WARNING FOR INTERCESSORS: The Season of Basilisk is upon Us! By Missy Hood

Basillisk Photo
Warning to Intercessors!
APRIL 1st is the starting of the season of Basillisk! This spirit brings in early death assignments, destruction, drought (in the natural, and by the spirit) so as we are Passing OVER through Passover, we are coming UP/Over. Yet we will still have to contend with this spirit to stay out of its grip on our “stuff!”

Every season we deal with something so this is just a part of this season!
Make SURE you are praying (DAILY from now on until you go home to be with the Lord) Ps 91, over your person, health, family, finances, angels, animals, your destiny, blessings, needs, marriages, EVERYTHING Christ brings to mind. If you cover all things they are covered and will be protected from this demon until the season ends which is the last day of August!


Part 5 Shipwrecked Series – By Ron Carpenter

Shipwreck-Stern # 5

If you’re not able to discern and place people into the right category people can traumatize you!
There are people who dress up, live nice, BUT YOU’RE STUCK, the seasons have moved on but your mind/heart never did. (5, 15, 15, 20, 30 years on what someone DID/DID NOT DO)
Emotionally they’ve never moved on. The key to this is how well we manage our relationships!
I’ve said ‘you can’t hurt me unless I love you”
So understanding that everybody can have your gift but not everybody can have you. My anointing is for the world my heart is for but a few.
We give intimacy away, not just through our body, but with our information.
We need to be able to define our categories and then place people in them and be very disciplined about maintaining those boundaries
If your acquaintance- keep them there.
If you’re a friend- KEEP THEM THERE- ok, friendship doesn’t involve taking your clothes off…if you did you have crossed the line. Somebody has got to tell you!
So my effort has been that I can’t clean up all the mistakes we’ve made but we can have the heart of discernment (like David) when he said “the heart of a man/woman, who can know it?” Your not going to know every person but the fact is that if YOU would SLOW DOWN and make people “qualify for you”, YOU ARE VALUABLE, YOU ARE NOT CHEAP! You should NOT come without a price!
There should be a qualification, an earning of your heart, your time, an earning of your investment! And don’t let people say- “well I thought you were a Christian I thought you were supposed to love me, well yeah, but that doesn’t mean I have to trust you!
And there is a TON of people that I love that I would not trust with my lawn mower.
So that is a quick 3 or 4 min recap and today I’m going into a whole nother level…I’m going to talk about PARTNERSHIPS!
If I preached in here how many of you wanted to do something great, or had great purpose most of you would raise your hands….If I asked you how many of you want to be blessed most of you would say “that’s me.”
But the bible makes it clear for multiplication to break out in my life it will NOT break out ALONE.
1 puts a 1000 to flight where 2 or more puts the 10’s of thousands (angels when we pray)!
So when you and I come together God takes what I have and what you have and He multiplies it!
That’s why God says 2 are better than one. And a Cord of 3 stands is not easily broken, that’s why He says if 2 or more ask in His name He’ll do it! He said I’ll come and get right in the middle of you. The first comment God made about man was that “man did not need to be by himself!”
So we were made for connectivity but we have to discern it.
So Father help us to do that today and everybody said AMEN!
Luke 5: 1-11
Jesus Calls His First Disciples
5 One day as Jesus was standing by the Lake of Gennesaret,[a] the people were crowding around him and listening to the word of God. 2 He saw at the water’s edge two boats, left there by the fishermen, who were washing their nets. 3 He got into one of the boats, the one belonging to Simon, and asked him to put out a little from shore. Then he sat down and taught the people from the boat.
4 When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.”
5 Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.”
6 When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break. 7 So they signaled their partners in the other boat to come and help them, and they came and filled both boats so full that they began to sink.
8 When Simon Peter saw this, he fell at Jesus’ knees and said, “Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!” 9 For he and all his companions were astonished at the catch of fish they had taken, 10 and so were James and John, the sons of Zebedee, Simon’s partners.
Then Jesus said to Simon, “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.” 11 So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him.

This was DOWN TIME
Jesus got into Peter’s boat….Jesus told Peter to launch out into the deep and cast out your nets for a catch!”
But Simon Peter told Jesus that they had tried to catch fish all night and caught NOTHING.
Don’t EVER go into obedience of a new season and based on your history of what happened LAST TIME.
When God asks you to “do it again, JUST DO IT AGAIN!” Don’t talk God out of His harvest because last time it didn’t happen.
Jesus told him to Throw it again Peter- Trust Me!
So he did. Notice this: Jesus said THROW OUT YOUR NETS, but Peter threw out 1 net! Revelation is always in the little things. What God’s got planned based on your expectation!
His expectation was “this is going to be like the rest of em!” NO! Its VERY VERY DIFFERENT THIS TIME!
So here again Peter’s trying to move into his destiny- calculating it on his history.
So he’s never done more than a net full, he’s fixing to throw down a net and pull in a HAUL!
“When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break. 7 So they signaled their partners in the other boat to come and help them, and they came and filled both boats so full that they began to sink.”
If your partner is NOT helping…..they AREN’T helping THEY AREN’T a PARTNER! Partners are there to bless me NOT STRESS ME!
So Peter signaled to his partners and they came to help. Do you know what was happening here? Jesus was helping them MAKE MONEY!
When Peter saw this he fell on his knees because they were astonished!
Jesus said to Simon – DO NOT BE AFRAID from now on I’m going to bless you!
What is Jesus saying here:
He’s saying “What happened with the fish is going to happen with people!”
He’s saying the way you had an overload of fish, will translate into your relating with people/ in your ministries!
The fact is: They are washing their nets, there is difference in fishing with a hook and a fishing with a net.
A NET- is a NETWORK of strings and the net is only as strong where it comes together! So a net is no stronger than where it is tied. Where Peter’s net was tested it wasn’t ready for the sized blessing that God was about to give him.
Your nets, ties, relationships, you are greater when God cast a NETWORK than when God just cast YOU!
If we can harness this power there is WORLD CHANGING POWER, but we have to do it together! The power of this network is unimaginable if we succeed with unity and that the enemy divides from the inside out.
So when the enemy tells this to 10,0000 other people at the same time it can really impact a God move.
These guys had been fishing in the dark and they were washing their nets…they were making sure their nets were tied right,
There are people within the sound of my voice because you feel like nothing is going on. And what you don’t understand is that God is giving you a chance to CHECK YOUR NETS!
There are ALWAYS things moving/shifting and just because your eye can’t see it doesn’t mean something’s not happening!
A tree may look completely dead, but what you can’t see is the sap that is gathering on the inside so that when its time comes it’s going to spring forth with a brand new branch!
Some of you feel like you’re in the winter season of your life and God is giving you a chance to go and check out your relationships because God intended to bless you so much that everyone connected to you gets to taste of that blessing connected to you!
How dare you think your blessing is just about you!
It’s for your friends, partners, it should bless me to be yours/my partner!
It should SPILL over into your life!
You need to be getting ready for something! You need to be getting ready!
Noah was in prep time!
All he preached “its gonna rain- he was strengthening his net- God said WRITE THE VISION DOWN AND MAKE IT PLAIN- because though it tarry, that we were to wait for it like in ambush! The “HAUL” that Noah was preparing HIS nets for was the human race to come into Christ! So when your day comes you have readied yourself so you can attack your moment!
Once the blessing comes it’s too late to check your nets – IN DOWNTIME!
You have to examine your relationships NOW- who did the last test crush, who got left behind, who didn’t stay with me, you have to understand that when God says cast your nets THIS TIME but it’s going to be DIFFERENT! Why, because a blessing increases pressure, and if your partners couldn’t handle the last blessing, what makes you think they can handle this one! AND THIS ONE IS GOING TO BE EVEN BIGGER!
Generally what you need is already around you! You just don’t know how to arrange it!
See we pray, and we ask God for cake, not understanding that if He has given you flour, eggs, sugar, He HAS already given you a cake. But most people don’t know what to do with the elements that make up the cake up to give them a final result. So GOD has already given you what you need! So if this is all you’ve got then this must be ALL YOU NEED!
So you can leverage where you are to get where you’re going! LEARN TO LEVERAGE! You can take you faith to release what you have and God will give you what you need! EVERY TIME! Every single time!
Partners are different, because it’s all about recognition and proper placement. To recognize a partner, means you have to do a self-evaluation. They have too many blind spots and too many things they will not look which keep them from making good partner choices!
Everybody in this room has a dominant strength and that strength will do more by accident then trying on purpose.
This is easy to spot and where we spend most of our emphasis.
We ALSO have a dominant weakness just like our strengths that leak out and usually we are blind to it or ignore it.
We make CHOICES in partners by the spirit OR in the flesh and the flesh will eat your lunch because it’s superficial! People can only hide their weaknesses so long so Character/integrity are the components that we must look for when making partnerships! IS this choice CONSISTENT in Love, do they love you/compliment your weaknesses with their strengths? OR are you the one always having to pick up the slack? Hmmmmmmm? Are they willing to change and do things God’s way, to become God’s person- DO their callings match your own- HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! Because we can love folks all day long but if our gifts/callings don’t match it doesn’t matter how much God changes them there will always be sparks flying….SO we have to be EQUALLY YOKED!
The reason you have to do a self-evaluation of strengths/weaknesses is because friends are chosen out of your assets. (You both like Mexican food, sports, hair color, nail color etc.)
HOWEVER, PARTNERSHIPS ARE NOT FRIENDSHIPS! PARTNERSHIPS are formed out of your liabilities. (It’s quiet in this place!)
You don’t know your liabilities until you do an HONEST evaluation because POWERFUL partnerships are NOT chosen out of where your strong they are chosen out of where you’re weak!
Do you even know where you’re strong/weak? Do you even know what you bring to the table? If I were to partner with you what would you even tell me that you could bring to the table?
We have to learn to quit partnering with “Zeros!” Zero is the only number that we place in an equation where it adds nothing to that equation.
WE marry ZEROS, WE become friends with ZEROS and we partner with zeros and we date zeros
Some people think “If I marry somebody they can pay all my bills!” WELL WHAT DO YOU BRING TO THE TABLE!!!???? It’s not everybody’s else’s responsibility to take care of you! AND WE DON’T USE OTHERS to selfishly get our own needs met! (You’re not someone’s sugar mama or sugar daddy!) GOD IS YOUR PROVIDER and He doesn’t partner people together UNEQUALLY! (Emotionally, financially, or spiritually!) So again I say WHAT DO YOU bring to the table????!!!!
Partnerships are chosen out of my liabilities because they COMPLETE ME! BUT IN A GOOD SPIRITUAL WAY!
IF I CHOOSE A PARTNER and we share the same assets we compete! NOT OF GOD!
And the partnership is destroyed by our competition! SO I find a partner in the areas where I am not strong, but they are, I complete their liabilities with my strengths and together we become a whole so that God can multiply our efforts!
So we have to learn how to partner with people in a ministry, a cause, within relating…..
THIS IS HOW POWERFUL PARTNERSHIPS ARE! And even the DEVIL knows this SO IF HE can get you unequally yoked with the WRONG PARTNER, HE CAN WASTE YOUR LIFE!
Some of you are limited because you think the only people you would partner with are folk you would run with. WRONG…..
What am I telling you:
Our partnerships come out of our weaknesses! Do you see how this partnership becomes powerful!??
You have to get honest with yourself because you don’t even know who to choose because you don’t know what you bring to the table and what you don’t!
You know why marriage is the most UNIQUE/COMLICATED relationship on the planet? It’s because it’s the only relationship where you are demanded to be BEST FRIENDS AND PARTNERS!
Peters net was not ready for the blessing…..
But when the haul overwhelmed him Peter had partners in place….and being connected to him as a partner blessed everybody!
PARTNERSHIPS and identifying who these people are, you have to be able to bring something to the table…well, what are you bringing?
Partnering with those who bring nothing to the table do nothing but leave you disappointed, HURT and broke….
You can’t always go and “QUALIFY” people as partners by people that you might not otherwise try to make a friend. These aren’t always people that you run with….
So we can’t limit God….. AND if we are partners quit trying to force me into the “Friend” boundary……THESE are 2 VERY separate relationships as well!
Peter had taken the down time to prepare his partners for the blessing….HIS NETS WERE READY!
It’s a blessing to be connected to you! Yes you are valuable and worthy, and ABLE, and some of you are 1 partner away from your life EXPLODING INTO BLESSING!

“Why Does My Life Suck? Champions of DEVINE ORDER” By Missy Hood


Firstly, before ANYONE with a spirit of religion starts to give me a hard time about my title the LORD gave me this post’s title today- so HALLELUJAH!

Ever wondered what’s going on the in the world?  To that I say this:

“Know God Know ORDER……NO GOD……NO ORDER….so things are seemingly spinning out of control.

Even God’s angelic armies are in order, as are His TIMES/DIMENSIONS/Realms of the spirit over our lives, everything in the heavenlies are IN ORDER.   The only one who can get them out of order is the enemy of our soul because he is the author of confusion/chaos.  His number # 1 tactic is to tempt you (through your own weakness – areas out of order) to where you make bad choices which land you in places God never meant for you to land.

This spiraling is usually followed by actions (on your part) of recklessly trying to fix the mess he created around you, causing further DISORDER until God makes you STOP.  Stop everything!

So that He can begin the realignment process in your mind, will and emotions.   So Devine ORDER will always start by God “ordering you or putting the broken places of your mind/heart/soul back together again.

Broken people break each other and so we must come before a holy God to mend those areas so that we can learn God’s ways of effective, healthy relating which btw are IN ORDER.

This Passover season God is positioning Champions of war who are literally “Passing Over” into Destiny (for those champions   coming out/up/over into God’s battle, plan and we are being stationed with the angelic.  With Military MIGHT!  There has never been an army like this one (Joel 2:5) in the history of Christianity.  The best of the best are being raised up and they have been taught the “art of war, understanding hand to hand combat with the enemy up close and personal, and welding God’s word with PRECISION.  Exact PRECISION!

There are literally some intercessors/Champions/Gladiators in the earth that weld the sword of the spirit with such precision that the demons of hell KNOW THEIR NAME!  Those demons have been instructed to avoid certain regions until they/devil can find a way to regroup and hopefully find a way to topple God’s forces.  But it won’t ever happen UNLESS WE choose not to come into Devine ORDER.

We move from faith to faith and glory to glory and as we move through the dimensions of the spirit (and allow God to order our times/seasons/realms/dimensions inwardly/outwardly) we start to see the divine heavenly flow of angels.  They are starting to move  with break neck speeds out of the 3rd heavens UNITING with the Holy forces in the earth with Jug 20:11.
There are more that are for us than are against us!  Always remember that!  Everything, all the chaos going on around you, is just an illusion because we are sojourners in this land, we are just passing through.

And this lie that the enemy has told some of you that “Oh gosh, my life sucks, I can’t do this , its just too hard.  Well I’m here to tell you fellow warrior “YOU PICK THAT SWORD BACK UP!”  Because we are in it to WIN IT and I’ve read the end of the book and from what I’ve read “we’ve ALREADY WON EVERY BATTLE – even the one you walking through now.

Come on Champion! This fire your walking through is just being used to ignite your spirit man within against the enemies forces, you know your stuff and YOU CAN DO THIS because  God didn’t bring you this far to have you quit now!!!!  WHIRLWINDS – ARISE !!!!!! GET INTO FORMATION according to Ex 15:6!  I command the finger of the Lord to touch His battalions NOW in Jesus Name! God is using your vessel to stir His angelic armies within  the whirlwinds to command a MIGHTY   MIGHTY GROUP OF CHAMPIONS in the earth!

Know that I love you


TRUE GREATNESS: Sealed with Scars of Purpose By Missy Hood


Everyone seems to looking for themselves these days. Where have I come from, where am I going to, what’s God’s “Plan of Action” for my life
and what in the heck was I put here to do?

WHAT IS MY DESTINY and where is all of this pain taking me? Will it ever stop, will things ever get better? Or is this my plight in the earth, to toil and to flounder never really achieving the longing that is within?

Let me talk to you about Greatness today! TRUE GREATNESS and what it really is!

When Jesus and Peter were standing there before the disciples and the Father in Heaven pricked Jesus’s heart to ask Peter a particular question.

Jesus turned to Peter without mincing His words asking “Who do YOU say I am? (Meaning WHO AM I TO YOU?) Am I just some nice guy who is walking with you through this hard place in your life OR do YOU believe that “I” am taking you somewhere? Somewhere GOOD through all of your hard work/toil, through all of this pain that you’ve seemingly been experiencing all of your life (up to now)? DO YOU BELIEVE ME? DO YOU TAKE ME AT MY WORD!!!??????? So tell me Peter- WHO AM I TO YOU?”

Now lets give you the low down on Peter up until now. (Btw I can SO relate with Peter because I too was like him until God showed me WHO I WAS IN HIM). But Peter, he had to think about this because he knew it wasn’t a trick question but the longings of his heart wanted to believe Jesus, he wanted to know that Jesus WAS WHO HE SAID HE WAS! That there was some purposeful pathway that Jesus was taking them all down.
So let me tell you about my friend Peter! Up until this point Peter cussed like a sailor (“You Gotta love him” because I don’t know about you but I’m no perfect Christian and yes sometimes these callous words have crossed my lips too), he cut off the ear of a soldier trying to arrest Jesus in the Garden, to where Jesus had to heal that soldier’s ear, yes, he had to put it back on, THEN to make matters worse, RIGHT before Jesus is getting ready to go to the cross, Peter meets up with Jesus! And Jesus tells Peter of his impending doom which evokes this response:
‘oh no Lord, Not YOU – I WOULD NEVER LET THEM DO THIS TO YOU- YOUR MY FRIEND- ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN NOT!” To which Jesus rebuked the demon using Peter’s mouth in that moment because that demon was trying to hinder Jesus’s DESTINY! Don’t kid yourself, the devil will stop at nothing to HINDER YOUR DESTINY- He’ll even use our closest allies so BEWARE of the words spoken over/around your life!

Jesus responded “GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN! For SURELY BEFORE THE COCK CROWS for the 3rd time YOU will have betrayed Me/DENIED MY NAME/ MY FRIENDSHIP TO YOU, MY LOVE/LOYALTY that I’ve shown to you/yours, I’ve been true but you won’t be! I WILL BE TRUE TO COMPLETE THAT WHICH I’VE STARTED, even though YOU aren’t as faithful as I!
My God My God!
So in the moment that Jesus turned to Peter to ask HIM WHO HE was to Him, Peter’s own Destiny was at stake and could only be revealed by Revelation of His Father in Heaven. Hallowed be His Name- we praise you Lord!
Once the revelation was revealed Peter’s response was simple “some say you’re a teacher, preacher, but I know in my heart YOU’re the Son of God- the Son of the TRUE and LIVING GOD- because YOUR MAKING ME COME TO LIFE!
What I think Peter meant when he said these words was this:
Lord, THIS has been one HARD journey with You because it’s been confusing, I haven’t made good choices all along the way because of what I DIDN’T know, I’ve been frustrated, and it was all because I doubted you. Please forgive me Lord- FOR EVER doubting you!
Do you know who the FIRST person was that Jesus went to find when HE was RESSURRECTED!!!!!??????
OR YOU, you see, we’ve all been here. We’ve been on this journey with Jesus, no clue where He’s taking us, we have these HUGE dreams inside of us, and yet here we sit toiling away in our everyday mundane lives. Never realizing that even in the smallest aspects of our lives HE IS DEVELOPING US FOR GREATNESS!
For His JOEL 2:5 ARMY! Did you ever think that God would place you on a powerful steed or chariot that you weren’t equipped to handle?
Or to wear armor that was too heavy to carry? NO! You had to be built up first! God’s way! Not Your way because remember YOUR way didn’t work but God’s ways ALWAYS DO! Your heart/soul had to be equipped with ENDURANCE so that you could RUN with OTHER HORSES/OTHER WARRIORS of Destiny so that YOU could find your high calling.
This fire that you are currently walking through is nothing but preparation for Pass Over! WE are LITERALLY passing OVER into GREATNESS!
INTO DESTINY, INTO THE FULLNESS OF GOD’s PRESENCE so that everything, every jot, every tiddle that He has placed within your heart can COME ALIVE with the GLORY POWER ON IT!
Relax- He’s got you covered! WITH RESSURRECTION POWER, but you have to be EQUIPPED FIRST TO HANDLE THAT POWER or it will engulf you!
Rome wasn’t created in a day and it took God 7 days to create the universe so what makes you think with your “McDonalds Drive Thru” mentality that God should just “snap to” for your life?
We are ALL running/preparing/being equipped RIGHT alongside of you precious warrior!
Love ya!

Word of the Lord- By Cindy Jacobs (March 18th)

I just had a vision as we were worshipping of a door that seemingly shut and sealed. And then I saw a picture of a key, and on this key was written the word ‘wisdom’.

And the Lord would say, “Have I not said that wisdom is the principle thing. For you have been trying and trying to get doors open that are stuck. You do not know what to do, you feel like no matter what you do nothing happens.” But the Lord says, “I want you to understand that there are keys to your success and keys to your future that cannot be obtained through earthly knowledge, but there is a higher way.

And the Lord says, “If you will come up higher, if you will spend time in my presence, if you begin to worship Me, I am going to show you wisdom that is from above and not from below.” And the Lord would say, “If you could get everything in your natural knowledge you would not seek Me, you would not spend time to seek Me.”

But the Lord says, “If you stand, I am going to show you what to do as you enter in to that place of intimacy with Me. I am going to put keys in your hands. Cry out for wisdom. Seek my face because I say it is the principle thing. If there was something else that was meant to be the principle thing, I would have told you that was the thing. But the Lord says, “There is wisdom that is not earthly that will put others in awe. They will say, “How did you find that solution?”

The Lord says, “Even as you enter into this new wisdom realm that I have for you. I will give you keys even through dreams I will give you keys through someone coming and speaking that one thing you need. You see, wisdom attracts. Wisdom is supernatural attraction for the things that need to take place in your life for your future,” says God.

So the Lord says, “Even as you enter into worship and you begin to pray and say, ‘Lord, you say if I ask for wisdom, you will give me it.’ And as you begin to honor My word by seeking Me for wisdom.” The Lord would say to you, “I am going to supernaturally reveal your steps. And others will say, ‘How did you do it?’ But it’s me,” says the Lord.

Cindy’s Follow-Up

As I begin to pray for wisdom, it’s almost like I begin to see my way form before me. It’s like if God puts a concept for a book in my heart, I way not know where to go with getting it published or where to go, there are pieces of that I need. I may not know sources I need to source. I may not know who to interview. But as I seek God on wisdom on it, which is really that supernatural word of wisdom, all of the sudden that book will come into my hand, that interview will open up.

You see, when we pray for wisdom, wisdom manifest. People don’t understand there’s a manifestation of wisdom and it’s as supernatural as any gift of the Holy Spirt. Wisdom gives us knowledge that we need and then we get understanding. But the wisdom is the door opener, it is the way maker, it is the direction that you need and then you get knowledge behind that wisdom how to make it happen.

So I pray for you today, and I pray for those here, Lord, we ask for wisdom. And we ask for wisdom that will be supernatural that will give us those keys that will open the door that will be the way maker for our future, for our provision, for our success, for us to know what to do. And the Lord says, “You will not attain this by spiritual laziness, you have to seek My face and when you seek Me, you will find what you need,” says the Lord. Amen.

Part 4: Shipwrecked by Ron Carpenter

The Shipwrecked series is a takeoff of “relationship wrecked.” so if your here then good, your fixing to get “un-wrecked” by God.
This is the simplicity of navigating friendships, relationships etc. The entire gist of this teaching is learning what characteristics define what relationships.
If you get people in the wrong category you put them in positions that they were never intended to meet.
False expectations- disappointment is the child of false expectations. If I have an expectation of you in thinking that you’re here for a lifetime but you’re only here for a season I will be devastated when God moves you or vice versa. So I’m going to be hurt if I can’t navigate through the relationships in my life.
You need to qualify people for the intimate secrets of your life….The heart ventilates through the mouth. The only way to get feelings out is when you talk about them.
So those that we allow around us need to be able to handle our weaknesses so they can handle us….
If you have to put on a “false front” to be around them they don’t need to be in your inner circle.
There are people under the sound of my voice that have been held hostage because someone broke their heart. So while this is not deep revelation your ability to manage relationships is PARAMOUNT!
PS 55- David is lamenting the fact that his son Absalom has tried to destroy him.
The more I love you the more vulnerable I am to you…..and David is a man hurting. This has torn his insides out and he’s writing about in Ps 55….his heart was severely pained… (David was a warrior!) ….but he is in deep pain!
This is bad when even Jesus can’t get rid of all the Judas’s in our lives. David said “this stuff has gotten too close to me.”
For it is not an enemy who reproaches me – it’s my own son, if it were then I could bare it, David said I KNOW how to fight enemies. But this was family! Family is tough when they hurt us.
But David knew in his sons heart was war….and David thought of Absalom as a friend…..
And pain is all too familiar for some folks. Some of you need to learn how to give family/close relationships to God. Because if you don’t it will poison you and then you will poison everything you do from now on.
God doesn’t want us to poison each other- so we have to be able to take betrayals and give them over to the Lord….
Betrayal is the #1 spirit that the enemy uses to PERMANENTLY DIVIDE because if those that were betrayed can’t forgive relationships can’t reconcile.
THIS IS WHY WE ALWAYS ask people we hurt to “please forgive us!” It’s a spiritual tool used to build the bridge to reconciliation…..And its 100% effective 100% of the time!
In marriage- the spirit of betrayal (through adultery) is the #1 way the enemy destroys unions because if people don’t know how to guard their relationships OR THEMSELVES away from those that operate in this spirit and tempt them to partake their relationships are susceptible. It’s strategic and its the enemies ploy to DIVIDE and STEAL YOUR BLESSINGS!!!!!
GUARD YOUR LIFE FROM them and direct them to deliverance ministers around you….Don’t let them near!
Point 1- Types of relationships
When it comes to relationships there are 3 categories:
Short Term – More people than not will be seasonal….If you realize this you will able to manage this group much better.
Smaller groups: MUCH SMALLER – supposed to go the distance with you.
Covenant – marriage and God only.
There is no relationship without a price tag. Having a friend will require times of drama. And having a friend will require you going out of your way because we don’t get an all reward and NO cost within a relationship.
If you are in a moment or a season where you are having to give up something to follow God- He will give this time back to you 100 x’s over if you’re obedient!

Point 2
If you are in a relationship that is constantly costing you it’s a relationship you will eventually get burned out on….
It’s imbedded in your nature to be reward sensitive…. Everyone is reward sensitive…
But if you want a relationship or if you’re in a relationship that is all cost and no reward then you’re in a codependent relationship because your wanting to prop your life up on someone else’s because you hate your own life.
So it’s easier to get consumed in someone else’s life, their problems, drama because it keeps you from having to deal with your own…..UNTIL you tire of having double the trouble…..
If someone wants to leave you YOU can’t make them stay…..
The power of their will will override your prayer, your fasting, your prayer life, your praise….if they want to leave YOU CANNOT make them stay.
The cost of leaving sometimes is greater than staying and sometimes the cost of staying will cost more than leaving….. YOU have to know which will cost you more!
(As with the prodigal son) the only language they understand is the language of pain, if there is someone in your life that God meant to be there for a lifetime, and they choose to go, they will have to learn through the language of pain….and God knows how to teach us lessons like nobody else can.
The prodigal’s son’s Father kept looking for his son everyday….because he knew how the pigsty could change his son…LET PAIN turn them around and bring them back….LET THE PIG TALK TO THEM!
Some of you are waiting on kids, a husband, relatives, friends, give it some time the PIGS will bring them home!
Logical example of why you can’t make them stay:
God is not living through time with you. God is outside of TIME and this is why there is no need of you running to God in your attempts to get Him upset….When we are upset we want God to be upset, and He won’t get upset because He already knows your tomorrow so your efforts are pointless…. He already planned your escape before you even got in there.
The bible says that we were chosen in Christ before the foundations of the world. So all your days are numbered and they are sealed in a book- so everything is working in your life for the good, He knows how your afflictions would increase His glory on your life…..
So when God looks at your life He sees it as a canvas and when something is in your life that’s not in the picture God will not repaint the canvas, He will force your life to match His picture of what your life is supposed to be!
LET EM GO! The picture ain’t changing- LET THEM GO!
If people want to leave LET THEM GO!
Point 3
Accepting someone’s limitations are keys to long term success in relating
If you love me then you know I entered this relationship with limitations- learn to love people even if they never change- love them for who they are!
So until your limitations get into the picture you won’t be changing….
But limitations can really affect relationships…..
Why do we magnify each other’s limitations when we should be focusing on their strengths?!!!! When we magnify the Lord we minimize our trouble…..Because the Lord only sees us as perfect, we are made in his image…. So we need to do this with others.
IF He wants to change something in us THEN you can bet HE’s GOING TO DO THAT- but CHANGING OTHERS IS NOT OUR BUSINESS! We are to be about our Father’s business! Not each other’s!
Sometimes even our strengths can be our weaknesses. Exp: Spiritual teachers need to know when to STOP teaching…….we have to be careful because our families don’t always want a teacher…… Sometimes they just want us……
Long term relationships demand TOTAL integrity and when you go into a relationship with no integrity you break trust. When trust is broken cost goes up and efficiency goes down.
9/11- a hand full of people broke a countries trust….so now when you go to an airport, the lines are up, prices are up, and trust is down….
If you’ve broken trust or had your trust broken – your future will move at the speed of trust….and in your abilities to PROVE you are TRUSTWORTHY….
The paralyzing and being stuck by someone your let in because you trusted….there are more people that haven’t gotten over a person, then they have over events,
But if you feel stuck because of this pain….God is fixing to set your heart free!
God can’t promise you it won’t happen again- but we have to learn to TRUST God- and let him heal you…. Because you can miss the new people that are supposed to be in your life because you’re still lamenting over who has exited…
Father in the name of Jesus – May they find You at the end of their sorrow/pain and You said you would turn our mourning into dancing and our sorrow into joy- let this draw them so close to You- that You are nearer than You’ve ever been!

FRESH AROMAS: The Crushing Causes a Fragrance Pleasing to God By Missy Hood

Many in the body of Christ have been feeling like they are being stretched, crushed, and pulled in every different direction. The crushing is what God has been talking to me about because its the crushing that causes such a wonderful fragrance unto the Lord’s nostril!

Sometimes we get on our beaten path and the we hit the obstacles and hence we find ourselves in uncomfortable places that stretch us, pull us, expand our territories to where we wind up shouting back to God “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH ME!!!??? ALRIGHT ALREADY!”

This is the place that the body has been in the past 4 years with being stretched beyond anything we’ve ever experienced. No Christian in the history of Christianity has ever walked where we are walking because they weren’t stretched to the level we are now being stretched to. AND they didn’t live in the end times like we are now entering into. SO prepare yourself because there’s more to come! (Of the stretching that is)

So what do we do in these times? I don’t know about you but I have had to make myself “pace myself” because of the levels of stress that come with the stretching. Lets face it its been hard and inconvenient, its frustrating, the waiting that is, because our prayers have been held up, and so now here we are at the cross roads.

So just like in the days of Daniel, who found himself waiting and waiting on God to answer his prayers, all the while the enemy was dispatching demons specifically assigned to Daniel (to his prayers) to use their weapons of war to hold them. (kinda like he’s doing to you/your prayers now). So in this hour God is revealing the strategies of the enemy so that the intercessors can start to bind ALL demons assigned to various vessels/leaders, destinies, needs, desires, you name it. They are binding their head, hands, feet, mouths, their armor, all weaponry used to hold back your prayer answers and then these intercessors are RELEASING God’s Holy Angels who are assigned to those same vessels for breakthrough!   Its becoming a season like that with Jacob where the angels will NOW BEGIN (I PROPHESY THIS INTO THE SPIRIT REALM NOW IN JESUS NAME!) TO ENTER IN/OUT OF THE 3rd heavens as they move/release your answers to your prayers with break neck speed!  No more waiting for 20 years to only hear a “no.”  I’d rather find out now right? I mean wouldn’t you because I hate time wasters and time has been sped up! (I’d like to hear all “yes’s” but that’s not how God always operates). 

At least NOW we can attain direction quickly and be about our father’s business!  WITH BREAK NECK SPEED!  This is a season of breakthrough right? So THIS IS HOW ITS DONE on this new level so that your stretching here might come to an end! Hallelujah?????????!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!

Lets Pray: Man Lord, this has been something and honestly I don’t want to complain SO I’M NOT, but this level has been something to shake a stick at! !!! You’ve gotten my full attention as an intercessor and I’m listening as I want my prayers to be a fragrant aroma unto Your nostrils. Lord- LET ER RIP in the BREAKTHROUGH!!!!!! And thank you for the strategies!!!! AMEN! Talk to you next week!

Love ya! Missy

copyright © 2012 Missy Hood to the present ALL RIGHTS RESERVED