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II Chron 21- 23 (New International Version)

Edom- Def: To act proudly or presumptuously;

Edom represents fellow believers who rebelled against Judah (High level warriors of Christ/ End time remnant) who represented the “Praise Group.”

Edom (less mature believers) instead of coming higher and fighting alongside their brothers, crowned their own leaders instead of the leaders God was commanding them to anoint- who HE had called to lead.  (they crowned themselves, people from their own clans/representing the flesh/idols).  So they made idols out of themselves……thinking “they” knew more than God.

This action has caused Edom to remain independent of Judah until this day.

Why?  Because they were determined to prove (out of their own pride/ which goes before a fall) that they were RIGHT!


Until Elijah the prophet wrote their king a letter:

“This is what the Lord, the God of your ancestor David, says: You have not followed the good example of your father, Jehoshaphat, or your grandfather King Asa of Judah. 13 Instead, you have been as evil as the kings of Israel. You have led the people of Jerusalem and Judah to worship idols, just as King Ahab did in Israel. And you have even killed your own brothers, men who were better than you. 14 So now the Lord is about to strike you, your people, your children, your wives, and all that is yours with a heavy blow. 15 You yourself will suffer with a severe intestinal disease that will get worse each day until your bowels come out.”

Yikes- for not listening to God and coming forward into His glory.

Jehoram was the eldest child anointed king and he caused Judahs defenses (his families) to be broken down by other (spiritual forces/demonic) armies. He then placed his son/Ahaziah in charge (represents the next Generation).  This group was in the lineage of Jezabel/Ahab (or controlling/manipulative ways to behaving) instead of the “Warm unconditional FREEDOM OF CHRIST).

Then Jezabel/Ahab/plus theirwicked daughter Athaliah tried to ursurp God’s plan BUT God still had HIS way and HIS KING JOASH  was anointed by God and placed on the throne instead. This was because of his heart.

Do we NOT see?!!!!  THAT WE CANNOT out fox God!

In this day/hour- ITS ALL ABOUT OUR HEARTS?  Are we willing to have our hearts cleaned up, delivered, SET FREE so that MORE OF CHRIST can reside within?  Perfected love cast out EVERYTHING from: control, fear, hatred, manipulation, – just every negative emotion- so that our vessels can come up into destiny and blessing.

God will always have His way, whether we understand it, or like it, it matters not to Christ.

Yet, when Athaliah saw these followers’ actions she accused ALL who were starting to follow the TRUE KING/(the warm unconditional love of Christ) AS TRAITORS/TREASONIST!  These followers had abandoned her/her ridiculous controlling behaviors/laws.

Why did Athaliah respond so vehemently?

Why?  Because she herself had never known the warm love of God outside of the spirit of religion.  Its why she “bucked it” so.  We ALL fear what we don’t understand or have not experienced before.  While we are walking in our present state we “think” we are walking correctly, but in reality we are really stuck and making ourselves and others around us miserable UNTIL we start to walk in freedom!

Sometimes we can “think” we are right when in reality we are dysfunctionally VERY VERY WRONG.  Admitting we are wrong is one of the hardest things to do, but it will also lead us into healthy relating.  (With God and man)

Have you ever moved forward into a brand new place of revelation and looked back at where you once stood and thought “MAN- I can’t believe I believed that way back when- if I had known then what I know now! OMG- I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes or wasted so much time!????”

This is what the spirit of religion does to a person who starts to walk in the TRUE FREEDOM of Christ where they realize that He loves them FLAWS AND ALL!  They can exhale, and breathe a sigh of relief.  God’s not going to strike them dead for not following every rule, EVERY DAY, perfectly (because its old testament thinking which negates Jesus dying on the cross).

Jesus died so WE could live FREE!  “Free to be me!”  SIGH.

After Athaliah had been destroyed (Jezabel and Ahab had already been slain by King Jehu) then King David commanded that the temple entrance be guarded for life!


Jesus was from the lineage of David…so King David represents a type of Jesus.

The Body of Christ has been fighting the spirit of Jezabel/Ahab/ and most generations are JUST now learning to fight/overcome Athaliah (their daughter, more evil than her parents).

So once the temple (indicative of YOUR vessel- we have an outer court/inner court and a holy of holies- our goal is to always walk in the holy of holies/ OR IN THE SPIRIT OF GOD (GOD IS LOVE), so once Jesus got our vessels healed/whole we are walking in God’s fullness/His spirit!  Once the fullness hits, the vessel  whole and ready to enter destiny!  THEN…..HE/God sends in the gatekeepers to man the gates.

Each vessel has 7 gates to their heart, and 12 around  their lives spiritually.  When our spiritual gatekeepers are taken out by the enemy (this can represent a parent/ or family members who served in the natural/spiritual gatekeepers, but who the enemy took out early in our lives through early death etc.) When the gatekeepers are removed the demonic can attack/destroy a vessel of God.  Its because those gatekeepers served (spiritually) as coverings.

Parents are coverings, minsters/pastors or  any authority figure that God places over us.  If we buck these figures we aren’t going against those people we are actually bucking God.  So God keeps these coverings in place until our those vessels they cover are mature and can war by the spirit.   This means that the walls between their courts are in tact/ the gates around their hearts/lives are on their hinges (spiritually) and the vessel is whole.  AND the vessel is protected in the natural AND by the SPIRIT AS ARE THEIR BLESSINGS!

So our walls (walls of truth) between our courts (spiritually) must ALWAYS be protected.

The spirit of the Lord says:


SO Saith the Lord of Hosts!
Love ya! Missy Hood

New “Relationships”: The Series via Video: By Missy Hood

Please note:

The reflections in these posts have NOTHING to do personal relationships around me, nor are ANY of these posts written to try to send indirect messages or to hurt anyone.  ALL posts are written in my hearts attempt to help others through my own life story.  This is what Christ has called me to do, its my livelihood, and its a part of my christian journey.  I hope it helps ALL who read it to move  further down their path towards freedom!

Walking into Heaven


Have you ever wondered why your past was the way that it was? Or why people around didn’t “get you” as a person? Or why past romantic relationships or family relationships acted out of character?  Do you believe in Jesus?  Then you also have to believe that we have a “VERY REAL” devil who is alive and well.  You are a spirit, God is a spirit and so is the devil.  Its all in which spirit we choose to operate in.

Come join me as Jesus takes us on a video  journey together.  To work out the deep hurts, frustrations, any anger, bitterness, forgiveness together as He takes you onto a path of  how He delivered me.

Sometimes I think the most powerful testimonies in life are the ones where we are willing to tell “our story” in what God did for us.

Starting here this Sunday on WordPress and Facebook!  Be on the lookout!  “Freedom in Christ or LIFE starts with just one thing:  A CHOICE TO MOVE FORWARD!

Love ya!
Missy Hood