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Tame Your Braino- Healing for The Mind & Heart

“Wounded Warriors”

Wounded-Warrior-Project-is-a-Fraud Bishop

Mark Chironna stated: “To live above with those we love, oh, how that will be glory. To live below with those we know, now that’s another story. ” (Chironna, M. 2014)

Another story because living out the life of Christ has cost many of us something. Something HUGE in this life and the bearing of that cross will push you beyond all natural limits, beyond what you “think” you know and beyond any capacity of what you thought you could withstand physically.

The spiritual side, however, is a WHOLE nother story. The spiritual arena encapsulates your mind, will and your emotions. It will include the 7 gates of your heart and the 12 gates around your life spiritually. We all have an outer court, an inner court and our MAIN goal is to arrive within our Holy of Holies. In the Holy of Holies is where we find out who we are in Christ and Who’s we are. Its in this holy place that our soul man discovers destiny and he/she will discover why they were placed into the earth.

On the way into the Holy of Holies is where all the real trouble resides though. In the outer courts is where demons can attack, the mind, the body, your emotions. They attack through deep wounding within relationships and hence the “Wounded Warrior” develops.

The Wounded Warrior is more prevalent than you know. They work alongside of you in the office place, they kneel alongside of you at church, and some of them will hold your hand as you parent them through life’s experiences. Some warriors have lost the ability to fight anymore and might need your help as they struggle with debilitating mental hurts and illnesses and it IS our job to help our teammates! Because WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM!

I am the daughter of a full military Colonel and my father used to always tell me:
“Missy- you are NOT a lone island in/of yourself – you are on a TEAM. And when bad things happen to 1 team member it happens to the ENTIRE TEAM- we ALL take the hit together because THATS what a team does. Its unity/community and people survive and thrive when they attain the “team mindset.”

Warriors are picked off easily by the devil/his demons (through emotional attack/sometimes physical) when we get isolated and deeply wounded/emotionally or traumatically hurt.

I don’t know about you but when someone wounds my heart the only way I know how to deal with the pain is to get everyone As FAR away from me as possible so that I can manuever my way through the pain. Because I love as deeply as I get hurt. They say that the deeper you love or the depth of your capability to love will be the same level that you get hurt at. So losses affect me at very deep levels so as a warrior you need to guard your heart and hold dysfunctional people at an “arms length” for your own protection.

At least until they get more healing or at least until you get into the place to where your strong enough to deal with their warped thinking/behavior.

Wounded Warriors get hurt at 3 levels when they get hurt. If they are military they can face physical wounding, as well as spiritual and emotional wounding. For the Warrior in Christ the spiritual is the toughest because its the hurts of the soul that stay with you. The soul is the spirit man/woman in whom Christ made all of us to be.

So is this you today? Are you a “Wounded Warrior?” Have you been beaten up on the battlefield of life or on the actual battlefield of combat? Christ was in it with you then and He’s walking alongside of you now because like you You “Mighty Man/Woman of God” He’s “in it to WIN IT!” Are you? Just hang on as Christ pulls your heart up to this next level of glory- it’s gonna be ok…….its always ok with Jesus at your side….

Jesus- this battle has gone on a LOT longer than I anticipated. I refuse to quit and I WILL NOT give up because I know that through YOU I can DO ALL THINGS! Lord, please heal my heart/soul from all the devil’s strategies that he has come at me with so violently. You know the woundings of my soul and You said By Your STRIPES I AM HEALED- not WAS HEALED BUT THAT I AM CURRENTLY HEALED! So I receive that healing now in Jesus name,
Love to you guys
Missy Hood

“The Spirit of Competition” when The KING is in the House

Helllllo- The King is in the house……why are we competing when we are on the same team?
How many of us live our lives day in/day out trying to beat someone. IN our jobs, families, finances, in even in church?
At church is what really bothers me because I want to remind everyone of something: MOST OF US ARE ON THE SAME TEAM- with a few exceptions (those stuck in the spirit of religion). Those with the spirit of religion are always working against God’s movement and advancement and keep people stuck.

But what about those of us get caught up in our own insecurities an start to compare our lives with those around us? Well, I have a quick clue for all you: There are no 2 people that Christ made alike and so I won’t be trying to be you today. I can’t wear your armor Saul. Meaning: I use your gifts, I can’t do what you do, I don’t and WON’T ever look like you do, because God didn’t intend for me to. SO we all might as well just learn the spirit of gratitude and knock off all the attitude. Really- whats the purpose in comparisons when the person standing in your shoes is the most wonderful person on the plant in Christ’s eyes?

I have had competition with family members (OMG- they wear me out sometimes) because of the way/places God uses my vessel. I’m been blessed to work in show business/Film/Costuming Design, Radio, Modeling (hated it- I like to eat too much), and now writing, teaching, preaching with deep inner healing.

I’ve been blessed to travel all over the world (well, not all over, but to quite a few places) and I love that! But do you know what I celebrate more? Christ and the way that He made me! There is no one like me or YOU on the planet.

I remember looking out over a ball field in 5th grade telling myself “you know, I’m different- I don’t know why I’m different but you know what I think I like it!”
And I do- I’ve always celebrated and appreciated the differences in others. The only thing I maybe have gotten caught up in was wishing that my body were like that of smaller women. My body frame is large boned and so I’ve had to learn to accept that I will never be a “buck-0- five” no matter how hard I try.

Are you here today? Always looking/comparing your life to others? Well, truth is they are probably wishing they had your life but in reality couldnt handle the cross that God gave you to bear. Each one of us carry different sized crosses. And God has given us what we need to bear those loads. I can’t carry your cross nor you mine. So here lets pray:

Lord, sometimes I think if I were this way or that way my life might be different or better. But truth is if the truth REALLY be known I’d probably trip and hit my head on the curb if I had to carry a cross that big. The one you’ve given me is quite sufficient thank you! Its made just for my body frame, its painted with all this tye dye colors, a little bling bling sprinkled here and there (because I want the SON to glisten off my cross) when I encounter others. I can only imagine what my mansion will look like once I get to heaven! (A little liberache theme maybe with a hint of a tree house/hobbit thinge….
Thank you for the life you’ve given me Lord and please forgive me for not loving it more!
Love you guys!

“Are We Ever Going to Talk About This?” (People Who REFUSE to Communicate and Work Through)

Refuse to talk pic

What do you do when you are dealing with an individual who refuses to acknowledge the white elephant in the room between you? You’ve just had a huge explosion/altercation/disagreement (you call it what it is) and the other person refuses to talk.

We have these types in our families, at church, at work, in business relationships and even in friendships.

The one thing I cannot stand is someone who purposefully wrongs me (through their own dysfunction/past hurts usually) and then refuses to acknowledge that wrong that THEY purpetrated against me, and they just go on with life as though nothing happend. I sit there saying to myself “going WTH? Are they crazy? Are they really going to act like nothing happened? Or like I just need to overlook their idiosyncrasys and just move on like they did nothing?

You see- in the christian church today many act like “turning the other cheek” goes without having to acknowledge their mistakes. They think that they either get to go on without ever talking things out or that they get to pray their way through without going to their brother/sister without making things right LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS TO DO! Are you guys listening? NOBODY ever gets away with anything in this life and if any of us think that when we wrong others the problem will just dissapate if we ignore it we are HIGHLY wrong. What WILL happen is that that person WILL get to go around the mountain with God as many times as it takes until they decide they are going to deal with their issues. AND with the hurts that they’ve caused others.

Believe me- you can try to run away from your issues but those issues will just follow you whereever you run. My father used to tell me “Missy- don’t ever run away from your troubles because those troubles will just run after you and eventually catch up with you!”

So what are we doing as a christian? What kind of message are we sending to others around us when we fail to acknowledge our wrongs? Or when we fail to go to those that we’ve wronged and ASK for FORGIVENESS??

Well- firstly- the message sent to that wronged person is that they are worthy of your time. This is turn leaves them confused and sometimes can leave them stuck in that wrong from the past because everybody needs “closure.” Closure just might not come in their time but in God’s timing. Somewhere else down the road.

I know I personally have spent 8 years wondering why 3 individuals betrayed me (in christian ministry) and for no other reason other than “they just thought they could.” The incident happened to me 8 years ago and its taken God all this time to explain to my heart the “whys” of it all. Do you want to know the outcome?

Nothing. Jesus eventually showed my heart that these individuals all DID PAY for their wrongs and each one did what they did out of the hurts from their past. They were acting out against me because of their own past which had nothing to do with me. I was just another victim along their journey until they got healed.
(“Thank God!” I say- about wore me out)

The truth is is that we ALL have flaws and we ALL are in need of some type of deliverance or healing. NONE of us will ever be completely whole until we go home to be with the Lord.
So this is what I figure:
I figure I will never be whole until I go home so I might as well start learning to love others despite themselves flaws and all because thats how I want to be treated here on earth as well. I need to learn to love others right where they are at CURRENTLY. Because there really is no point trying to get family members, or boy friends, or whomeever to change because only God can change a heart. And I’m not Him. And btw I FINALLY learned to let those who had wronged me “go” after 8 years. I don’t need to stay stuck with them because I’m Free! Hallelujah- FREE TO BE ME!

What about you? Are you here today? Still pondering over stuff that happened to you from years ago long since gone? Have people hurt you and refused to acknowledge their hurts against you? In the church, in your marriage, IN YOUR FAMILY or ministry, at work? Well then then here pray with me ok?
Lord- There was a time when I would really demand justice when a hurt had been done to my heart. I am such a right over might person and my heart just had such a hard time with people carelessly rough shodding over me like I was nothing more than dung under their foot. Lord- there are so many in this day and time who still behave this way that I don’t even know where to start to love them. BUT- I know that I AM called to love them despite themselves (flaws and all). Because thats what You did Father. You just loved them. Lord, help me to love them like You do.

I love you Lord….Amen.
Love to you guys!
Missy Hood

What To Do With Crazy Family

Happy Monday Everybody!

When Leaders Leave YOU to Seek God’s Face

Exodus of Moses
Remember Moses? He had already been up on the mountain but left the people in the wilderness to go to seek God’s face again?

What they did next was one of the most grievous mistakes in their history. Instead of waiting patiently on God to speak to them (because at this time they were dependent upon their leader Moses who had now gone up the mountain) and so they turned to another source. We will call this the “golden calf” incident.

What do you do when your walk is rocking along and everything seems to be going fine. You go to church or listen online to the word of God faithfully until one day its like God just disappears? Well, if we were to really be honest with ourselves we would have to admit that He was invisible anyway so our walks were solely based on faith. So now you’ve entered into this season to where you “Feel” (remember your feelings have NOTHING to do with your faith) but you feel as if you are just aimlessly trodding along. By yourself, sinking deeper and deeper into your pity party thinking “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME LORD!?????!!!! WHERE DID YOU GO?!!!”””” Everything seems quiet for weeks, sometimes months and then He reaches down to put His finger on your shoulder for 2 minutes which brings the greatest release/relief you’ve felt in a LONG TIME.

What is this? What’s happening? Could it be that maybe God is calling you deeper? Deeper, even as a leader, into Himself?

The body is now walking through this place of such stretching now that if we were to be stretched even one more inch our male counterparts would feel as if they had given birth. To which most of you are probably saying “well nowwwww Missy- that’s a gross picture you just put into my head” to which I would have to respond “well then, I’ll let you ask them how they feel because if you did they would probably agree with me as well as most our sisters. We are being pushed beyond our capability, beyond our normal levels of endurance, beyond anything we’ve ever experienced in Christian history. Your beyond any sense of peace, your hair is on fire most of time, along with your patience, and to most you seem as though your a walking through a forest fire getting ready to ignite.

Pace yourself Photo
Your getting ready to ignite alright right into the glory of God’s fullness. Don’t you feel the explosion building on the inside of you? Its been building for months on the remnant. You see, right before a HUGE move of God hits the body starts to feel it. We feel it in our finances, our emotions, our family relationships, and mainly our relationship with Christ.

His spirit starts to draw back (kind of like a tsunami) before the largest wave comes crashing down onto the target base that it hits. YOU are that target base- praise God! And YOU are getting ready to be hit with the weightiest force of His presence that the world has ever experienced in human history. THIS IS YOUR TIME! The heat’s on and the pressure is rising all around you. The good news is that so is the joy. It’s bittersweet for those who have made it this far. The darkness is rising all around us because of the world’s refusal to come into a Holy God’s presence and for those of us who complied well, we’re getting ready for the big PLUNGE! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

So get yourself out of panic mode and get your focus back on Christ so that you can sense where He is taking you. He is teaching you NOT to rely on your leaders anymore BUT SOLEY upon HIM. Its always been about Him. What about my coming into submission to leadership you say? Wellllllll I did not say to go “hog wild” and lose your mind because God is a god of order (hello). He is a God that calls us in alignment. Submission is part of that “coming into alignment process. Its like a string that we are walking on that once was all zig-zagged and now God’s hands are at both ends tightening it. How well do you walk a tight rope? (Praise God for the Acrobats! LOL Is this you? Well it is now! Check yourself- get your balance because YOU CAN DO THIS!)
As for God’s leaders:
His leaders are preparing themselves for the wave to hit them first so that it can trickle down like the oil on the beard of Aaron to your life. They are face down in His temple waiting on Him to arrive. They are in deep worship as His spirit is starting to build/intertwine with their own. They being endued with a power/authority so weighty that when it hits its fixing to knock them and YOU to their knees in holy reverence. Everything underneath it that is not of God will crumble the minute that holiness touches the darkness making all ground around it “holy ground.”

So take your sandals off you warrior of God because you are about to be standing on VERY VERY holy ground.

And its time- its the time we’ve all been placed into the earth for. To be the biggest blessing to our Father (as a son/daughter of a King) that the world has ever known.
You be blessed!
Love to you


“You Don’t Get to Control Me!”

controlling pictureContrary to popular opinion when we control others we are only deluding ourselves into believing the devil’s lie. Controlling people are really people in need of attaining control from within. Their emotions are in chaos (and most likely their lives although they would vehemently deny it) so they try to attain some sense of peace by controlling everyone around themselves.

How you ask?
Through rage, putting others down, preying on the weaknesses of others (like with their fears of standing up for themselves so they allow the controller to roughshod all over them.)


Let me clue some of you little controllers out there on one little secret. THE ONLY PERSON ALLOWED TO CONTROL ME IS GOD! That’s right! Jesus Christ- the Lord almighty! NOT YOU and your screwed up little self.

I have family members for years who have tried to dominate me, character assassinate me, prey on my child like heart/nature to the point to where I got so damned sick and tired of it and (forgive me for this expletive but you just read the one I said above so I’m sure this one won’t break the bank) to the point to where I became “Insta Bitch.” I’m became “Johnny on the Spot” with those Jezabelian controllers in church, in my family, within friendships, at work- you name it- I started to allow God to start some house cleaning.
control photos
Let me tell you each something and if you don’t hear me now your probably headed for Round 2, or 10 around your mountains with the controllers in your lives. IF YOU DO NOT LEARN TO START SETTING HEALTHY BOUNDARIES AROUND YOURSELVES YOU WILL STAY OUT OF YOUR PROMISEDLAND BLESSINGS!!! Because part of the maturity process in Christ demands that we grow up enough to recognize when our identities are being challenged as well as our callings in Christ.

And if you don’t think that Jezabel/OR AHAB (the 2 biggest controlling demons in the bible) aren’t going to come to challenge your walk think, think again!! This spirits main objective are to make us all sterile, & force fitted into the same mold as the person standing beside you.

I don’t know about you but my bible says: that I am beautifully and wonderfully made in HIS Image- that I am a UNIQUE creature- AND that there is ONLY 1 of me! (probably a good thing most of you would say) And to that I say “Agreed!” But this truth tells me that I was never meant to fit into someone elses perception/image about WHO they “think” I am OTHER THAN CHRISTS! Because ONLY CHRIST knows my heart. Not you, nor the controlling family member, nor the insecure parent who’s always afraid someone is going to die if they aren’t the martar or always on the lookout for the devil!
OMG! They wear me out! Freakin A! They just WEAR ME OUT!
Chained by dysfunction
And then when you confront them- OMG- the rage/venom that spews from their mouths! Sometimes they will vent their rage at you in other ways. When you piss your spouse off do they cut you off? Sexually? Or ignore you for days? THIS IS MANIPULATION AND CONTROL! Its like a waterfall trying to force all the brave souls who dare to be unique back into their fear. If you want things to change you’d better be prepared for a sit down, confront the person by telling them YOU WILL NO LONGER relate with them in this controlling manner because its UNGODLY and demonic! Not to mention UNHEALTHY!

I DONOT WALK IN FEAR AND NOR SHOULD ANY OF YOU! Because Christ hasn’t given us a spirit of fear BUT LOVE, POWER AND OF A SOUND MIND!
So for all of you who have settled for people in your lives that are NOT good for you (maybe your married to them, or in friendship with them, you might even be related) but its UP TO YOU to start forcing the healthy changes. AND IT IS going to be uncomfortable for awhile while Jesus turns up the heat for deliverance purposes BUT GOOD CHANGE WILL COME. Its like this: They can come kicking and screaming or they can just “come willingly” but either way they are going to COME INTO JESUS through a COME TO JESUS!!!!! HALLELUJAH!

I have a friend in Virginia (she just contacted me today- and I love her dearly) but she got ahead of God and married another person JUST LIKE HER EX- A MAJOR CONTROLLER. Because she didn’t give God the time He needed to heal/deliver her heart from the victim spirit that keeps drawing this perpetrator spirit to her. So now she’s going around this very difficult mountain AGAIN- the first time it took her 15 years to break out of (and if she is reading this- I love you enough to tell you the truth even if this might hurt because better are the wounds of a friend than the wounds of an enemy- And I’m NOT YOUR ENEMY! I want you free which is the LOVE OF CHRIST!). So all the chaos that she fought so hard to get out of is surrounding her at even deeper levels and much more intense levels than before.

This is how a religious spirit affects and controls.

They will control you in the bedroom, in business, in relating, in child rearing, with in laws- you name it. ITS ALL ABOUT THEM.

So what do you do?
Well- prepare yourself for the fight of your life. Because Jezabel is not going to leave willingly. The deliverance process for those of you in marriage is LONG/HARD. And sometimes ends in divorce because of the lack/refusal to deal with the deep hard issues of the heart. Lets face it nobody likes friction.
So its always easier for the controller to push all the truth people away from them to where they don’t have to deal with their pathetic behaviors. While they make everyone else around themselves MISERABLE.
If they were to be honest with themselves they would probably find out that had they dealt with their hearts disposition that this chaos could have been remedied A LONG TIME AGO so that Joy could abound.

SO! What about you!?
Is this you today? All of us are on some end of this spectrum. Wanna pray?

Lord God! Help me Lord! Seriously Father- Deliver us from this evil that tries so hard to hinder us from entering into destiny! You said whom the Son sets free is free in deed!
And According to II Kings 9:32- 33 AND Luke 10:19 I COMMAND the Hand of the Lord with Ex 15:6 (concerning the works of My Hands COMMAND YE ME!) to start this deliverance process in ALL of our relationships NOW in Jesus name!

Love you guys!
Missy Hood

Encampment Training in the Lord: Prophetic Revelation About Where We Are


How many of you are wondering “What the heck” God is doing in your life?!!!! Why is He pushing us to the brink of our sanity, physical limits etc.
As the daughter of a Full Colonel all I know is the military lifestyle. And as the daughter of a King I’ve been able to implement that militaristic upbringing/training (to be VERY tough in the face of adversity) and how to overcome.
My dreams have always taken me higher though. Higher by wanting to go “all the way” or for the “whole enchilada” so if these are my dreams you have to know God’s plans for us to even HIGHER than that!
In order to move into the fullness of Glory (and not everyone will be able to do this) God is going to be entering those in the remnant into one of the fiercest training encampments ever!
Basic training is for those just wanting to do basic elements/positions within God’s army. But the fiercest of warriors (those who are called to GO ALL THE WAY) enter into the “Breaking Point” with Christ.
He will push us beyond our natural limits emotionally, spiritually, physically through spiritual warfare to show us what the human spirit is capable of when pressed. During the process of training many of us experience such hardship (in the natural) with false accusation, betrayal, character assassination, evil at such limits that we start to question the Lord.
However, God is a VERY good God and He orchestrated this entire event knowing FULL WELL who would make it and WHO WOULD NOT. Who will quit before they even get started and who will quit half way through before they ever enter into their promise land blessings.
My cousin’s husband is an ex-Navy Seal instructor out of California. I got the opportunity (when visiting her back in 1998) to witness Navy Seal “Hell Week.” I watched as they blasted men out of the barracks (that first night)/witnessed over a 7 day time frame as each man was forced to do CONSTANT movement/exercise/training. They were forced to continue moving (like we are now through praying even though we have no idea where we are going or when its going to end) on the beach with only 3 hours of sleep in that entire 7 days.
Instructors were constantly in their face yelling/screaming obscenities at these men to break them down mentally, emotionally and then physically while they were forced to keep moving and proving their level of expertise.
For the saints (minus the obscenities- well not always- sometimes they come out our mouthes as we “Go through”) we are going through the same type of testing. Maturing saints on the battle field find themselves trying to move into this new place of the glory as we are berated by those we love, are under constant scrutiny or mistreatment to the point to most are wondering why we even signed up.
Do you want to know why you signed up?!!!!!! To serve a power greater than yourself or a cause that would bring in such a haul of souls out of the devils camp. To do GREAT EXPLOITS for a King who gave Himself for so many. He never even thought twice about what it would cost Him to attain your heart He just stepped up to the plate and did it.
So encampment exercises/OR dying on your own cross and becoming more like Him are not for the weak. They are for those warriors/officers called to lead regiments/legions of angelic hosts through the Lord on their lives. You will not only be commanding armies in the earth but in the spiritual arena.
AND these warriors must be tested tried and true for the Lord. Their hearts must have gone through the fiercest of battles/training to ready them to handle a mantle so weighty that the “Average Joe” would crumple up underneath it. A mantle that can shatter the enemies forces with one stealth blow never looking back as they continue to advance.
You see- for the warrior who has been forced into such fire- that warrior eventually comes to the point of realizing that “what do I have to lose- it can’t get any worse than this.” So that when they come out and face REAL adversity they will be able to face it FEARLESS! Not giving a damn if they get hurt, or if the enemy gets hurt, because they are NOW in it to WIN IT!
Love in Christ
Missy Hood


The Spirit of the Lord says this:


We are in a DRASTIC time of transition and many in the My body have gotten somewhat off course because of the pressure created in the turn.

I have many of you in a holding pattern.  Held up above the warfare for such a time as this as I ready you to be BLESSED!
DO NOT look at what you see with your natural eyes as your eyes will fail you.

You are coming around an embankment in your lives and you will come out UNSCATHED.  EITHER YOU BELIEVE IN WHO I AM as FATHER

Or you DONOT.

Perfect peace is encamped around those who’s mind is stayed on Thee!

New strength is arising!  New strength to bring forth that which was conceived (dreams/desires) what couldn’t be brought forth in other seasons.

I UPHOLDING YOU WITH MY RIGHT HAND- upholding EVERYTHING that means anything to you so you will have to CHOOSE to position

Yourself/your thoughts in alignment with Mine or the enemy will come in with fear.

And what you fear will come upon you (Spiritual law).  PUSH THE FEAR AWAY AND STAND AND JUST BELIEVE!



Love to you guys

Missy Hood




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