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What It Means to Be a Leader

I have come to the conclusion that I want my life to reflect a life to those around me “that matters.” In my leadership style I have always demanded NOT to be religious but relational in my attempts to reflect a genuine down heartedness to those that cross my path.
I have thought long and hard about my leadership style because when I leave this life I want anyone made aware of my departure to say “man, she mattered.” She mattered because she cared so much about those whose lives she touched.I still believe in the power of Palmers quote when he states: “I value ethical standards, of course, but in a culture like ours- which devalues or dismisses the reality and power of the inner life- ethics too often becomes an external code of conduct, an objective set of rules we are told to follow, a moral exoskeleton we put on hoping to prop ourselves up.The problem with exoskeletons is simple: we can slip them off as easily as
we can don them (Palmer, 2004, p. 8).
This “outside/exoskeleton” life that I try so hard to shed is what I describe in my attempts to show others around me how important it is to” matter.” Or to leave a lasting impression on those we leave behind in our attempts to live on or to leave a legacy. You see, my job isn’t just to counsel/preach/teach, my job in this earth is to point others (God puts in to my path) towards Him. In all that I do, at the end of my life, my Ph.D. won’t matter, nor any of the power/privilege that come with it, my denomination won’t matter, nor my political affiliations (although I claim none), my skin color won’t matter, nor my sex, so the only thing people will
remember me by (even as a professional) will be what my heart displayed. The only thing in this life I will be remembered for is how my love for that soul demonstrated God’s love in the things I did/said for/to those around me. For good or for evil.
I think the term “I die daily” is one of the hardest biblical truths to apply to our lives, outside of taking our thoughts captive, because both require us to be attentive. Attentive to what we are thinking, saying, or doing (when we interact) leaving an impact on those relationships.
This paper is even important to my heart because I want to make sure that the heart reading this knows that whether they know me, or ever meet me, but that this heart knows that someone out here is praying for them while I attend their class or write in a blog. I’m not just here to attain a degree or to be assigned a grade or just to write, I’m here to serve others in every way possible as I feel my life is supposed to serve a greater purpose.
I believe in Churchill’s Principals within how I establish/build my life and I believe with all my heart that those I interact with (in leadership circles/trusted inner circles) know me to be a woman of my word (Borgmann, 2006). I believe that’s important because here 30 years later, after serving 30 years in ministry you can ask any past team member I’ve served with and most will tell you “man, make sure you want to know the truth BEFORE you go to Missy because she SURELY will tell you the truth- according to her biblical beliefs.” I don’t state that arrogantly but as a matter of fact, because I believe it’s important (even when we misunderstand or disagree with
each other) that we all are able to dialogue and find solutions amicably. I believe that we will have all kinds of people who cross our paths in this life with varying views/opinions, some right, others very wrong, but it’s not our place to change that mind/heart , it’s God’s, and I’m not Him.
I believe that leadership within my own life is mostly silently reflected by my daily actions which make people in my sphere feel safe to open up to my heart. This is the “circle of trust” that Palmer stated in his example of how we get a soul to open itself up to inner transformation in opinionated groups.
If I ever think anything, any title, power, or money, or affiliations (political or religious) will carry me in this life I am only deluding myself with fleshly things because it’s the matters of the heart that will always make a difference. A good leader has ethical standards, they are usually almost always (or should be) neutral/indifferent and should act as a bridge to conversations/solutions. This doesn’t matter if I’m a Kantist, Utilitarian, Evolutionary Psychologist, etc., it’s all mute, when it comes to sound leadership and ethics leading hearts they influence. I also believe that we are ALL held highly accountable to whom we influence for good/evil in the eyes of the Lord and I take this truth very seriously in my daily career activities.
In my field I am called to listen/minister to some of the most heinous life experiences as when I wrote about the woman who tried to adopt the drug addict’s child, as no class member commented on my writing.
I very rarely ever talk about my counseling experiences because some are so bad/unbelievably evil that it makes those hearts listening run away. I felt this same stance was true in the lack of comments on that last writing. It’s always the same response which is why I feel it necessary when forced to step into that type of situation that my actions “matter.” I wrote the response to create a jolt/reaction to make people wake up to the fact that not everybody has the same type of life that we do so WE need to BE that difference. We each need to “matter.”
I feel that my actions begin to “matter” when I am able to listen/guide that heart with biblical ethics/virtues in the way that heart should/can make it through such atrocities. “This is the way walk ye in it (New International Version, Is 30:21). None of the things of the flesh/world will fix that kind of hurt but my actions/ethics as a leader/counselor will hopefully assist in giving that guidance. My actions do not represent judgment, or cowardice, my actions hopefully show that heart that God is viewing their life as one that matters as well so that inner transformation (like Palmer spoke of) can occur.
Friday I will be attending a funeral of a dear family friend who was like a father to me since I was 22 years old as he died just yesterday. I might be called to pray or speak about his life/situation to a group of deeply hurting people to assist them in dealing with the tremendous loss they’ve just experienced.
As a leader, my thoughts are already gearing up as to what I might say over Eddie’s life, which will lead me down a path to the truth of HOW “he mattered.” He mattered to a 22 year old who was lost when her own father died in his ability to show my heart how to pick up and move on with my own life.He mattered when he would call to check on me throughout the years just to say “he loved us or to ask how were we doing?” Because of these actions his life showed my heart that not only I mattered to him but that “HE mattered.”
My question today and every day hereon will be: “Do others who view my leadership style/life see it as one of purpose/integrity because of the impact I am making for Christ? We are all connected in this life, whether we choose to believe that or not, but your life touches mine and vice versa and how I live out my life will impact yours, and many others. The bottom is line to the question ethical leadership is not “did I live my life to the fullest but what my life “FULL of making a difference?” Because to Christ if my life is not bearing fruit daily THAT matters (New International Version, Matt 21:19).
(Kleinke, 2007) stated that self-sacrificial leadership promotes the image of leaders as being willing to incur personal costs to serve the “greater cause”, especially when exposed to external threats or crises.
(Markie, 2000) stated that good teachers/counselors/leaders are those that can
demonstrate certain values:
Intellectual Competence
Sense of Relevant connection
The Knowledge of Human Beings;

My only hope is that I am one of those with these traits ……..………and…..that I mattered

Prophetic Word by Missy Hood August 2014- THE FIREY PRESSURE BUILDING WITHIN/WITHOUT

Buning Bush

There is fire coming onto my body that is so powerful that it will literally shake the heavens.
Just like a plane that has to climb to higher altitudes, as it makes its climb the pressure of that altitude (glory of the heavens) will literally shake its body.
So as you feel the pressure mounting up against you in this narrow place KNOW that all is well with your soul as your
Vessel starts to be shaken. Do not be alarmed at the shaking as the old dross is being shaken off (finally) to where
Your heart can be “stayed” on Me. I am putting new armor/a new metal/rivets to patch up the holes in your armor caused by war.
I am getting your back (Is 52:12/rear guard) as you climb to ensure that no one has a scent of your tracking/upward mobility.
Sometimes, just like I take my angels- I allow them to climb within the dimensions of My spirit so that they too would know Me,
But YOU little Flock- I allow your heart to go anywhere it desires to climb within My being/My Spirit/all the dimensions of heaven
Laid out here in the earth for you to explore. I want your heart to be able to explore EVERY aspect of my power/authority as it
Is laid out before you in the earth. SO that YOU might know My kingship and all of the keys of heaven so that ALL would see That there IS ONLY 1 GOD who creates, who controls, empowers, and directs His sheep. Just as the shepherd directs/guides
His sheep into cleaner/purer/SAFER pastures So will I go ahead of you always providing, removing, clearing a path of safety.

For all of you leaders: STOP YOUR BICKERING- as I see many quarrels breaking out among you because of the pressure that has been building
Around you. You make the body fearful when they see quarrels break out amongst you and you need NOT lead with hesitancy BUT WITH INTEGRITY
Guarding your tongue.
A little leaven will spoil the entire pot if you continue to allow these quarrels to break out instead of squelching them right from the start- DO NOT let
The pressure of the fire hit your tongue first- but instead allow that fire to consume your heart/souls so that I might ignite My spirit within you!
Love in Christ,
Missy Hood

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Stubborness- By Derek Prince Ministries

Do you ever struggle with stubbornness? You know—those times when it’s clear you should change your mind about an issue, but you just can’t? Or maybe you even refuse to do so? (Please tell me I’m not the only one who struggles in this area!)

Maybe a situation is coming to mind right now—a matter where the Holy Spirit is nudging you to change your opinion, but you are resisting that urge. Or perhaps the Lord is simply working on you to become a little more pliable in your positions and/or attitudes.

I’m not trying to get into your business. But if, like me, you periodically deal with stubborn tendencies, this letter may provide some light and life to you. I sure hope so!

A Gripping Message

One of the amazing aspects of reading the Word of God is discovering a verse I have read before, but never truly “seen.” It happens to me regularly, and it was my experience once again just a few weeks ago.

It began as I was driving in a familiar part of town. I noticed a new billboard featuring these four bold words: JESUS LORD REMEMBER ME. At the bottom of the billboard was the citation: Luke 23:42. Recognizing this as the request of one of the criminals crucified with Jesus, the four words gripped me: JESUS LORD REMEMBER ME. I thought, “What a good prayer to offer regularly to the Lord!”

But there was also a nagging question: “Did the thief on the cross call Jesus by name?” I didn’t think he did, so at my first opportunity, I checked the passage. Technically, the billboard was correct: those four words do appear consecutively. Luke 23:42 reads: “Then he [the second thief] said to Jesus, “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom” (NKJV). Even better, we know the wonderful way our Savior responded: “Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.”

Never Saw It Before

My next thought was, Maybe in one of the other Gospel accounts the thief called Jesus by name. When I checked in Matthew, I found the verse I had never noticed before.

In the account of the crucifixion in Matthew 27, beginning with verse 38, I saw the depiction of the two robbers crucified with Jesus—one on the right and one on the left. The next verse described the crowds of people walking past the crucified Christ—blaspheming Him and heaping abuse on Him: “If You are the Son of God, come down from the cross” (verse 40b, NKJV). The chief priests, scribes and elders also joined in with other abusive statements like: “He saved others; Himself He cannot save”(verse 42a, NKJV).

Then came the verse that blew my mind: “Even the robbers who were crucified with Him reviled Him with the same thing” (verse 44, NKJV). Robbers—plural. At the start of the crucifixion, both of the thieves were scoffing at Jesus. But at some point, the second criminal changed his mind. As a result, his words took on a completely different tone.

We don’t know how that change in attitude occurred, but clearly it did. Luke 23:42 marks the moment this second thief went from railing at Jesus, to an absolute turnaround. So complete was the change, that he even rebuked the other thief for scoffing. Then he asked Jesus to remember him. For that man, his change of mind was the difference between eternal death and eternal life–the difference between his damnation and his entrance into Paradise.

Seeing this dramatic shift in the thief’s attitude—which I had never noticed before—my first thought was, You might want to consider changing your mind.

The Dangers of a Stiff Neck

In Webster’s Dictionary, the definition for “stubborn” is: “unreasonably or perversely unyielding: MULISH. (See OBSTINATE).” Not at all complimentary, is it? Likewise, the Bible has nothing good to say about stubborn people. Scripture usually refers to them as stiff-necked or obstinate, always with a severe penalty attached to their behavior.

Here’s a brief sampling of passages on the dangers of stubbornness. To the children of Israel, God said: “Go up to the land flowing with milk and honey. But I will not go with you, because you are a stiff-necked people and I might destroy you on the way” (Exodus 33:3, NIV). The Hebrew word there for stiff-necked is the same word used in earlier chapters of Exodus to describe the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart toward the Jews.

Particularly sobering is Proverbs 29:1: “He who is often rebuked, and hardens his neck, will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.” (Taking our cue from the thief on the cross, we might want to consider changing our minds.)

Finally, the convicting words in Acts 7:51 that were the cause of Stephen’s martyrdom: “You stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears! You always resist the Holy Spirit; as your fathers did, so do you.” Even the slightest sign of stiffness in my neck ought to prompt me to consider changing my mind!

Softening Our Hearts and Our Necks

In a powerful teaching, “You Must Decide,” Derek Prince highlighted our need to respond to the Lord’s prompting by changing our minds. However, he added one very encouraging fact: we can count on the Holy Spirit for help in our response.

Now, whereas we have to make the decision, we need to bear in mind that we cannot make the decision without the help of the Holy Spirit. The initiative actually comes from God; it always does.

There is a beautiful verse in Lamentations, right at the end of the fifth chapter, verse 21, where there is this pathetic plea: “Turn us back to you, O Lord, and we shall be restored.” But if you look in the margin of the New King James, it says “we shall be turned back.” That is the literal translation. The prophet says, “Turn us and we shall be turned.”

The first move comes from God. If God doesn’t turn us, on our own we are unable to turn. On the other hand, if God begins to turn us, we will not turn unless we make the right decision.

I suppose this is the most critical moment in the life of any human soul. It’s the moment when the Holy Spirit is saying, “Turn. I’ll help you.” Then we have to decide, “Am I going to cooperate with the Holy Spirit–or am I going to shrug it off and say I don’t want to?” Your decision is what makes the difference.

The Holy Spirit will plead with you. The Holy Spirit will move upon you. But He will not make the decision for you.

What Will Be My Response?

Is the emphasis of this letter helpful to you? If you do recognize areas of stubbornness in your life, what action can you and I take to deal with those tendencies?

One encouraging piece of logic is that if the Lord commands us not to harden our hearts, He must have a means for us to obey that command. Are there some positive steps we can actively take to soften our hearts and our necks? One response could be to follow the admonition of King Hezekiah in 2 Chronicles 30:8: “Now do not be stiff-necked, as your fathers were; but yield yourselves to the LORD; and enter His sanctuary, which He has sanctified forever, and serve the Lord your God, that the fierceness of His wrath may turn away from you.”

Those are three helpful ways to avoid hardening of the heart: 1) yield to the Lord; 2) worship Him; 3) serve Him. Would you like to respond in prayer right now along those lines? Let’s do so together with the following proclamation:

Lord, I don’t want to be stubborn or stiff-necked in any way, because nothing good comes from those behaviors. Above all, I don’t want to be displeasing to You by a stiff-necked attitude. I ask now for Your forgiveness for any wrong-headedness or resistance to Your ways, and I repent of all stubbornness. By faith, I receive Your cleansing from this sin in my life.

Help me to be more pliable in Your hands and more useful for Your purposes. If I am holding to opinions or positions that are displeasing in Your sight, I relinquish them. I am willing, like the thief on the cross, to change my mind and my behavior—moving from death to life. Turn me, Lord!

I want to take positive steps that lead out of a stiff-necked condition. I yield to You, Lord. I enter into worship, giving You all glory and honor. And I offer myself in service to You.

Not my will, but Yours be done. Not my opinion, but Your wisdom alone. Not my decisions, but Your direction for me. I gladly consider changing my mind, so that I might be Your obedient servant. Amen.

Yielded and Still

Your prayer has opened up your spirit to the Lord in a brand new way. Right now, I’m thinking of words from the first verse of the hymn, “Have Thine Own Way, Lord.” Here is the prayer we sing to the Lord in that verse: “Mold me and make me after Thy will, while I am waiting, yielded and still.” If you and I could only stay pliable in His hands—“waiting, yielded and still” for His direction—what might we accomplish for Him?

Let’s try it and see what happens! Of course, all of us here at DPM–USA join you in that pursuit. Being pliable in His hands is our goal as well, so let’s pursue that objective together. Would you allow us to help by providing some teaching materials for you? Can we begin with the full message of “You Must Decide,” from which we drew the excerpt of Derek’s teaching in this letter? Simply click here to download it, and it is yours with our compliments.

Encouraging you in your progress as a disciple of Jesus Christ is one of our greatest joys. On your part, you have brought tremendous encouragement to us through your faithful prayers and financial assistance. Thank you for your concern, contact and support. We simply could not do the work before us without your involvement. Thank you for linking arms with us as we all move forward in obedience to Him.

Keep This Word in Mind

You and I have taken a pivotal step together today. It’s not every day that we tackle tough issues in our lives like the problem of stubbornness.

Let’s allow this process to continue. Let’s ask the Lord to keep showing us the obstacles that need to be eliminated from our lives. Let’s wait before Him regularly, “yielded and still” enough to hear His voice of encouragement and correction.

You and I can trust the Lord Jesus to make the adjustments He desires in our lives. Even when we may be heading initially in the wrong direction—like the thief on the cross—He can turn us. We can complete that turn—if we will consider changing our minds.

All the best,
Image Blocked
Dick Leggatt
President, DPM–USA

Blasting OUT Through Ressurrection Power!


We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. 11 For we who are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus’ sake, so that his life may be revealed in our mortal body. II Cor 4:10

I was just reading this and the realization hit me that BOTH the DEATH AND THE RESSURRECTION of Christ’s POWER lies within each of us! Did you know that?!!!!!! BOTH the power of what His death FOR US did and then THE BLASTING OUT POWER of what HIS RESSURRECTION did when He rose from that death. During that time frame between the time He died and then the time He rose was when He went down into the bowels of hell and yanked back the keys of the kingdom so that you and I would walk in His Power again! In his Glory, with the same authority as He did when He walked the earth. THIS is what gave us that ability back!!!!!!!!!!! This is also why the signs, wonders and the miracles still abound in the earth today. That means- YOUR VESSEL and MINE can operate in them!

Do you know what this means? That when you give your life to Christ, that just like Jesus- your old spirit man steps up to the cross and starts the dying process to self/to the flesh/your old ways. And when you receive Christ as Lord over your life your NEW MAN is then intertwined with Christ’s spirit from within and begins its acension Upward through His power from within. This occurs in your mind, will, emotions as they too start the unification process with Jesus inside of your body. ISN’T THAT AMAZING!!!!! Just because You said yes! “Yes to the Dress!”
You put on your heavenily ball gown as Christ’s bride at that moment!

And He started the beatification process of making you into Himself. A little Jesus in the earth! WOW! AMAZING! Giving you, JUST LIKE HE GAVE THE DISCIPLES His SAME AUTHORITY to go and cast out demons, to heal the sick, and give eye sight to the blind! YOU HAVE THIS SAME RESSURRECTION POWER! IF you know Jesus- YOUR vessel has been charged by the “Jesus- power pack!”

So many of us think we have to clean ourselves up, or try to change who we are at the levels we are at. Stuck in our muck/mire and then when we get the invitation to come to Christ to be beautified in Him we look at ourselves in that moment and most (unless surrounded by Loving vessels to prop them up into the truth of what Love says about them- that they are loved “flaws and all”) run away.

I can understand too because I too ran away from salvation because I thought it would limit my life. I thought salvation in Christ would mean I would become this boring, religious old lady with a bun on her head, not to mention not being allowed to wear makeup. And Girrrrrrrrrlllllll or Boyyyyyyyyyyyy (whoever is reading this) if you’ve ever seen me without makeup… I say that because, well, I think even Jesus cringes in the mornings saying to His angels “go toss her her make – up bag on her bed so she sees it when she awakes! Quick- DO IT NOW! We Don’t want to scare anybody and we’ve hit our quota for heavenily entrances for today!!!”

Seriously- most of us still struggle with being able to really accept the truth that Jesus REALLY does love us just like we are. Even in our muck/mire. Even when we sin, HE STILL LOVES US! Even when we disobey, YEP- He STILL LOVES US! Even when we let Him down- YEP, YEP AND again I SAY YEP!

The bible states that God knew us before the foundations of the world. So if He knew you then (before you were even born) AND because He’s also Omniciscent (everywhere at once- meaning- He’s in your past, present AND FUTURE) don’t you think He knew all of the crummy stuff we would choose to do in our lives?

So what makes your life different from anybody elses?

My God! My God!
Is this you today- are you saved? Are you struggling with the truth that Jesus REALLY DOES LOVE YOU? He loves your whether or not He’s answering your prayers, He loves you when your sinning, He just LOVES YOU! Whether people around do or not! HE DOES!
Here- pray this prayer with me ok?
Father God- I need you! I need your Love in my life, and I JUST NEED YOU! I love you, and I can’t live my life without You!
(if you want to know His love) pray this:
Father I’m so sorry for my sins, I repent, and I ask you to forgive me, I ask you to come into my heart, along with your Holy Spirit infilling and I ask YOU Father to be the Lord over my life! RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW- in my muck and in my mire. Come in and show me WHO LOVE IS!
Thank you Father!
Love to you guys

Breaking Out of Hell Within Your Life & INTO HEAVEN HERE ON EARTH


Ever felt like you were truly stuck within your life? That this was as good as life was going to get for you? That there was no way out? Or that your are always at the wrong place at the wrong time? Well I have news for you today…..I say:

Good- then your at the right place to find your answers. There was a time in my life where I had SO many cursings operating over my life that I wanted to die. The problem was was that I didn’t even know that supernatural events operating around my life were demonic. I thought that this was just how life went when we got older. HOWEVER, the Lord kept reminding me of a time when I was younger and when I was tremendously blessed. The favor that flowed over my life, the blessings, etc. everything just seemed to come up roses for me.

Then when I came in and got serious about Christ in my life was when the real fun started. The enemy started to see me as a threat because NOW I was finding out who I was in christ. I was learning new tools to fight him with and I was COMING UP! In all directions, I was also getting hit by the devil/his minions in all directions as well. It got so bad that I laid in bed one night asking God to please take me home because I just couldn’t see any way that this torment and tremendous warfare would ever end.

You know what though, slowly, as I learned how to pray, what to say while I was going through, when to obey did I start to see an “uptick.” Meaning: God was starting to bring me UP AND OUT from the devil’s jail cell. Jesus had started to bring me keys that only God knew about and as soon as He would show me one I’d put it in the lock and let myself out (through Him) to another level of Glory.

New level New Devil. Ever heard of the term? As we each keep advancing to the new levels of glory we aren’t having to deal with the same small itty bitty little demons anymore. The enemy gets more cunning to try to thwart us off our given paths and to force us back into those little jail cells- in our minds, hearts, wills and emotions. He’s out for the entire enchilada- HE WANTS YOU/I stuck or dead one. The devil would prefer Christians 6 ft. under because that would mean one less warrior for him to have to deal with. But as warriors we think the same thing about he/his minions. Every time God uses our vessel to take one down I’m like “good- another one bites the dust- HALLELUJAH!”

The key to advancing in the Lord though is understanding when to go, when to stop when He says “no” and when to pause and wait on Him to move you across. Where “across” is in the level of Glory that your currently standing in.

Is this you today? Are you ready to break out and move up? I’m right there with you! I’m also here to tell you that before you quit think about this: Is there anywhere for you to go back to? As Christians the only destination is forward towards to mark/prize. God said that once we make a decision to move ahead we are NEVER to look back because there is nothing there for us anymore. DEVELOPING this character trait is what will eventually develop your endurance for the hard places of your life/spirit and the grit that its going to take to get you into YOUR DESTINY! SO YOU KEEP GOING-

If Your Going Through Hell- KEEP GOING!
Winston Churchill 1940
Here lets pray:

Father God You said that where 2 or more agree we can ask ANYTHING of You and YOU will do it! Lord, we are ALL Ready for “Breakthrough” to break out and BREAK THROUGH into the new realm/dimension and season that You have for each one of us. Father, help us to understand that our feelings have NOTHING to do with our faith. Help us to be able to continue to be the warriors who move with such agility with hinds feet for the high places. For the heart of the living God in all that we do!
We love you Lord!
Blessings and I’ll see you next week!

“Wounded Warriors”

Wounded-Warrior-Project-is-a-Fraud Bishop

Mark Chironna stated: “To live above with those we love, oh, how that will be glory. To live below with those we know, now that’s another story. ” (Chironna, M. 2014)

Another story because living out the life of Christ has cost many of us something. Something HUGE in this life and the bearing of that cross will push you beyond all natural limits, beyond what you “think” you know and beyond any capacity of what you thought you could withstand physically.

The spiritual side, however, is a WHOLE nother story. The spiritual arena encapsulates your mind, will and your emotions. It will include the 7 gates of your heart and the 12 gates around your life spiritually. We all have an outer court, an inner court and our MAIN goal is to arrive within our Holy of Holies. In the Holy of Holies is where we find out who we are in Christ and Who’s we are. Its in this holy place that our soul man discovers destiny and he/she will discover why they were placed into the earth.

On the way into the Holy of Holies is where all the real trouble resides though. In the outer courts is where demons can attack, the mind, the body, your emotions. They attack through deep wounding within relationships and hence the “Wounded Warrior” develops.

The Wounded Warrior is more prevalent than you know. They work alongside of you in the office place, they kneel alongside of you at church, and some of them will hold your hand as you parent them through life’s experiences. Some warriors have lost the ability to fight anymore and might need your help as they struggle with debilitating mental hurts and illnesses and it IS our job to help our teammates! Because WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM!

I am the daughter of a full military Colonel and my father used to always tell me:
“Missy- you are NOT a lone island in/of yourself – you are on a TEAM. And when bad things happen to 1 team member it happens to the ENTIRE TEAM- we ALL take the hit together because THATS what a team does. Its unity/community and people survive and thrive when they attain the “team mindset.”

Warriors are picked off easily by the devil/his demons (through emotional attack/sometimes physical) when we get isolated and deeply wounded/emotionally or traumatically hurt.

I don’t know about you but when someone wounds my heart the only way I know how to deal with the pain is to get everyone As FAR away from me as possible so that I can manuever my way through the pain. Because I love as deeply as I get hurt. They say that the deeper you love or the depth of your capability to love will be the same level that you get hurt at. So losses affect me at very deep levels so as a warrior you need to guard your heart and hold dysfunctional people at an “arms length” for your own protection.

At least until they get more healing or at least until you get into the place to where your strong enough to deal with their warped thinking/behavior.

Wounded Warriors get hurt at 3 levels when they get hurt. If they are military they can face physical wounding, as well as spiritual and emotional wounding. For the Warrior in Christ the spiritual is the toughest because its the hurts of the soul that stay with you. The soul is the spirit man/woman in whom Christ made all of us to be.

So is this you today? Are you a “Wounded Warrior?” Have you been beaten up on the battlefield of life or on the actual battlefield of combat? Christ was in it with you then and He’s walking alongside of you now because like you You “Mighty Man/Woman of God” He’s “in it to WIN IT!” Are you? Just hang on as Christ pulls your heart up to this next level of glory- it’s gonna be ok…….its always ok with Jesus at your side….

Jesus- this battle has gone on a LOT longer than I anticipated. I refuse to quit and I WILL NOT give up because I know that through YOU I can DO ALL THINGS! Lord, please heal my heart/soul from all the devil’s strategies that he has come at me with so violently. You know the woundings of my soul and You said By Your STRIPES I AM HEALED- not WAS HEALED BUT THAT I AM CURRENTLY HEALED! So I receive that healing now in Jesus name,
Love to you guys
Missy Hood

“The Spirit of Competition” when The KING is in the House

Helllllo- The King is in the house……why are we competing when we are on the same team?
How many of us live our lives day in/day out trying to beat someone. IN our jobs, families, finances, in even in church?
At church is what really bothers me because I want to remind everyone of something: MOST OF US ARE ON THE SAME TEAM- with a few exceptions (those stuck in the spirit of religion). Those with the spirit of religion are always working against God’s movement and advancement and keep people stuck.

But what about those of us get caught up in our own insecurities an start to compare our lives with those around us? Well, I have a quick clue for all you: There are no 2 people that Christ made alike and so I won’t be trying to be you today. I can’t wear your armor Saul. Meaning: I use your gifts, I can’t do what you do, I don’t and WON’T ever look like you do, because God didn’t intend for me to. SO we all might as well just learn the spirit of gratitude and knock off all the attitude. Really- whats the purpose in comparisons when the person standing in your shoes is the most wonderful person on the plant in Christ’s eyes?

I have had competition with family members (OMG- they wear me out sometimes) because of the way/places God uses my vessel. I’m been blessed to work in show business/Film/Costuming Design, Radio, Modeling (hated it- I like to eat too much), and now writing, teaching, preaching with deep inner healing.

I’ve been blessed to travel all over the world (well, not all over, but to quite a few places) and I love that! But do you know what I celebrate more? Christ and the way that He made me! There is no one like me or YOU on the planet.

I remember looking out over a ball field in 5th grade telling myself “you know, I’m different- I don’t know why I’m different but you know what I think I like it!”
And I do- I’ve always celebrated and appreciated the differences in others. The only thing I maybe have gotten caught up in was wishing that my body were like that of smaller women. My body frame is large boned and so I’ve had to learn to accept that I will never be a “buck-0- five” no matter how hard I try.

Are you here today? Always looking/comparing your life to others? Well, truth is they are probably wishing they had your life but in reality couldnt handle the cross that God gave you to bear. Each one of us carry different sized crosses. And God has given us what we need to bear those loads. I can’t carry your cross nor you mine. So here lets pray:

Lord, sometimes I think if I were this way or that way my life might be different or better. But truth is if the truth REALLY be known I’d probably trip and hit my head on the curb if I had to carry a cross that big. The one you’ve given me is quite sufficient thank you! Its made just for my body frame, its painted with all this tye dye colors, a little bling bling sprinkled here and there (because I want the SON to glisten off my cross) when I encounter others. I can only imagine what my mansion will look like once I get to heaven! (A little liberache theme maybe with a hint of a tree house/hobbit thinge….
Thank you for the life you’ve given me Lord and please forgive me for not loving it more!
Love you guys!

“Are We Ever Going to Talk About This?” (People Who REFUSE to Communicate and Work Through)

Refuse to talk pic

What do you do when you are dealing with an individual who refuses to acknowledge the white elephant in the room between you? You’ve just had a huge explosion/altercation/disagreement (you call it what it is) and the other person refuses to talk.

We have these types in our families, at church, at work, in business relationships and even in friendships.

The one thing I cannot stand is someone who purposefully wrongs me (through their own dysfunction/past hurts usually) and then refuses to acknowledge that wrong that THEY purpetrated against me, and they just go on with life as though nothing happend. I sit there saying to myself “going WTH? Are they crazy? Are they really going to act like nothing happened? Or like I just need to overlook their idiosyncrasys and just move on like they did nothing?

You see- in the christian church today many act like “turning the other cheek” goes without having to acknowledge their mistakes. They think that they either get to go on without ever talking things out or that they get to pray their way through without going to their brother/sister without making things right LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS TO DO! Are you guys listening? NOBODY ever gets away with anything in this life and if any of us think that when we wrong others the problem will just dissapate if we ignore it we are HIGHLY wrong. What WILL happen is that that person WILL get to go around the mountain with God as many times as it takes until they decide they are going to deal with their issues. AND with the hurts that they’ve caused others.

Believe me- you can try to run away from your issues but those issues will just follow you whereever you run. My father used to tell me “Missy- don’t ever run away from your troubles because those troubles will just run after you and eventually catch up with you!”

So what are we doing as a christian? What kind of message are we sending to others around us when we fail to acknowledge our wrongs? Or when we fail to go to those that we’ve wronged and ASK for FORGIVENESS??

Well- firstly- the message sent to that wronged person is that they are worthy of your time. This is turn leaves them confused and sometimes can leave them stuck in that wrong from the past because everybody needs “closure.” Closure just might not come in their time but in God’s timing. Somewhere else down the road.

I know I personally have spent 8 years wondering why 3 individuals betrayed me (in christian ministry) and for no other reason other than “they just thought they could.” The incident happened to me 8 years ago and its taken God all this time to explain to my heart the “whys” of it all. Do you want to know the outcome?

Nothing. Jesus eventually showed my heart that these individuals all DID PAY for their wrongs and each one did what they did out of the hurts from their past. They were acting out against me because of their own past which had nothing to do with me. I was just another victim along their journey until they got healed.
(“Thank God!” I say- about wore me out)

The truth is is that we ALL have flaws and we ALL are in need of some type of deliverance or healing. NONE of us will ever be completely whole until we go home to be with the Lord.
So this is what I figure:
I figure I will never be whole until I go home so I might as well start learning to love others despite themselves flaws and all because thats how I want to be treated here on earth as well. I need to learn to love others right where they are at CURRENTLY. Because there really is no point trying to get family members, or boy friends, or whomeever to change because only God can change a heart. And I’m not Him. And btw I FINALLY learned to let those who had wronged me “go” after 8 years. I don’t need to stay stuck with them because I’m Free! Hallelujah- FREE TO BE ME!

What about you? Are you here today? Still pondering over stuff that happened to you from years ago long since gone? Have people hurt you and refused to acknowledge their hurts against you? In the church, in your marriage, IN YOUR FAMILY or ministry, at work? Well then then here pray with me ok?
Lord- There was a time when I would really demand justice when a hurt had been done to my heart. I am such a right over might person and my heart just had such a hard time with people carelessly rough shodding over me like I was nothing more than dung under their foot. Lord- there are so many in this day and time who still behave this way that I don’t even know where to start to love them. BUT- I know that I AM called to love them despite themselves (flaws and all). Because thats what You did Father. You just loved them. Lord, help me to love them like You do.

I love you Lord….Amen.
Love to you guys!
Missy Hood

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