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(Per Chuck Pierce) God’s Honey Bees are arising for this next season!   His “Deborah’s” (Which means HONEY BEE) are arising so that we can each take our lands! 

This is a post for intercessors (And we ALL are called to be intercessors) over our lives, over our countries etc. 

This is a time for the Deborah’s to come forward and lead through the new anointing that is coming down over their vessels.  We are building NEW HONEYCOMBS for war in which although things are heating up around many of us the honey that flows in our lands will be SOOOOOO Sweet to the tongue!!!  Our lands will filled with honey overflowing, to the fullest until it overflows!


The enemy is being forced out in this hour – out of our lands, out of our blessings and OUT of our ability to stay protected!!  So you can do this!  With the hand of Christ on your life YOU CAN DO ANYTHING because of the anointing that carries you into the storm.  Peter had a hard time believing Jesus or trusting Him in knowing that Jesus SAW His purpose in the earth.  Even when its hard for us to see our purpose or in knowing what we are supposed to be doing for Christ HE STILL DOES.  So we need to get OUT OF the way (Matt 16- Angels of Revelation are on the way- Peter tapped into this in this chapter) so that Jesus can clear the way.

There is a purpose for you walking through this storm (your storm may consist of heartache or having to “release” people to do what they are being called to do, or the release of a job, boyfriend, relationship, an offense, even those that have gone on to be with the Lord.) BUT if you don’t learn to RELEASE and give Christ your grief, loneliness, or heart ache, the bees won’t come to help you to stir up your honey pot!

THE BEES ARE COMING FOLKS!  GET READY- make your heart ready and Lord we have You to deliver us from any reproach that would hinder us from moving in to the next level of revelation for this next season.  Lord, remove ALL Hindrances that keep us stuck in the things of the last season so that we can move and be CATAPULTED into the NEW SEASON OF REVELATION AND BLESSING!

Joshua 5 and Ex 23 (Go read these passages).  Every time we move forward God gives an order of what you are to do.  These passages are the time frame of our movement and how we will move in days ahead.  AND when you are ready to go God will send an angel in front of you and YOU ARE NOT – DO NOT negate what this angel is trying to do.  If you do you will not inherit the promise that God is trying to bring into your life.  YOU HAVE TO KNOW YOUR SPHERE OF AUTHORITY.  AND YOU HAVE TO GIVE GOD HIS!

This is a prophetic/Apostolic portal that we are moving into.  Once you know your sphere there are angelic host that will direct you in TIME as LONG AS YOU DON’T RUN THEM OFF.  How?  With our weaknesses (like gossip, anger, every negative action you involved yourself with).  Our weaknesses will run them off and we will GET OUT OF TIMING WITH GOD!

ASK that God KEEP YOU IN HIS TIMING -because God is able to KEEP THAT which we’ve entrusted to Him until that day!

We are all being transformed from faith to faith and glory to glory but in this new season YOU MUST BE LED BY THE LORD DIFFERENTLY!  And there is NO ROOM for the hindrances of your past.

Don’t Lose any revelation this week!  Be very attentive to what the Lord is speaking to your heart and STAY RIGHT IN ALIGNMENT WITH HIM! Obey him Immediately when He speaks to your heart because every action takes you higher into the next revelation of wisdom.  We are ALL moving from faith to faith and glory to glory higher and higher into the spirit of Love (God is love).  Into His wisdom, SUPERNATURAL PROTECTION FOR LIFE, SUPERNATURAL BLESSINGS….

When God got his people in their land (Promise land blessings) that they messed it up so much with their murmuring, with timing and with running off their angels, that God had to circumcise their hearts.  He stopped their supply until Joshua saw the first invincible force and GOD IS TELLING THE DEVIL TODAY THAT HIS MENTALITY OF IMPOSSIBILITY THAT HE HAS PUT ON GOD’S PEOPLE IS COMING TO AN END!

God sent an angel before he sent His people into the land.  THIS is also very important for order.  Its also very important for the days ahead.  SO re-circumcision has to be performed.  God is rolling away all the bad moments in our past and He is RESETTING our TIME and show us what we are up against so that we overcome.  GOD is ready to send the angel to help us!

How do you open a portal for angels over your life? God wants you to have an open portal of angels for blessing.
(Gen 28) Jacob was fleeing from his brother Esau because he had stole his birthright. Jacob had to leave everything to stay with his uncle Laban. Jacobs future at this point in his life looked very uncertain.
THIS is where Jacob had a dream and saw a stair way leading to the 3rd heavens and it was full of angels!
THIS is also where at the top of the stairs Jacob saw GOD!

In this world all of humanity is trying to climb this ladder but they are all going about it the wrong way. Because climbing into heaven only comes through knowing Jesus. Or climbing from faith to faith and glory to glory can only occur through a relationship with Christ. THIS is a spiritual reality and its accomplished through the angels of God!
This is why God is at the top of the ladder.
SO the issue at Jacobs ladder was about how to get the angels down into the earth. Sometimes its hard for the angels to get here into the earth because sometimes the portals are closed. BECAUSE OF OUR DISOBEDIENCE, and sometimes demonic forces block their ability to attain entrance into the earth and they can only move through the POWER OF PRAYER AND THE WORD OF GOD BEING PRAYED over our circumstances.

God is trying to open the gateways to heaven over our lives because its a portal into God’s presence. Jacob was in a major transition in his life. He had lost everything: his family, his birth well, everything. He didn’t know how he was going to make it. BUT Jacob had always assumed that it was up to HIM to get ahead without considering WHO was in control. He had to learn the real secret of walking in blessing. The key to blessing is to live under an open heaven.
When the heavens are open things run smoothly in our lives even when we are in enemy territory. (smile) This is why when Jacob worked for Laban JACOB prospered and not Laban. So at Bethel Jacob discovered an open portal between heaven and earth. He just “happened” to find himself here. (Smile) How was the portal opened?
Gen 12- When the Lord told Abraham to leave his family and GO TO BETHEL!!!! SO BETHEL was a place of continual worship. The portal was established through worship continually. He worshipped God there. Worship opened the heavens over Bethel.

The spirit of the Lord says: “CONNECT with the inheritance that God has assigned for you to connect with and know your connections and your covenant alignment and God will see it that you move into your promise land” – (there is something that God is doing today by setting a blue print over us today – VERY IMPORTANT) God is saying that we are going to have to worship Him in a new way saith the Lord (don’t get religious in this hour about this ) but advance and say “I need to stop right here right now so that we are under a portal of God’s new revelation through worship.”

We are coming up to a place of breakthrough to where we won’t really understand what’s going on BUT SOMETHING IS HAPPENING! KEEP COMING FORWARD EVEN IN YOUR WEARINESS! GOD DREW YOU HERE! God is doing something with you to get you into the right place to speak to you! GET INTO PLACE! THIS IS THE KEY TO YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN’s future.



Love to you guys!  Be Blessed!  FINALLY! 

We are moving ahead again…….

Love you



copyright © 2013 Missy Hood

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