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Prophetic Word for the Body 8/31/2015- By Missy Hood

Covering and Protection

As we march into the Head of the Year the body of Christ is starting to feel another wave of resistance.

Remember we ALWAYS get hit right BEFORE OR AFTER a blessing so this new level is to set us up into position as God’s Army. God is tweeking each person now and He is DEMANDING purity of heart.


All those who were bullied, or troubled by the devil through those who refused to come up higher into love, through those who refused to change or be changed, God is setting up a banqueting table for them to SEE YOU GET BLESSED…..because they refused to BELIEVE and be matured as His bride.

Christ is almost through fastening on our new armor, as well as making the finishing touches to his Angelic armor as we have all needed a NEW THIRD WAR ROOM type of armor to match our faith for this next battle.

GOD’s HOLY ANGELS AND YOU ARE NOW INVINCABLE for the upcoming battle ahead and the enemy of your soul knows this. He’s dreaded it for centuries because NOW YOU AND YOUR BODY GUARDS (angels0 HAVE ENTERED INTO THE PLACE THAT HE CANNOT:


The Lord knows His warriors are weary – to the point that they feel like they can barely stand- or barely follow His spirit but the Spirit of the Lord says to tell you this:

WHEN YOU ARE WEAK I AM STRONG! And when I stand up on the inside of you is the time the enemy has dreaded all his days. He KNEW the moment I stepped up off My throne that I was readying My people and My army for war and that his days were VERY NUMBERED now.

So he is trying to rattle his saber BUT ALAS- MY SWORD IS BIGGER THAN HIS- saith the Lord and SO WHOM SHALL I FEAR? OR YOU for that matter- I SAY YOU WILL FEAR NOBODY!

NOBODY but the Lord , for I am the only one who can take your soul – NOT THE DEVIL….or his  minions.

I have braced you for this time and now the hour is upon you and it is time for a battle like the devil has never seen!  But you say “Lord, I don’t think I can do this, I don’t think I can go one more step up this mountain.”
The spirit of the Lord says why would you ever be concerned when Your footsteps are ordered by Me?  When you walk in My spirit I know the way I am taking you so it matters not what you know or don’t know because I lead you by My spirit.  And if you are trying to stay close to Me then you have nothing to worry about little flock, for I will ENSURE that YOU MAKE IT to the place I have predestined before the foundations of the world.

I have lifted you up for such a time as this and all you have to do is grab hold of my hand while I weld your other with the Sword of the Spirit.   Meaning: Your mouth with worship and My word as I lead you in prayer!

Your enemy  will attempt to strike his sword again and again at My people but My Flock/true remnant are in My presence now, walking in My MIGHT, POWER AND GLORY…..and the devil knows that the one place he will never be welcomed back is in My glory….he can never step foot there again…..SO YOU – Soaking in the GloryMy children will always be safe!  No matter whats going on around you…….5000 may fall at your right, and 10,000 at your left, But it won’t come near your house!  I’m a God that keeps My promises!  No matter how fatigued you are…..I never grow weary!

So Saith the Lord!

Love to you guys

Missy Hood

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1st Book Signing for Memoirs in 2 weeks! La Frontera Round Rock Barnes and Noble

Book Signing # 1

1st Book Signing for Memoirs in 2 weeks! La Frontera Round Rock Barnes and Noble

Book Signing # 1



The Purpose of the Black Smith’s Sparks: Prophetic Word for Warriors By Missy Hood


When we were kids our hearts were pure……God says that Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God!

This is why children dwell so closely with God in their spirit man more than adults. Once that child starts to grow, and the devil has had a chance to see that child’s lineage, the devil then looks at the potential of the parents to see if that child’s parents are on track with Destiny. If those parents are on track the enemy of our souls start to pound that child’s life with trauma after trauma to break it. Very methodically and strategically.

This strategy is to ensure that that child NEVER reaches destiny. The devil’s main goal is to not only steal destiny but to “snuff out” that life.   Literally.

In Job 15:15-16 God states:

Look, God does not even trust the angels.[g]     Even the heavens are not absolutely pure in his sight. 16 How much less pure is a corrupt and sinful person     with a thirst for wickedness!

This is so because God knows that demons and people still in habit the earth and that their main objective is to “influence.” That “influence” is to try to turn godly souls over to an unholy act of living and serving an entity that is NOT the true and Living God.

So God the Father keeps His watchful eye on the heavenlies, on the unholy angelic, or the wicked. On ALL the beings that HE created (holy and UNHOLY alike) to ensure that THEY ALL work according to His purposes to ensure that His people, THOSE that would choose to serve HIM would find their place of purpose in the kingdom!” Like an iron smith who toils in the heat of the western terrain, the Lord pounds and pounds out the iron until that piece becomes a piece of well formulated weaponry.

God does this to us through the attacks of the demonic and people because, like iron, that attacking entities strength hones our abilities to be well sharpened vessels to be utilized by a Holy God in the Earth.

God’s angels are well trained, well groomed in military might for the callings that Christ has called them to, but when God places His “super on our natural” do we because a force to be reckoned with in the earth.

So when those around you falsely accuse you (like they did Job) when the religious Pharasetical spirit was attacking their minds, along with pride, YOU KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE, on the ONE who is testing your spirit man in that moment! YOU KEEP YOUR HEART STAYED ON “THEE”so that when the test is over, all those Pharasees can SEE YOU GET BLESSED!

Ps 23:5

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil;     my cup overflows

That’s why they hate you  you know, because YOU withstood the devil and went where they didn’t have the GUTS TO GO! They stayed where it was “safe” and now look at them, they are in a REAL quagmire. However, get your eyes off of them, because they (those that persecute you) will ALWAYS be them! Get your eyes onto Christ! Leaders like us are not perfect, but we have been tested by God. Some that persecute you may even question your actual Christianity because of their own arrogance and jealousy. When people spend more of their time looking at what’s wrong with you instead of what is right, that is their hearts being exposed for the corruption that’s within it. Real humility comes from admitting our shortcomings, our past, but REAL HUMILITY allows those coming after us to see that we are vessels of the Most High God.   Flawed, yet proven. As was Peter (who denied Christ), as was David (who committed Adultry) and yet those men did GREAT exploits in the earth for God.

Small people DO/SAY SMALL THINGS ABOUT OTHERS! GREAT PEOPLE BUILD YOU UP AND CHOOSE TO LOVE YOU DESPITE YOUSELF! BECAUSE THEY HAVE VISION AND SEE YOUR PURPOSE. Their Love in Christ covers your weaknesses and continue to be your biggest fan and rooting section. Don’t let these “type” continue to hold you back with their dysfunctional (corrupt) mindsets that just want to keep you “under THEIR thumb.” They are NOT peacemakers but Jezabels/Wolves in sheep’s clothing who get angry at those that call them out! They live their personal lives stirring up chaos everywhere they go yet trying to pass themselves off as godly people when in reality they are nothing more than small men/women doing SMALL THINGS. BECAUSE this is what they do! Its all they know because THEY have CHOSEN to stay SMALL. SMALL PEOPLE DO/SAY SMALL THINGS instead looking/supporting others through Christ. Where is the love in that? Christ isn’t in those behaviors so why are you looking for Him there?

So you getting stuck in anger, then reacting at them only fuels their fire with the “I told you so’s! I told you that’s how they were! I knew they would react like that!” When Jesus just wants YOU to stay focused on your training, so He can keep hammering away at your weaknesses. DON’T  run towards “friendly fire.” GET AWAY FROM IT AND THOSE THAT participate in it! Run to the warm love of those who really love you like Jesus!

True warriors are put into the earth to help as many who would choose Christ as possible. So we need to stay focused on our training in Him,

When God trains our vessels for WAR, HIS WAY, His word is UNSTOPPABLE AS ARE WE, AS HE PLACES US INTO POSITION!

There will always be a season where we “think” we have missed the mark, where we struggle to hear His Holy voice or when we think we have been forsaken (by those we love/loved/or by Him)…..but its in those times that the Lord is PURIFYING our hearts back to the place (but at higher degrees of the spirit) to where we can WAR with PRECISION! Making us HIGHLY LETHAL vessels against the powers of darkness- AND THEY KNOW IT- BUT THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO TO STOP IT NOW!


Love in Christ.

Missy Hood