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Are You Feeling “Devalued?” By Missy Hood


You know I have spent the past 30 years frustrated with family, friends and some coworkers. Predominantly family though with their ability to say/do the nastiest things or in their refusal to change or be changed. Time seemingly marches on and still they have the same dysfunctional(sometimes abusive) expectations of me, yet, they don’t seem to ever look at themselves.
So the abuse continues, the ridicule and the constant hurt until one day I woke up (after being betrayed by my brother for the umpteenth million time) and I realized: they aren’t going to change. So its time for me to move on. And a light switched off inside me to where I stopped letting myself care or feel for them, I don’t even want to pray for them.

The weird thing about that was that I could feel their witchcraft prayers against me (prayers where someone tries to come against your will/decision making abilities) and so I would ask God with Est 1:9 to turn their prayers back on them so that I could continue to seek Christ for freedom/healing.

Then God started to talk to me about Joseph. For the past 6 weeks and even Monday night as I watched this miniseries on Lifetime called “the Red Tent” was I AGAIN reminded of the atrocities that Joseph had to walk through to get into destiny. Atrocities such as: betrayal, deep wounding/hurt, slander, malice, jealousy, disrespect, and having others DEVALUE him.

They couldn’t see who God was making him into and it wasn’t until I started listening to what God was showing me about Joseph did I realize my own plight. I still haven’t gone back and I won’t until/IF God changes them but now I understand WHY I’m going through what I am going through.

Have you ever been so deeply hurt by others that you couldn’t even speak to them. You didn’t care and you weren’t willing to waste 1 MORE MINUTE of your life on them unless their hearts were changed. Selfishness had taken over, as had deception and you found out that you no longer had the ability to be a participating component within their dysfunction.

THIS is what happens to those who refuse to change. They get stuck and they start to erode the very love environments around themselves because “they think” they are ok when in reality they imploding. As is their worlds.

But you don’t have to stay there with them Joseph. YOU can continue to move on into your blessings with the Lord! Its hard, and it does hurt but the hurt only last for so long and then God heals your heart to the place to where they nor their dysfunction can penetrate your armor anymore. You’ve been made strong in the Lord and in the power of His might able to continue climbing the mountain of the Lord. Your tired, but your still climbing and THATS all that matters in this hour.

Here- lets pray:
Father- I’m so disappointed, I’m confused as to what Your doing around me but not with what Your doing within me. I appreciate the mantle of being called a “Joseph” and thank you for Your tender loving kindness to this Joseph as I’m learning to climb higher in You. Heal my heart and help me to become the leader I was always meant to become. Its in that truth that I sincerely FEEL VALUED! New Mantles are now falling on the Josephs and I receive mine!
In Christ name I pray.
Love you guys!
Missy Hood

Prophetic Word for 2015 by Dr. Clarice Fluitt/Michelle Pieterson and Annie

Dr. Flluitt Phone Conference Call
Word of the Lord in 2015
What is God doing?
Prophetic Word from Michelle Peierson
Season of Contemplation/Compassion-
It’s ALL about Intent this Year/Intentions – if YOU want something/dream in your heart YOU have to take actions to start the pregnancy process within you!
MEANING: The key that releases these blessing is the key of GENEROSITY (SPECIFICALLY SPEAKING: SOW A SEED INTO A POWERFUL MINISTRY FOR YOUR DREAM- THAT IS INTENT!) THEN the pregnancy/manifestation of that dream within you WILL start to GROW!
Prophetic Word from Annie:
Insight What is God speaking?
3 areas-
1) Active Listening- He is going to be ending identity crisis as we end 2014
WE are coming out of a season with the jewish New Year- coming out of arrested development
This occurs because of trauma- spiritual attacks on our mind- stagnant growth
As we come out into 2015- God is calling us out- we will see ourselves grow/mature in new ways
God is going to call out people by name- clarifying your name,
I Sam – When Samuel hears God call his name- Speak Lord for your servant is listening
God is coming to some that He will giving us a time of rest- so that we can hear God iin a new way and give new marching orders, time to grow/mature and allow the Lord to call us out of immaturity.
God is calling an end to identity crisis
6 week window of time – for us to listen to God like Samuel
2) Lay markers- serve as guides- keep order safely- those around us can partner with us = insights to help us move into 2015
2015- He is going to expand our influence- where God is looking to bring up enduring hope to promises to show Himself faithful
God is breathing life/hope into the dead places, God is expanding our influence,
God is bringing Hidden explorers will come out of hiding- Peter stepped out of the boat- he was willing to pioneer with the Lord
It takes a certain type of person to Lead- Joshua
Fresh anointing coming onto us – cast your net again- harvest coming in , favor coming onto you, increase- success in your business, growth in your family
Step out of your comfort zones

Josh 3:5- ending the battle with your identity- we are going to start walking into our detstiny/dreams

Prophetic Word From Dr. Fluitt:

Triple braided thread- purpose in your heart, don’t accommodate doubt, exhort the things of God.
Increase: to become or to make GREAT! Don’t stay the same! We are not getting older, we ae getting smarter!
2015: God is taking the key to increase- I have a key to increase, a key to cause you to become progressively greater, for the blessings/favor and increase.
There is a specific key- to be blessed with the ability to get wealth- favor,
God says:
My sheep know My voice, AGREE with God!
The Key to all blessings/favor: The spirit of Generosity-
Life draws light- what you honor you draw to yourself- this happens when the angels they hear the sons of God agreeing with God- so they fight for us- BUT we have to ORDER our conversation to be righteous!
The blessed of God, favor, increase comes through generosity
Prov 11:25- A generous man will always prosper- he who refreshes others will also be refreshed.
If there is no charity in a person’s heart that is the worst kind of heart trouble

Generosity is not just about finances: TIME/TALENT AND TREASURE (the gifts on your life!)
3 realms of generosity are about to be imparted to you
Coming onto you NOW! 2015 is an amazing year that God has put before us

Just A Little While Longer- As We Move Farther Up the Mountain of The Lord- (PROPHETIC WORD) By Missy Hood

Have you ever wondered when all the pain will end, the suffering, the place where you feel as if there is no way out?
Have you ever been in a situation where there don’t “Seem” to be any answers forthcoming and so you find yourself MAKING yourself continue to walk forward. Even though your not sure where God is taking you.
BUT WHAT IF I told you that this place you are currently in, this narrow, tight space, this uncomfortable hurting place is the place that will help to set, not only you, BUT MANY MANY MANY OTHERS around you free!????
What if, God wanted to use your vessel, as a KING/PRIEST with the Joseph anointing, which makes your vessel the ONLY vessel that can do this for the LORD, the MOST POWERFUL vessel in the earth? How you say? How can this be?
This can be- because just like Jesus told the disciples, right before he got crucified, that when He left, THEY were going to do even greater things than he! Can you imagine God using your vessel like that?
So many of you are probably saying: “Oh gosh, we’ve heard this before and Lord, I’m JUST SO TIRED of all of this, I’m so fatigued! HOW CAN I GO ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????”
You can “go on” because YOU MUST make yourself GO ON/MOVE FORWARD in the things of the spirit (even when you don’t feel like it) because God is testing His Josephs in this hour! He’s trying to find out which ones of you are the “Cream of the crop” or which ones He can count on to stand UP and KEEP STANDING during the toughest of situations.
Do you think for one minute that the men/women during WWII (or those that fought like hell during Pearl Harbor) wanted to quit? Do you think those men /women who got caught in concentration camps ever wanted to quit!!??? (So now maybe your saying, Yeah, maybe my plight is not THAT bad) But My gosh YES they did want to quit (if for a second)- but do you know what kept them going?
Their Hope in Christ, their fellow brothers/sisters who kept pushing them forward and DEMANDING that they “buck up” GET RE-FOCUSED on Jesus so that they could begin to “hear Him again, to see the way in which they were to walk.”
THESE are the TRUE Josephs in this hour, those that have been put into slavery, or had brothers/sisters betray them, those who have been SO Deeply wounded by family, by those they thought they could count on, by the family of God. And by those the enemy would use outside of their families. By life’s circumstances or the unfairness/injustices that been allowed to fall upon them.
So what does the Lord want You to know in this hour?
Well, I believe He is saying this:
“Just a little further now, for just a little while longer must you pull yourself up by your bootstraps, while I sooth the hurting places in your heart. Just for a little while must you make yourself go forward SO that the CAPTIVES CAN ALL BE SET FREE!
You see – your not just in this for YOU, YOU JOSEPH ARE IN THIS FOR MANY MANY OTHERS SOULS who are dependent upon your obedience to Me, says the Lord.
This is based on the spiritual law of:
God is NO respecter of persons, what He does for 1 He will do for ALL! So ALL IT TAKES is just 1 JOSEPH to break an entire ministry/Body/FAMILY/CAREER-Market place THROUGH into FREEDOM! JUST 1!
Is this you? Are you God’s Joseph?
Thank you Father for LOVING US SO! That You’d see us for WHO we REALLY ARE!
Love in Christ
Missy Hood


This is a time when you MUST come to ME so that I can show you specific pathways, stepping stones in My Kingdom so that you will know the way in which you are to walk. There will also be pathways created by the enemy but I am taking you through (in between) two mountains so that your pathway will be protected/hidden.
And although you can see the enemy trying to find you- HE WILL NOT SUCCEED for I have blinded him and his minions while I bring you through to the other side and THEN it will be too late for him to attack for you will already be way out of his line of fire.

There comes a time where you will either trust what I am doing through you/your life OR YOU WILL NOT- & that lack of trust can cost you the kingdom y causing you to pick WRONG pathways in your attempt to “grasp at straws” through fear. So you need to KEEP your focus!

HAVOC is NOT your portion NOR is Anarchy, BUT PEACE, ORDER and PROSPERITY as it will start to gather round about you as you find the keys to My kingdom in the coming days/months and that prosperity will start to flow/fall into your arena while you begin to SWIM in the blessings already starting to overtake you.

So Saith the Lord.
Love in Christ- and Happy Thanksgiving

Missy Hood

Prophetic Word From Mark Chironna TMTIC Sunday: RIGHT NOW WORD- Although given in a different season

Prophetic Word From Mark Chironna TMTIC Sunday March 20th 2011
(From Missy Hood- I’m about to send each of you 15 texts messages plus a prayer of acceleration for you to pray which will cause multiple rapid changes in your life over the next couple of days and weeks. The Lord told me to send these to each of you from our service today which means the anointing is STILL very strong on them as you read.)
Transition means, letting go, keep holding onto God, but keep moving on, forward through the corridor OF CHANGE, GOOD CHANGE, because God gives good gifts and futures, sweet transition. Hold onto His hand, God’s unchanging hand while you’re letting go, and moving through. You may feel down and like you’re going the wrong way, you’re not sure if Jesus is still walking with you through the transition…because when He gets quiet this will makes us even more unsure of our steps, BUT you keep trusting and coming FORWARD!!!! And even though you’re coming out of the old, it’s familiar, and things haven’t been that bad, but when your in transition make sure NOT to allow the devil to get you into worry, the devil can torment you more with worry because you’re contributing to the warfare itself …letting go is always hard because we get comfortable in our stuff. But God’s always up to something GOOD FOR US. God wants a relationship with us…even in the transitional corridor, because He loves us SO deeply, there are no formulas to get us there, suffering is part of the experience, some of the stuff we go through, is so God can pour more of His love deeper in our hearts, more of His grace with every downward movement, the only reason we go through suffering, is because at the end we take the keys that hell stole from our lives, our relationships, our families, let go, move on, take on, move on…it’s been dark, but you’re holding onto God, because very quickly now- your going then all of a sudden to see a crack of light, then you start to see God’s BRAND NEW DOOR that God made just for YOU to OPEN.
4 Phases to Transition:
Move on, take on, move on, it’s actually a process, 40 is the # for transition, probation-period of testing, the Holy Spirit is trying to see if you’re fit to go to the next level of GLORY. In the corridor, you experience a level of trial, chastisement-training for reigning, God’s maturing us in Sonship, transition is a passage from one stage to another. So 40 appears in the Bible, embalming in the Bible took 40 days, after that time the body was still intact, mummified, but it’s important because that body went through a wilderness experience BUT STILL ITS IN TACT!!! God killed His flesh but not His spirit!!!!! He had the glory on His vessel, His spirit was mature. Many of God’s people think they are in the wrong place, but God will get you where He wants you to be, transition, you’re doing just fine my sweet friend, it’s ok when God takes us for a walk in the wilderness, Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness. Do you need more power in your life? You’re not going to get it by the world, when that new door opens you are entering it with a new level of power that you’ve never had before, what phase of transition are you in? We’re going somewhere…
1st Phase: the EXIT phase, leaving the familiar for the unfamiliar, involves isolation and feeling alone, until you press through, you can’t go back, theres no where to go back to, AND God’s already locked the door behind you, internally you’re sad, but you have to press through that, move forward!!! Your NOW in a “Holding Environment”, when you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before, you’re on a learning curve, when you’re in the corridor of transition. You get to know God’s acceptance, His patience, and His longggg suffering with you. YOU ALSO GET TO KNOW AND START TO ACCEPT YOURSELF, for who you REALLY are, flaws and all- your not so bad are you? NO, your beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s image.
2nd Phase: The Appraisal phase, Means: What is this transition WORTH TO YOU!!!! Allow yourself the time it takes for you to learn, or you will get fretful and competitive in comparing your learning to others, each of our WALKS are different. In this phase your mind starts to take account of the things you’ve suffered, you take inventory of the lessons you’ve learned in your journey & the time has now come to challenge old mindsets of the past. Fire only falls on a vessel that’s surrendered to LOVE, sacrifice of praise, going through the corridor, you start getting you’re motivation back.
3rd Phase: The Adjustment Phase, where God shows you the unhealthy mindsets of the past, what’s worked and what hasn’t and YOU give Him permission to change your heart AND YOUR MIND about old family mindsets that have held you back FOR YEARS…time to change so you can be blessed!
4th Phase: THE ENTRANCE: When you can see that new door, you see the light, and it automatically OPENS, and you KNOW what wants to EMERGE in your life! PRAISE GOD, you got your fire & your intention back and transition is FINALLY over!
Prayer of Acceleration
Say this: Papa God, this is the phase I’m in___. I acknowledge it, accept it, and ask You to move me all the way through because I know You love me, and You know me better than I know myself. Thank you Lord, for your love and compassion.

When Things Don’t “Seem” to be Changing: By Missy Hood

Have you ever walked through a season of your life and you felt like you were trudging through the mud?
Trudging through the mud in prayer, in everyday living,, at work and it can down right frustrate you at times.
But let me challenge you with something. How about if you left room for the thought about what you can’t see. We can’t see God but that does not mean He’s not there. It’s like the wind, we can’t see the wind but we can see the EFFECTS of the wind and hence we know of its existence.
God is like that as well. We may be in turmoil thinking “WHEN GOD WHEN!?????” AND WHY GOD WHY????!!!!! WHEN WILL THIS TEST BE OVER WITH???!!!!”
But what IF, JUST WHAT IF the powerful position you find yourself in was in pulling back and making yourself purposefully seek Him so that He could give you ‘Tidbits” of the puzzle He is currently assisting you into putting together? He’s a strategist you know, and so as the Lord of the Angel Armies do you think for a second the “Lead Strategist” is going to give his FULL plan away to the enemy?
MY GOSH NO! It’s also why He’s only going to give you the portion of the puzzle (for your testing) and for His good pleasure in teaching you to seek out the treasure. The treasure of the hidden piece. The enemy can’t see that piece nor will God allow him to and its for YOUR/Your blessings protection. It’s so there will be less delays in getting you there (where ever “There” is).
We are currently living in a time where things have been SO turned up in the spirit and they are moving so fast that if we were to stop God would run right over us. That is how close He is to us but the hardest part of the fight is in FORCING ourselves to BELIEVE that He’s there working on our issues.
You may not be able to see HOW He’s doing what He is doing but in reality is that really any of our business? He’s God and we ARE NOT. Why would a teacher owe us an explanation when we are the ones being tested? I don’t know about you but I never knew any of my professors who would willingly provide me with the answers to the tests they were giving me. UNLESS- they saw me really trying but really struggling. This is the mercy of God the Father. It is in these places that our Father “Who Art in Heaven” will open up gates of encouragment to keep us moving forward so that we dont’ quit and we WON’T give up.
DON’T YOU DARE THINK ABOUT ALLOWING THE ENEMY OF YOUR SOUL TO CONVINCE YOU TO EVER GIVE UP! God is NOT a God that He would lie. We may falter BUT HE DOES NOT! Here again- grab my hand so I can come up alongside of you because I love you as a sister/brother in Christ. And let me tell you something else- if you KNOW the patterns of the workings of Christ- you will come to expect how He chooses to move in SEASONS. We live by a season of SEED + TIME = HARVEST. SO YOU ARE IN THE TESTING OF TIME- in learning to OUTLAST THE ENEMY!
Are you in this place today? In that place of struggling to wait and trust a Holy God with your future? With your current circumstances? Then here- can I have the privilege of praying for you/with you about it? It would be my greatest pleasure.
Father- I have NO idea where You are taking me in all of this. I’m not even sure I want to go except for the fact that I can’t go backwards because there is no where for me to go back to. SO I know in my “knower” that the only way out of this IS FORWARD.
Lord- help me to “Buck up” and to grab tightly to Your Hand because its in that firm grasp that I know You are solidly in control and that You LOVE ME ENOUGH to carry me through this. Thank you So much Lord. And I love you. Amen.
Until next week!
Love in Christ

When You “Feel Like” God isn’t Representing You


Ever felt like God just stepped back out of the picture and left you alone to handle the sharks in your life? Like there was no recompense or justice being met?
I sure have and I am going through another situation like this now within my work environment in dealing with one individual that I would love nothing more than to “slap them up alongside” their heads.” (if not to punch them from time to time) BUT- that wouldn’t be “godly” now would it? Which makes me want to run to God (whereever He ran to because in this present situation He seems NOwhere to be found- although I know thats not true), but it makes me want to run to Him to demand that He stand up for me.

Our company is going through a merger at present and so my job has been compounded with more responsibilities, more employees to represent and bosses (1 in particular) who think they know everything. Why- I guess (and he’s younger too (he makes me want to punch him sometimes and I can be real because I know some of you have said worse (grin). Why though? Because he ALWAYS seems to have some smart ass thing to say. Not to mention that he acts like a married “skirt chaser” which makes me question his character and because I wont’ participate and stroke his ego by his constant NEED for attention does he do these belittling things to me. he says very little that is respectful to me, he’s always trying to act condescending until 1 day I asked him “so and so how old are you?” He responds with “well, I’m 44″ to which I responded:
“I’m going to be 50 next year so why don’t you try either addressing me as “Melissa or Ms. Hood” because until you can act respectful to your elders I will NOT engage you any further!”

Now- most of us probably cannot do that to our bosses but because I have been with my company for 9 years I have developed (hopefully- I think) a repoir of integrity and my immediate boss knows how this other person can behave does he allow me the freedom to stand up for myself.

However my bottom line question to God has been” “Where are YOU in my defense as I’ve had to walk through all this unjust behavior with this baffoon because if I were You (and he’d better be glad that I’m not!) I would be grinding his butt into the ground about now with a few lightning strikes, throwing him into the belly of a whale etc.!” That is just how angry this person can make you!

Do you want to know God’s response: (Arrrrrgggghhhh!)
He stated:
“Missy- until you can learn to love others despite themselves will I cause this test to be over with.”
My response: “Seriously- do you NOT see the crap this person is putting me through and all for nothing! Do you NOT see everything I’ve done for You in the last 38 years?!!????!!!! What is wrong with YOU and YOUR my FATHER IN HEAVEN! (I actually was very hurt by His response and VERY frustrated)
Again He responded with:
“When you can learn to love the unlovlies of this world will you be ready to step up into a higher place because then your flesh won’t care as much as it does now and you will have learned “patience in suffering.”

I knew He was right and I knew I still had a ways to go in my dealings with others who may/may not know Him like I do- but that didn’t make the test any different for my heart than it is on yours.
So I decided to comply, step back and pray my way through…..are you going through a test similiar to mine today? Needing a little encouragement in dealing with the sharks around you?

Then lets pray:
Father- I am sick and tired of these people coming at me, berating me or trying to make me feel “less than” when in reality THEY are the ones projecting their insecurity in their attempts to lift themselves up above who You’ve made me to be. Lord, I get it, I know what you are trying to achieve and that is to make me more loving even when others don’t deserve it but it doesn’t make the test any easier. Please HELP ME TO PASS THIS TEST QUICKLY! Thank you Father and I love you even if I am frustrated with you for stepping back to teach me how to love at deeper levels. I know in my head that Your Love ALWAYS covers a multitude of sin I just need that truth to drop down about 12 inches into my heart.
Thank you Lord.

See you guys next week!
In Christ,
Missy Hood

Prophetic Word: ” This is what I am fixing to do to your enemies Says the Lord” By Missy Hood

The spirit of the Lord gave me this scripture today (below) and He specifically told me this and I believe it is for MANY:

“When I place you Amongst the prophets WHY do you question my word!!!!!???????
WHY are you allowing yourself to get into fear, WHY are you even bothering to watch the news OTHER THAN
To pray, and WHY are you allowing the enemy to control your emotions as such!!!!????
I am either GOD, the Lord of ALL or I am not, have I NOT shown you MANY MANY MIRACLES over the years,
TO the point that MANY of you have had breakthroughs like none other time in your lives.
Have I not brought things to pass that have been spoken from YOUR own lips? Things HAVE changed AND they ARE getting better!
But just as I spoke through the prophets when I told them that My winds were being stirred up, for the good AND AGAINST the evil.
So the enemy stirred up his imitations, and he is trying to come at your minds, and emotions…..WHY are you stepping into THOSE WINDS
AND WHY Are you CHOOSING to allow the whispers of the enemy ANYWHERE near you ears????
FOR TODAY I have started to pour My wrath out UPON your enemies! My Winds have been stirred and My angels, their wings
Are literally stirring up all the chaos!
AND KNOW THIS! That My hand of protection is ON your vessel, as well as those you LOVE and are connected to ALL YOUR DAYS!
ONLY THE WINDS OF ANOINTING/POWER/the firey release of My nostril against your foes……but it will NOT come near you!

In Christ
Missy Hood
Jeremiah 51:1-53New Living Translation (NLT)
51 This is what the LORD says:
“I will stir up a destroyer against Babylon
and the people of Babylonia.[a]
2 Foreigners will come and winnow her,
blowing her away as chaff.
They will come from every side
to rise against her in her day of trouble.
3 Don’t let the archers put on their armor
or draw their bows.
Don’t spare even her best soldiers!
Let her army be completely destroyed.[b]
4 They will fall dead in the land of the Babylonians,[c]
slashed to death in her streets.
5 For the LORD of Heaven’s Armies
has not abandoned Israel and Judah.
He is still their God,
even though their land was filled with sin
against the Holy One of Israel.”
6 Flee from Babylon! Save yourselves!
Don’t get trapped in her punishment!
It is the LORD’s time for vengeance;
he will repay her in full.
7 Babylon has been a gold cup in the LORD’s hands,
a cup that made the whole earth drunk.
The nations drank Babylon’s wine,
and it drove them all mad.
8 But suddenly Babylon, too, has fallen.
Weep for her.
Give her medicine.
Perhaps she can yet be healed.
9 We would have helped her if we could,
but nothing can save her now.
Let her go; abandon her.
Return now to your own land.
For her punishment reaches to the heavens;
it is so great it cannot be measured.
10 The LORD has vindicated us.
Come, let us announce in Jerusalem[d]
everything the LORD our God has done.
11 Sharpen the arrows!
Lift up the shields![e]
For the LORD has inspired the kings of the Medes
to march against Babylon and destroy her.
This is his vengeance against those
who desecrated his Temple.
12 Raise the battle flag against Babylon!
Reinforce the guard and station the watchmen.
Prepare an ambush,
for the LORD will fulfill all his plans against Babylon.
13 You are a city by a great river,
a great center of commerce,
but your end has come.
The thread of your life is cut.
14 The LORD of Heaven’s Armies has taken this vow
and has sworn to it by his own name:
“Your cities will be filled with enemies,
like fields swarming with locusts,
and they will shout in triumph over you.”
A Hymn of Praise to the LORD
15 The LORD made the earth by his power,
and he preserves it by his wisdom.
With his own understanding
he stretched out the heavens.
16 When he speaks in the thunder,
the heavens roar with rain.
He causes the clouds to rise over the earth.
He sends the lightning with the rain
and releases the wind from his storehouses.
17 The whole human race is foolish and has no knowledge!
The craftsmen are disgraced by the idols they make,
for their carefully shaped works are a fraud.
These idols have no breath or power.
18 Idols are worthless; they are ridiculous lies!
On the day of reckoning they will all be destroyed.
19 But the God of Israel[f] is no idol!
He is the Creator of everything that exists,
including his people, his own special possession.
The LORD of Heaven’s Armies is his name!
Babylon’s Great Punishment
20 “You[g] are my battle-ax and sword,”
says the LORD.
“With you I will shatter nations
and destroy many kingdoms.
21 With you I will shatter armies—
destroying the horse and rider,
the chariot and charioteer.
22 With you I will shatter men and women,
old people and children,
young men and young women.
23 With you I will shatter shepherds and flocks,
farmers and oxen,
captains and officers.
24 “I will repay Babylon
and the people of Babylonia[h]
for all the wrong they have done
to my people in Jerusalem,” says the LORD.
25 “Look, O mighty mountain, destroyer of the earth!
I am your enemy,” says the LORD.
“I will raise my fist against you,
to knock you down from the heights.
When I am finished,
you will be nothing but a heap of burnt rubble.
26 You will be desolate forever.
Even your stones will never again be used for building.
You will be completely wiped out,”
says the LORD.
27 Raise a signal flag to the nations.
Sound the battle cry!
Mobilize them all against Babylon.
Prepare them to fight against her!
Bring out the armies of Ararat, Minni, and Ashkenaz.
Appoint a commander,
and bring a multitude of horses like swarming locusts!
28 Bring against her the armies of the nations—
led by the kings of the Medes
and all their captains and officers.
29 The earth trembles and writhes in pain,
for everything the LORD has planned against Babylon stands unchanged.
Babylon will be left desolate without a single inhabitant.
30 Her mightiest warriors no longer fight.
They stay in their barracks, their courage gone.
They have become like women.
The invaders have burned the houses
and broken down the city gates.
31 The news is passed from one runner to the next
as the messengers hurry to tell the king
that his city has been captured.
32 All the escape routes are blocked.
The marshes have been set aflame,
and the army is in a panic.
33 This is what the LORD of Heaven’s Armies,
the God of Israel, says:
“Babylon is like wheat on a threshing floor,
about to be trampled.
In just a little while
her harvest will begin.”
34 “King Nebuchadnezzar[i] of Babylon has eaten and crushed us
and drained us of strength.
He has swallowed us like a great monster
and filled his belly with our riches.
He has thrown us out of our own country.
35 Make Babylon suffer as she made us suffer,”
say the people of Zion.
“Make the people of Babylonia pay for spilling our blood,”
says Jerusalem.
The LORD’s Vengeance on Babylon
36 This is what the LORD says to Jerusalem:
“I will be your lawyer to plead your case,
and I will avenge you.
I will dry up her river,
as well as her springs,
37 and Babylon will become a heap of ruins,
haunted by jackals.
She will be an object of horror and contempt,
a place where no one lives.
38 Her people will roar together like strong lions.
They will growl like lion cubs.
39 And while they lie inflamed with all their wine,
I will prepare a different kind of feast for them.
I will make them drink until they fall asleep,
and they will never wake up again,”
says the LORD.
40 “I will bring them down
like lambs to the slaughter,
like rams and goats to be sacrificed.
41 “How Babylon[j] is fallen—
great Babylon, praised throughout the earth!
Now she has become an object of horror
among the nations.
42 The sea has risen over Babylon;
she is covered by its crashing waves.
43 Her cities now lie in ruins;
she is a dry wasteland
where no one lives or even passes by.
44 And I will punish Bel, the god of Babylon,
and make him vomit up all he has eaten.
The nations will no longer come and worship him.
The wall of Babylon has fallen!
A Message for the Exiles
45 “Come out, my people, flee from Babylon.
Save yourselves! Run from the LORD’s fierce anger.
46 But do not panic; don’t be afraid
when you hear the first rumor of approaching forces.
For rumors will keep coming year by year.
Violence will erupt in the land
as the leaders fight against each other.
47 For the time is surely coming
when I will punish this great city and all her idols.
Her whole land will be disgraced,
and her dead will lie in the streets.
48 Then the heavens and earth will rejoice,
for out of the north will come destroying armies
against Babylon,” says the LORD.
49 “Just as Babylon killed the people of Israel
and others throughout the world,
so must her people be killed.
50 Get out, all you who have escaped the sword!
Do not stand and watch—flee while you can!
Remember the LORD, though you are in a far-off land,
and think about your home in Jerusalem.”
51 “We are ashamed,” the people say.
“We are insulted and disgraced
because the LORD’s Temple
has been defiled by foreigners.”
52 “Yes,” says the LORD, “but the time is coming
when I will destroy Babylon’s idols.
The groans of her wounded people
will be heard throughout the land.
53 Though Babylon reaches as high as the heavens
and makes her fortifications incredibly strong,
I will still send enemies to plunder her.
I, the LORD, have spoken!

PROPHETIC WORD: “Prepare the Way! The Authority of Priests and Kings!” By Missy Hood

Warriors and Kings

Many in the body are having to have their mindsets shifted out of that like Saul (where he questioned his godly authority) and tried to operate in the flesh ruling and reigning. We all know where that got him!
God wants His Kings and Priests to STAND UP- a priest are the Five Fold Ministers of the Lord that hold 1 of the Five Fold Offices, while the Kings are those of us, in the market place!
Your just passing through! Get that through your head! YOUR JUST PASSING THROUGH ON YOUR WAY TO GLORY!
The Spirit of the Lord says many in the body have been experiencing physical fatigue like none other, do you know why? Its because I have been continually been pouring out My spirit onto your vessels so that you might house MY POWER IN THESE LAST DAYS continually and the anointing wears fleshly vessels out! I am “readying” your vessels for war through ME, says the Lord, to where you can continually handle the flow of my spirit onto your vessels 24/7. This is also what will create the glory covering over your vessels for protection as you walk through the enemies land. SO FEAR NOT! I SAY FEAR NOT! Says the Lord as I am with you!

The Whirlwinds of my power are being poured out with power like you’ve never known, and My angels are on the move. Many are getting caught up in past hurts, past distractions where I need you to FOCUS ON ME! FOCUS ON ME! Shake the devil OFF and FOCUS ON ME! Quit looking back as its only a distraction to get you off focus!

Many are having to wrap up old hurts and are having to press through this battle in pain but they are coming forward in Me says the Lord! KEEP COMING FORWARD for there are many looking to you for direction in the way in which they are to walk!

SO Saith the Lord of Hosts!
In Christ,
Missy Hood


So since it just takes 1 person, how is it that THAT 1 person can bring breakthrough in Christ?

Ever notice that people who have abundance in their lives (believers only) seem to be extremely loving?
Faith operates by love and without love your faith won’t work. No love, no faith, no faith- no prayers get answered.

SO the more we allow Christ to deliver us from, the more He goes in and fills up those places with Himself within your hearts
Throne room.
The more of God you have- the more Love you have (because God is love). The More love you have the more faith you have

The more powerful your prayers are, you can literally knock the devil on his (BLEEP). Actually Jesus is doing it within you.
Its because the more of God you have on the inside- when you pray to God the Father- God (the Father) CANNOT deny HIMSELF (Jesus
Inside of you).

So its His spirit petitioning His Father on our behalves- especially when we pray the word of God.

Now this is deep but you say: HOW IS THAT?

Its based on these 4 spiritual laws:

1) In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the WORD WAS GOD. (So if the word is God the word is POWER) THIS IS WHY YOU PRAY ONLY THE WORD OF GOD when you pray.
2) God watches over His word to perform IT (When you release God’s word over your circumstances SOMETHING STARTS TO HAPPEN Because You just Released GOD into your circumstances!)
3) God’s angels ONLY harken unto his word!
4) God’s word is ALIVE, ACTIVE, sharper than any 2 edged sword- it goes out and accomplishes that which it seeks to accomplish AND NEVER returns back void!

SO- in order for your prayers to be answered- even if YOU have low love levels, if you will start to find scriptures (in the concordance- back of your bible) about your circumstances- and start to pray them GOD will be released to do what YOU cannot DO! HALLELUJAH? HALLELUJAH!!!!

So when you feel as if your not getting breakthroughs in your walk with Christ, YOU step back and go and look up scriptures about your need, desires, destiny, healing etc. and start to pray ONLY those scriptures. THEN prepare yourself to be buffered by the devil (with doubt, delay, fear that it might not work) because we all live by a season of SEED (the word of God) + TIME = HARVEST!

And we ALL MUST LEARN to pass this test – it’s the test of TIME (or in learning to OUTLAST THE DEVIL). Its also known as the FAITH TEST! YOU CAN DO THIS! Praise God!

Love in Christ

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