go through! Ancient gates do not depend upon your ability, but your relationship with Me. These gates open up ancient paths. Do not fear entering the unfamiliar place I show you. You go through the gate you see, and do not try to convince others to go through with you. You could be paving the way for many! I can access and wait for you to come back to give others access!

In your life this far, some of you have been taught to only open certain gates. Go with your spirit, not with what you’ve been taught. I know how to teach you to open every gate that is set in front of you. The Word of God in you is working something new. Swing wide the gate when the Spirit comes upon you! Swing wide that gate. I AM moving by the Spirit! A supernatural wind is coming upon you! Swing wide the gate in the time of swinging wide!

Now hear the Word of the Lord! I saw a gate—Religion was written on it. It was cracked, with a narrow opening! Many of you backed off and said that’s way too narrow for me to even try to go through. The Lord says, “I’m moving the lock of religion! The gate of My worship is opening up! Go in and worship Me in freedom! For you have been held by man’s way. I’m sending one major tidal wave! This wave is going to push you past man’s way. This wave will push to where I’ve called you to settle! This is a place where your full destiny is located! I’m gonna push you all the way in!

“Many have been resisting that gate because you know when you step in, your feet will lose control over the circumstances around you and that’s what I’m intending for you to do. Let Me get you through the gate and get your feet walking! You will go through and see a tunnel. This tunnel is a supernatural tunnel. This tunnel is not from the enemy! Do not be deceived. Do not be confused. I Am the One sending you this tunnel! For when you go through this tunnel, you will land and you will show up in a brand new land!”

Gate of Sorrow and Trauma will Turn to the Gate of New Laughter! (Interpretation of Tongues Message by Shatece McLeod)
You’ve been fighting for the ship and you’ve been causing the ship to stay afloat! Remember though that I send the winds and I send the waves. Over these few days ahead, let Me show you how I can bring afloat that which you have been fighting for! In the midst of the winds and waves you will say, ‘I have seen the Lord intervene in my trauma’.
Many of you have been bailing water and bailing water but now I will send a wind that will not only dry up the water in your boat, but I’ll even fix the leak that’s been there. For there are leaks in your spirit man that cause you to lose strength. This is a day if you will submit that, I will control and I will gain authority in your life and you will rest.

Today is a day that the 40 years of trauma is coming to an end. Today is a day where the sorrow and the heartache that was hidden behind the gate, I AM opening it. Yes, the gate of sorrow looks one way this moment, but very soon this gate will turn into the “gate of new laughter.” This gate will be filled with a new joy and will be filled with a new healing. What was unaligned because of the trauma of youth will be aligned and your youth will be restored. Yes (My daughter, Penny Pierce is representing the Body), just as I’m speaking to you individually, I’m speaking to My daughters corporately, and I AM speaking to My daughter. There has been a disc that has shifted in the backbone of My Body. I Am aligning the disc to create a flow that will release, release, release, breaking trauma and restoring the hope of My faith this day in Jesus’ Name!

I Am working out the shaking that went on in your bones and in your soul that went all the way back to our childhood. Some of you were even shaken when you were a child – shaken physically – and you’ve had trauma since that day. I say today, I Am opening the gate for you to step in and be healed of that trauma. Take a step right now, and be healed of trauma. This is going to be a season of such joy and rejoicing. Not joy and rejoicing over your circumstances but joy and rejoicing over the hand of the Lord that has brought you through, that has caused you to come through in victory when everything around you said there is no way. But you have said in your heart, ‘BUT GOD!’ Because you have said, ‘But God,’ I say I have come to your defense in this hour. I Am breaking you out of all that would try to hold you in that old season. I am cleansing in this hour. I Am even going to cause you to be able to stand and testify. The Word will come forth from your lips, for did I not say that you will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony and you loved not your life unto death. Even where death tried to take you out, death could not! You said, ‘But God!’ I have come to your defense. Enter into the rejoicing of the season for you are My overcoming army!

I am removing the Gate of Religion, breaking the Gate of Trauma, and Addressing the Gate of Poverty!
As you step into this place that I AM calling and are healed of the trauma of the past 40 years, you will see great abundance in this season. You will see the overflow! Pennies will become abundant! This is a “bumper gate” that will create a bumper crop! Bumper gates stay closed until they are bumped. Bump up against what is closed, and you will see an opening!

Many times in your life you are afraid to hit that thing that’s closed in front of you. Because of the hurt, the trauma, the pain, etc., we’ll come right up to it, and we will pray and we will pray and we will cry and we will beg and we will plead, but we just won’t bump up against the gates of hell! The enemy doesn’t want us to hit this new gate because the moment we hit the gate, the gate must swing wide. Now today is a day, and I saw something in the heavens; there’s a bronze gate and that bronze gate loves to remain closed and locked up! That gate tries to prevent us from receiving what Christ, the hope of glory has in store for us. The Lord say, “Remember, I’ve called a Church to shake the gates of hell and I’ve called a Church, that if they will hit that gate, they will see it open! They will see the release that I promised, they will see the fulfilment of the pouring out and they will see My will done on this earth as it is in Heaven! This is the gate that holds captivity captive! Bump it and watch the opening occur!

Triumphant Faith Institute this Wednesday!

Shatece McLeod just got back from ministering in Seattle! She will be speaking at Wednesday noon on “TRANSFIGURATION-TIME TO BREAK INTO YOUR NEW GLORY!” Oh my-the anointing is on this!

Robert Heidler will continue on Wednesday night! Amazing! The Tabernacles Module! The Tabernacle of Moses(Part 2)-Roadmap to Restoration! Incredible.Do not miss this at 7:00 PM!

Continue Counting the Omer!

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Chuck D. Pierce